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October 24, 2008

Video and such


A few people have asked how to create the funky folded card design that I use a lot.  Here is a video that Sally and I did awhile back.  Excuse the pajamas. :)

And here is another card with that design.  I may have shared it before - sorry - but it is a good example of the fun you can have with this fold.  I think Sally was the originator of the fold, but not sure.

Joan MNT 1

Joan MNT 2
(c) Hero Arts

Have a good weekend!


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I love that video. I saw it before but wanted to watch it again! Love that folded technique!

i watched it and can't stop giggling.. you girls are awesome to be having the energy to film that after a long day! :D

cute card!!

So cute!!! I am going to make a bunch tomorrow!


I have scallop circles cut to make a bunch of these cards. I keep getting sidetracked
and need to make a point to use them.

Have a great weekend!!!

Sandi N.

It's such an easy card to make! I can't wait to try it :) thanks!

You both are just too cute!! I love the fold.

There is no need to apologize for pajamas....(some of my best work was done in them!) lol! Thanks for sharing yet another idea with us!

Let's hear it for PJ's...Whoot Whoot!!!! We often spend cold winter weekends in our pj's! I need to try this fold, looks like fun!

I will have to try that. That is adorable. You gotta love pj's! :)

Hello! Jen, thanks so much for sharing that video of the folded card, it looks like fun to make! Thanks to you and Sally for taking time out of your long day to post the video, I can't wait to try making some.
Kathy F

I love this fold, and the hidden journaling. I will definitely be using this idea, since I have a baby shower card to make and this will be perfect.

love the fold! thanks for the video!

Beautiful card! I love the fold!

Hi Can you tell me the name of the Clear Design Stamp Set you used in your video? Thanks Tracie

Love the fold! And you look comfy and adorable as you are!

Great tutorial for this s-fold card! Great design.

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