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April 05, 2008

I finally figured out...

... how to organize my ribbon!

I tell ya... I have struggled with this for a long time.  I used to have my ribbon in little baggies and in drawers.  But then my ribbon would get creases.  Then I moved them to jars and just stuffed them in there.  But then they would get tangled. 

Then I finally figured it out.  Clothespins!  Yes, this isn't new, but I never tried is because I didn't want little hands to get poked by pins holding the ribbon onto the clothespins. 

But I finally found a tape that will hold the ribbon onto the pins and not let go!  Woohoo.  This is big for me.

So I bought tons of clothespins at Hobby Lobby.  Big ones and small ones.  And the magical tape (Scotch Gloss Finish Transparent Tape - the package is red) at Walgreens.  (Colin loves that store...)  After many movies with the girls, all my ribbon is wrapped!  We even taught Colin how to do it so he could help. :)

I wanted to put all the wrapped ribbon into jars so it would look pretty.  But I hate to dig into deep jars or pour them out to find what I want.  So, I have them in tupperwares in my cabinet.  Since they are shallow, you can fish through them much easier.

And I am finally happy with my ribbon storage!  And I thought I would share.  Oh, and I keep a little baggie in with each color for the tiny pieces that won't wrap on a pin.  Using some of these pieces, I made a quick card for Colin's sitter.





Hero Arts notecard and flower

American Crafts rub-on

Random ribbons

One quick thing: Wanna see an incredible page?  Robyn did this.  Wow.  This is a great example of why she is one of my favorite scrapbookers!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a good weekend.  I will work on more videos soon!


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So how much do I have to pay Colin and the girls to do this for me with my ribbon? Heehee. They just look so cool on the clothespins too!

Ha... Kay would LOVE to do it. I asked her how much she thought I should give her for helping and she said she didn't need to be paid - loved doing it. But I insisted. So she said $1/hour. Ha! :)

Hee hee, I was going to ask the same thing as Jana. ;) Your ribbon looks so yummy this way. Mine is all random...hooks, jars, rolls...yuk. Way cute card...great use of scraps! :)

Thanks for the tips on where to find the wood clothespins and tape! I've been looking for the clothespins at the dollar stores without much luck and will try the tape too! Looking forward to more videos and cute cards--I'm really enjoying your blog! I would love to see more clear acrylic cards/scrapbook ideas!

Love that, Jennifer! Great idea! Oh, and I just LOVE Robyn's work, too! Her work is always so beautiful! Happy Weekend! :)

Now I don't feel so bad for having tons of ribbon! If this photo is just a sample of yours... meaning, this is 'just the 'pink's' then I am doing just fine with my stash (except it's a mess)!!!! So, how many of those tupper ware containers do you have to store your supply???? Love this system!

Maybe I should do that too.... my ribbons are in bags (sorted by color) and I fish through them to find what I want. I end up with ribbons all over the place!
Love the card!

Hmm.. I have some pins (alhtough not enough).
Does the tape make the end of the ribbon tacky?

Hmm.. I have some pins (alhtough not enough).
Does the tape make the end of the ribbon tacky?

nope! it doesn't make it sticky. it is really good tape. works well!

Oh... and I will never admit to how many tubs of these I have. :) After all, I think ribbon is more about "collecting" than "using
"... right?

that card is adorable!
i had to do a double-take... that AC rubon is my handwriting ;)

I love your pictures of your ribbons storage!
And thanks for the link, Robyn's page is amazing!

It looks so pretty!!!! Can you send the girls and Colin over here to help me with mine?? You can come too, if you like!!! :)

Oh, I totally agree - ribbon is WAY more about collecting, than actually using. My scrapping friends laugh at me about my ribbon obsession! It is just totally impossible to pass up a ribbon that I don't own - they must all come home with me!

I had a TON of those clothespins. Bought them at the dollar store and was going to wrap my ribbon but I hardly ever use it. I probably should give all of my ribbon to you and Jana! If I find the clothespins (in my mess of a scrap area), I'll bring them over.

Love your ribbon storage. I need to organize mine. It is taking over. *aaaghh* I may just take a trip over to Hobby Lobby today. ;)

Very cute card! Great way to use your scraps. :)

I just love ribbon stored this way... too bad I don't have the space, or I'd do the same thing! You definitely have some gorgeous strands, I see there! ;)

And that card is beautiful. Perfect way to use up those random little tidbits. I bet the texture (in real life) is just amazing!

such a good idea!!! i might have to try this.

Great idea for ribbon storage. I really need a new system because since I moved, the ribbon is all just in a drawer now. Thanks!

Yes the clothes pin trick. I did this too, and hated getting stuck by the straight pins and the tape frustrated me because it would come unstuck. So I was at a loss as to what to do with all my stupid ribbon (I don't have a huge amount because I'm not a huge ribbon fan) Then Julie outgrew the container she was using which used to be yours and it's perfect for my small amount of ribbon! Yippee for handmedowns!

I so love your blog! I was really happy to find out you started one. Could you show us the tupperwares too???

I just have to ask... Do you have any color of ribbon besides pink?!

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