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November 15, 2010

Holiday Thinking Inking Week 7 + Giveaway!

I'm back! Just lost my balance on the tightrope - needed to be grounded for a bit.

But, good news. I have some more Thinking Inking for you. And a giveaway. :) Also! A special happy birthday shout-out to my dear friend Nichol. Love you!

It is the 7th week of my free 8-week online class I am teaching over at 2Peas called Holiday Thinking Inking. This week shares ideas for stamping and using Perfect Pearls.


TI Week 7 House Thumb   TI Week 7 Clear Thumb   TI Week 7 Snow Thumb

Here are the links for Week 7 of Holiday Thinking Inking - Perfect Pearls:

  • Click HERE for the whole event, including 3 projects, 3 handouts and a video.
  • Have questions? Click HERE for the discussion thread for this week.
  • Be sure to head over to 2Peas for it - there are challenges and prizes.

If you love Perfect Pearls as much as me, be sure to check out the new Perfect Pearl Mists. Delicious.

At the bottom of this post I have some links to my favorite products used in this class/video.

But before that, I just gotta give ya a heads up about NEW dies that are out - they are must-haves. I can't wait to use mine. YUM. They are finally available... yay! This one is like my favorite Ornamental die but smaller and fits in the other!


To go with the awesome Baroque die... lovely, huh?

And... how about a sorry-I-was-gone-so-long-from-my-blog giveaway? Yes, I know how to buy your love back - ha.

Just leave a comment here by Thursday night and I will pick a lucky winner of a Tim Holtz Alterations Rosette die. You can use this bad boy to create awesome rosettes like I did in my video last week. (Thanks to Simon Says Stamps for the prize!)

Rosette See you soon.

Important Class Supplies:




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i'm so glad you're back! <3

Thanks for the great tutorial & chance to win . glad you are back

So nice to have you back here again Jen, but even more pleased that you took some time out for you, sometimes what we all need, thanks for sharing you talent, you are the master of Perfect Pearls, love it!

Hope you had a good break and where able find some balance. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.... More great Thinking Inking projects! I'm hoping to play in the next few days.... Thanks for the chance at the giveaway too. :)

Glad you are back, I love your videos. Those new Tim dies are so cool. Thanks for sharing.

All is right with the world again. Thank you for caring enough about us to take care of yourself

welcome back!! we missed you! woohooo! more inspirations~

Well, we missed you while you were gone, but totally understand a need for a break!! You share a lot of yourself, so.... we get it!
Thanks for the cool video and the chance to win.

My 3 yr old has been pushing me to the edge lately. ((hugs))
GREAT video. I received a pack of perfect pearls last Christmas and really have just been using it for mistings only... more things to try! THANKS!

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your hard work on the videos and projects. They are so inspiring. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for the chance to win the Tim Holtz die. I would love the chance to use it.

Glad your back! I love this die, and haven't seen it in the stores.

thanks for sharing the video and the chance to win. great give away

I love you blog and would love to win the die. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and creativity.

Hi Jennifer! Welcome back! BTW haven't mentioned I really enjoy the supply lists at the end of your posts! Love your holiday cards . . . and all the fun, fun, fun!

GREAT video this week... I ADORE Perfect Pearls! :) And thanks for the chance at such a great giveaway! Hope you enjoyed your time "off"!

missed u - enjoying the thinking inking classes - thanks 4 all the good ideas.

Thanks so much for all of your classes. I'm a bit behind due to a new job but look forward to catching up. Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway.

Loving your Thinking Inking holiday cards! And what an awesome giveaway =)

Thank you for all you do. You really are a blessing to a lot of us crafters out here. Take care of yourself.


That die looks so awesome, I would love to win that puppy. I've loved all your videos. Thank you for sharing all your awesome ideas with us.

I just saw a project with the Rosette die and decided that I NEED it!

I LOVE this Holiday Thinking Inking series! You truly are fantastic!

You don't have to buy my love. It's unconditional!!

I'm so sad the series is almost over! Your work is marvelous and you do a FANTASTIC job on the videos...very thorough! :) Thank you for all you do!

Glad you're back:)! Love the new rosette die. I've made a few of these manually and the die would be so much easier. I'm off to watch your video. Thanks!

I'm so glad you're back; I definitely missed your creations for inspiration. However, you're right: you know how to win us back. You're spoiling us :D

I have missed you-and strange as it may sound, worried about you. Glad you're back. I'd love to win the die as a gift for my mom.

Yes, we did miss you!!! Glad to see you're back. I would love to win the rosette die... thanks for a chance!

Glad you are back and that you are ok. You give so much of yourself to others - to your family, to your blog followers and to your students in classes ... you definitely deserve a little time to yourself. And thank you for the chance to win a fabulous prize! I will be trying out some of the ideas you have done in your videos for my next group of Cards for Kids ...

Glad you're back, but I hope you know: you deserve any break you want to take!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations, and thanks for the chance to win so we can create on our own! :)

Cynthia B.

Thank you for taking your precious time to share with us your ideas and your techniques. I know how much work it must be. Thank you also for a chance to win as I have been thinking of the rosette die for some time but have not yet worked it into my budget. Have a great rest of the week!

I'm so glad you're back! I hope things have improved and you're feeling a-ok. ;)
- April W

So glad you are back. You should always take out some time to slow down and take it easy. The Thinking Inking video is great. Love the rosette die and would not have known how to use it had it not been for your last video. I learn so much from you. Thanks!

Happy to see you back. This die looks like a lot of fun to use...would love to win it.

So glad you're back at it :) We really do appreciate all the time you spend with us, thanks for a chance to win such a fabulous die!

OHHHHHH! Thanks for the chance to win--you don't have to be sorry for being gone!! We missed you, and I am def. glad you are back (you inspire me!!)!!!

Welcome back - I missed ya! I checked a couple times each day, like a sad puppy.. ;)

As usual, I am thoroughly entertained by your Thinking Inking Video - they brighten the end of my long day each week. I love the theme of Perfect Pearls. I have the basic set, and am eager to try all of your tips from this lesson. Thanks so much!

Glad you're back, too. We all need these little breaks every now and then. I have been enjoying your Thinking Inking series. Thanks! Love that rosette die.

Glad you are back...thanks for sharing and the chance to win!

Glad ur back. Thanks for the chance to win some scrappy goodies.

Glad that you took a break. You should do that more often. Thank you for the chance to win this goodie!

Nice to see you back, but I can understand needing a break. Great video! Thanks for the chance to win some 'cupboard love' :-)

Welcome back Jennifer!! The rosette die cut is the next one I had on my list to buy. I'll wait now to see if I am lucky enough to win it. Thanks for the chance.

So glad you are back to teach us all you know! I have had so much time, creating with all the techniques you have taugth us. I have had my eye on the rosette die ever since Tim teased us with it, I would love to be the winner, thanks for the opportunity.

We all need a good break sometimes...but we're glad you're back! I love your Thinking Inking videos, so many amazing ideas!!!

So happy to see you back, it's good to have time for yourself and family. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway. Just love your thinking inking projects.

YAY for being back!

I NEED every single thing you used in that video...sigh...guess I'm getting a third job LOL

Thank you jennifer. I am so enjoying this Holiday Thinking inking series.
You certainly come up with some fabulous techniques which can be used for more than holiday cards too. And I have had my eye on the rosette die for some time. Will just ahve to wait and see.

Awesome video this week. Love my Perfect pearls and my liquid pearls. Gives so much shimmer to cards and LO's. Thanks for the chance to win.... but you don't need to entice me back!!!! Love visiting

Glad you are back and love your technique videos! Thanks for a chance to win a fantastic prize.

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