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June 07, 2008

Enabling Day... and a giveaway!

I love to enable. :)  Just ask Jana.  Iphones, Cuttlebugs, Cricuts, stamps... you name it, I like to enable.  But I also will be the first to tell you not to waste your money on something.  I only enable I things that I really love and think others would love, too.  :)

So, I think every once in awhile I will do Enabling Days.  Where I share some fun links and products.  (Yes, I am a dork. But enabling is even more fun when you share some good stuff, right?  Keep reading... :)

Enabling #1: Etsy
I love love love  If you have never been there, I warn you.  It is 100% addictive.  I love to support the sellers here - it is all handmade stuff.  I love that.  I will share one of my favorite purchases: THIS stamp.  I don't think she has this one for sale now, but I bet if you emailed her she would list one for you.  I love it.

Enabling #2: Costco Printing
Ahhhh.  Costco printing.  It is *almost* as wonderful as my watching Rob Lowe on Brothers and Sisters.  Hee.  (Isn't he hot?!)  Really - Costco has fabulous printing and good prices. You can even have them mailed to you or other people.  From what I understand, you don't even need a Costco near you.  You just load pictures online and have them mailed.  The best part?  8x12 prints. I love the look of huge photos on pages.  This is an old layout from a year ago, but I thought I would pull it up for Father's Day.  Costco rocks.

Layout from Creativity, Inc.
Autumn Leaves stamps, buttons and font (Uncle Charles - named after my mom's uncle :)
Versmark Ink
Memories Ink
Marvy Punches
Other: string and a photo to melt a momma's heart

Enabling #3: Kraft Paper
One thing I learned from my favorite scrapbooker, Cathy Blackstone: always use Kraft paper on a page whenever you are using bright colors.  I just helps to ground it and not make it overwhelming.  So, I have been using Hero Arts Kraft notecards a lot.  I love that the envelopes match perfectly and that the color is a bit more kraft-y than other Kraft cardstocks.  But, I craved bigger sheets. I was THRILLED to find that Hobby Lobby sells 12x12 packs of a kraft paper just like Hero's notecards... and it is inexpensive!  Now, I will be the first to encourage people to go to their local stores over chains (we want those smaller stores to stay open!), but sometimes there are things that you can only get at Hobby Lobby.  The cool thing?  Whenever they have a 50% off paper sale, this stuff is even cheaper.  (Warning: If you live in Cincinnati, don't bother trying the Fields Ertel store... I wiped them out.  Hee! :)


Let's do a giveaway! Just leave a comment on this post by 11:59pmEDT Sunday night and I will pick a random winner to send a pack of this Kraft goodness to.  In your post, just say what country or state you are from - I love hearing all the amazing places you stampers are!

OK... off to waste some time on etsy.  Hugs!


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Hello from New Zealand. I have been starting to discover the joys of working with Kraft paper/card. I have been collecting envelopes from work that are Kraft-like paper and I got some Manila folders from a $2 shop over here the other day that are very similar colour/texture to HA Kraft cards. I used a whole Manila folder to make a huge card for the extended family to sign at Granny's 80th birthday party! Thanks for all the ideas, inspiration and enabling!

She speaks the truth! What did I buy yesterday? Two packages of the kraft paper because on the way to HL Jennifer told me they had it. It costs me money hanging around you! But you're worth it! heehee

I love the job Costco does on photo printing - most weeks I am there every other day! They just upgraded their software - making for a nerve wracking week. Now they are back and I am still waiting for all my old albums to appear on my account. I have years of photos on their site (I do have backups but it just makes me smile to have quick access on the Costco site!) Thanks for the enabling - I'll be sure to take a look at some of your other ideas.)
Kristine in NY

Hi Jennifer!

You do speak the truth and you are the #1 enabler! I just got a Cuttlebug thanks to last year's trip to Cornerstone. :) You are good. lol

-Heather, another Cincinnati gal

Hello from Illinois (I used to live in Morrow, OH~actually down the street from where Scrapbook Junction used to be). I remember meeting you once there. Anyhow, I love Kraft paper, can never have enough. Works great for every layout.

I am trying to pretend like I didn't see that adorable return address label stamp. That is the cutest thing since...I don't know what!! I picked up some of that kraft CS a little while back...thought "has this been here the whole time and I didn't know it?!" Thanks for the enabling...I don't mind a bit. It may be expensive to visit here, but the inspiration is priceless, so it all evens out. ;)

oops, i didn't answer the question...i'm in Nebraska. but i don't need the paper so don't mind me anyway... ;)

ooh that is an awesome idea (krafty paper w bright colors), keep'em coming!
I live in Miami, FL and I was born in Cuba.
Dayami ;)

I am from CA...thanks for the enabling!
Amy in CA

I LOVE enabling! I LOVE getting all the good stuff! I live near Boulder, CO and love reading your blog!

Hi Jennifer,
I just discovered your blog and I really enjoy visiting it. I live in Pennsylvania.
By the way, I love the look of Kraft paper!

Hi Jennifer,
I just discovered your blog and I really enjoy visiting it. I live in Pennsylvania.
By the way, I love the look of Kraft paper!

Hi Jennifer! I am in Illinois but originally from Ireland and I'm getting ready to head there on Monday with my 4 yr. old twin girls. I can't wait :o)

I LOVE Etsy too, that place is amazing..spend lots of time there just browsing!! I'm from Canada!! Love your blog!!

Greetings from Iowa...home of tornadoes, torential downpours and wicked lightening. I don't think I've seen this kraft paper at my HL. Gee, I better make another stop to check....Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!

Hello from Virginia!
I love enabling, it gets my creative juices flowing!

Jennifer, I enjoy following your blog and
tuning in when you are the guest artist on
the Hero Arts blog( even if you are an
enabler). I live in Virginia.

Another Buckeye here who LOVES Kraft cardstock. Bazzill has a nice shade. Enjoy the heat!

I'm from Wisconsin. I *adore* craft cardstock. It's yummy.

From one enabler to another.... Im Kim from Barrington Rhode Island... USA!

From Virginia, USA... Thanks, I think, for all that enabling information!

OK Enabler!
I am on a ranch, 7 miles from Haines, Oregon...

Bay Area, CA
Love that Etsy seller. Thanks.

Greetings from Roseville, CA Love your website and also your ideas on Hero Arts. Can't believe how inspiring your are. Especially like your videos. Hurray for the enablers of the world! Thanks for being one of them. Now I will have to check Michael's and JoAnn's for the kraft paper. That's like in the stamper's lane.

Shirley Lee

St. Louis, MO
Darn you! and Hobby Lobby is closed on Sunday.

I also love Costco's printing! Thanks for doing the give-away - love your ideas.
Shari from Southern California

Hey, I check in with you almost every day! I miss you on the days you don't post.

Lots of hugs from Fallbrook California.

california girl here! i appreciate your enabling ... helps us know about all the good stuff! lol! i stopped using costco photo printing a few years ago ... but i keep hearing good things about it, so i'm going to give it another try! and love me some good kraft cardstock ... too bad i don't have hobby lobby's out here. lol!

No Hobby Lobbys in Rochester, NY or anywhere near! Would love to win a pack of kraft--also one of my favorites.

This post made me chuckle! You're so funny! I will have to look into the Costco printing sometime...though I'm not sure about the quality here in Canada. I think my Mom has tried it before... I think I better stay away from Etsy...that darn craft budget, don't even want to be tempted. ;) As for #3, I picked up that same Kraft paper at HL when my hubby and went to Port Huron a couple of months ago and I think I got it at 1/2 price too. I'm loving it!! (Can you tell I'm trying to be 'strong' here). ;)

Costco and Kraft paper - no need to enable me, I'm already there! I'm Canadian too, from Newfoundland, and the quality of the Costco pics is awesome, even my photographer husband gets all his wedding snaps done there! Thanks for the give-a-way, I'd love some more kraft paper! ;)

I, too, love Kraft paper.
Thanks for the Etsy site!
I'm in Rochester, Minnesota

yea that Cathy B is an enabler too.. :) you two are lethal together. :P

You can enable, we don't mind!!!! lol

oops... central Ohio.
It helps if you read the directions. :)

I love that you enable!
I'm from Ontario, Canada

Hello. I'm from New Jersey. I agree you are an enabler. Everything you use in your videos seems to end up on my "must have" list. Just yesterday I bought White Stazon, Black Memories Ink and the Stamp-a-ma-Jig all because I saw them on your videos!

I love your enablement.
Thanks from Wisconsin!

Oh Jennifer, I'm a victim of your enabling!!! I go to Archivers with a "Jenn McG list" and order from Hero Arts...just got the choc and blueberries chalk ink too. But I do love being a victim of this. LOL!
I love those custom stamps!! Gotta have that.
Carla from Chicagoland, Illinois

Those stamps are awesome!! Thanks for sharing. Candace in Georgia

Hello from Colorado. You have me hooked on the kraft!!

Love your ideas! I'm easily enabled!

Pompton Plains, NJ

lil' ole me from Nashville Tennessee;)

Hi Jennifer from Jamie in Calgary, AB Canada :)

yeah... and because of you I am seriously considering a cuttlebug! ;)

Hello from the bright lights of Las Vegas! I love your work....thanks for sharing =)

Love to be enabled, but I live 100 miles from the nearest HL or local SB store. I live in a small town in the Texas Panhadle. I would love to win your blog candy!

This California girl loves kraft cardstock too!
And Costco photo printing rocks, especially the online service. I can order pics in my PJs and pick them up the next day!!

What a great idea using the Kraft paper. I'll have to try it. Maybe the Fields Ertel Hobby Lobby will put some on hold for me. :) Thanks for enabling!!!!

Hi Jennifer,

I love your blog, layouts and cards. You're always so inspiring.

I'm from Manitoba, Canada.

Have to second the Costco printing. The ability to print 12x12 and 8x12 is nice. Luckily for me, there aren't any Hobby Lobby stores in CA but have loved kraft paper for a while! Thanks for sharing!

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