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February 10, 2010


Hey, there.

Many people are emailing me asking about my Copic storage.  I took a new photo that is slightly better so you can see how it works in my workspace.  Now that it is part of my room, I am even more thrilled with it.

020810 Copics 1

Even if you aren't into Copics (yet - ha), you can store pencils, other markers, etc in these.  I am likely going to get two more for that purpose.  I am in love with these - they work so well.  If you are interested in this storage, click HERE.  (Nope, I am not being paid - just like them. :)

I remember when I was young, I looked at the colors of the world in DMC color numbers.  Then it was Bazzill names.  Then ink names.  Now - Copic numbers.  Delightful. :)

020810 Copics

One more thing - you gotta check this out.  My sweet friend Kristina is giving out the most adorable set of word art for free on her blog.  I plan to print this on white for quick Valentines for teachers, etc.  Click HERE to get your free goodies.


Off to snuggle with the pup.  Night!


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I really like that storage idea! TFS. I plan on getting one or two after I am finished setting up my area.
Have a GREAT night!

I like this. I have one of the swivel bases that I keep mine in, but they are upright. I've heard that you can do that with the Copics. Do you find they do better flat?

Love all the copics, but wow! LOVIN' the carousel holding all your Tim Holtz sponge-y dabber thing-ies....that is totally awesome.

thanks Jennifer...I think I have found these locally...totally geeked! I dont yet have any copics, but a mean mess of pens lol...have a nice nite xox

Love, love, love that marker storage! Thanks for that and the link to Kristina's fun freebies!
Kathy Camasso

Love you my friend.
Thank you. :)


La la la...I am not la la. Just kidding I purchased my fist four Copic markers last week. I caved the first time I saw the lovely butterflies you did in Dec. Last week I talked myself into them.

Thanks for sharing all your great tips:)

Sandi N.

Love that Copic storage, but am mainly wondering where to get the double carousel storage for the Tim Holtz ink sponges?

Don't have any copics but sure am looking for marker storage. Thanks.

Wow! I love this storage for markers. :) If I ever get my own craft room, I will be coming back to this post~

I love storage ideas, I will some day get some of these for now they are on the list. I love seeing how you store and organize. I have been showing mine for the last week and enjoy sharing my supplies and storage ideas.

I love storage ideas - this one is great. Thanks for the tip! Also thanks for the link to the Valentine's Day word art!
Have a good night!

Thanks! Love the download!

Thanks for the link to Kristina's great it!

Love the way you store your copics. They're attractive yet easy to grab.

No fair posting those pictures! It makes me insanely jealous!

Thanks for sharing, it is a godd idea to storage other that way, too.

Yummo!! I am taking a copics class next month and cannot wait to learn how to use them even more!!!!

Wow, I'm totally jealous! I have not made the investment into the markers but want to really really bad! I love hoe you can see the colors and just grab the one you want!

Thanks for sharing....I soooo with I had a stamping room as I am stuck in the basement in a corner, no room to move.

I'm not into copics but do love my prisma color pencils. Think you are right would make a good storage for them. stamping sue

Awesome! Been looking for something like this. Ordered! Thanks so much!

Great idea Jennifer, TFS!!! I have a few copics and they are very addictive. I'm finally getting with the program, vertical storage seems to be the way to go for small spaces. : - D

you must have the best job in the world! So many toys!

Love the storage --I just wish I had that many copics!

great storage system

Those are a LOT of copics ^^ wow

Love everything that you share!
Thanks so much!

So I love your new organization! The clip it up is awesome. It's been on my wish list for a while now. I just need more space. I showed the video of your scrap room to the hubby and now he wants to change mine around to be a little more organized. You've inspired him! LOL!! Hopefully a clip it up will be on my desk by Mother's Day! Awesome ideas.

Love your set-up!

Great storage system. It must be nice to be organized.

Wow!!! Such beautiful organization! Love this look!

I LOVE your organization. I wish I had the room to organize like that. I will some day but it is going to be a few years!!

thanks for sharing. wondering where to get the double carousel storage for the ink sponges

Oh my goodness... I love your craft/work room even more. I wish I had that many Copics to play with! I only have the 36A set so far. Love your storage solutions for everything!!

You got me hooked.. I just purchased my set and can't wait to get it...

I will also be sending you more cards soon for the kids drive.

Hugs from Montreal

Oh my, I wish I had your wonderful collection. I keep saving money and dreaming away.

I love the storage idea! I also adore the carousel holder I do not have any I guess I will have to check them out :). I love your room...I would never want to leave lovely and organized!! I have a corner in our half finished basement --but I am so grateful I have my own space. DAY 5 of knowing about your blog....and I have visited every day. My girls love looking at the cards and videos. Since we have been snowed in for a bit..and now they do not go back to school until Tuesday. This can be good..and bad:)

Wow--you have a lot of Copic markers. I'm still holding out on those . . . :)

Thanks for the link for the cute valentine sayings. I need to help DD with her valentines tonight so I'll print these off to use.

I was on the lookout for "Scruffy" brown when doing my album for when I showed horses. The Copics look like fun!

thanks for always giving us cool links!

Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer... You can't show us that stamp carousel thingy without telling us the source for that. :O)

And I love those Copic storage pieces. They've been added to my "to buy" list, once I finish (start) organizing my craft room.

Thanks so much for the link to the freebies... I've downloaded them & can't wait to use them!
Also, I love, love, love the copic cubbies!! I just orderded two, and will order a third if neccessary. I'm psyched!
I am in a major organization mode! These will help!
Thanks again...

I love that system. It looks great and so organized! :) I'm going to have to start trying the Copic markers for sure soon.

Thanks for sharing!

I have yet to splurge on any Copics yet. I'm very very jealous of your collection. If I were to buy like... 5 to start off with, which ones would you suggest?? I was thinking something for faces because I have a hard time with those! Love love love your blog by the way and someone said it earlier. You truly do have the best job in the world!!


Can you tell us more about your storage for your Tim Holtz alcohol ink applicators? I love what you've done with those-and I'm a little jealous that you have so many :)

i will do in the coming days.

I just bought my first set of copics!! It'll take me a while to build up your collection, wow!!! Thanks for the link to the free downloads.

Love the storage - so much better than the tipped over, patterned paper-covered tin can I use. :) I am seriously lusting after your Copic stash too. I have nary a one.

It's cool :)
I don't really know Copic Markers... what are their use and why are they so great ?

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