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April 03, 2008

How-To Video: Stamp-a-ma-jig

Hey, folks!

The video seemed to be a hit over at Hero.  And I have to admit, it was fun to make.  Not the filming of my bird-like-hands or my 12-year-old-voice, but the fact that I get to use iMovie - that is fun! :)

So, I wondered if I should do some here.  What do you think? 

I talked to several store owners this weekend at the rep show and they mentioned that they would love to be able to send their customers here to learn.  But not sure if people would rather just see pictures.  Not sure?

I could video things like using gamsol, creating photo collages in PS, using clear stamps, etc. Or if you have suggestions, that would work, too!

I had this video from months ago... it was the first one.  It is on using a Stamp-a-ma-jig.  This is a great tool for stampers!  I wanted to load it to Youtube with no sound and then try to add music while on Youtube.  (Avoid that whole copyright thing.)  So, this was my testdrive.  (Oh, and watching this video, it is clear to me that I need to make the lettering bigger next time.  Going from iMovie to Youtube kills the quality!  Boogers.)

If you don't see the video, try clicking HERE to watch it.

This is a variation on the card I made in the video.  Pretty simple!



Hero Arts stamps (bird family, greeting), gems, notecards

Memories Black Ink

Prismacolor colored pencils

Gamsol (lovey that stuff)

Let me know if videos are at all interesting.  If it is, I will do more!  If it isn't, I can go shopping on Etsy instead. :)


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i think the videos are awesome. it is easier to "get" something when you see it done, rather than reading about it.
plus i love that you always write the supplies down.
thanks girl, for the inspiration!

The videos are great! But you can still go shop on Etsy :D


I could not view the video today...(clicked on the small square in the upper left corner of the bigger square under where you said it was a movie you made a month ago about the "Stamp-a-ma-gig".
I loved your video yesterday! I love your sweet voice and dainty hands in action. It is fun to watch a Pro work. You really impressed me with how quickly and accuratly you cut that small brown square! Great idea to hide the adhesive with a matt behind it!........So, ya, I vote for more videos! Thank you!

I would love to see more video's from you! I watched the one you did on the hero blog, now I must get some of those acetate cards!


Another vote for videos...even though I have already used clear stamps, acetate, white Staz-On, etc. I still found the video fascinating...I guess what I am saying is that for people who haven't used these things (and even for people who have), video is a very dynamic and interactive medium for you to use to show your blog readers a little bit of how you work. :)

ps...I ADORE my Stamp-a-ma-jig! I rarely stamp anything without it and it's one of my most-used tools (but I am anal like that!) Heehee! :)

another p.s....your use of the word "boogers" totally made me LOL! I might have to interject that into my vocabulary! :)

The videos are a great idea! It's easier to understand if you watch someone explaining how to make the project.

i admit that i watched your video on the HA blog last night ... but i didn't have the sound on. lol! but i still sat there fascinated by what you were doing ... and even without knowing what you were saying, i learned so much! some of that stamping stuff doesn't seem so intimadating when you see someone else doing it so easily! things just kind of "click" more when you see them being done.

so i would love to see more videos! i can't see the one on here either ... but i'm sure it's a good one! lol!

Yes please Jennifer - DEFINITELY some videos - that would be wonderful. I'm sure you can sqeeze some shopping in too though!


MORE videos please!!! Technology is sooooo cool.
Get it done quickly...then shop as your reward and charge it to your hubby! He won't mind! ha!

Looooove your videos! Now, if they are going to cut into your Etsy shopping, by all means do what you gotta do! ;)
As for the voice and fingers...well...
a) your voice has a beautiful tone.
b) your fingers are dainty...perfect for papercrafting. I can almost palm a basketball with mine and that is not so good for papercrafting...LOL! I use tweezers to pick things up a lot. ;)

Another vote for videos! Sometimes just seeing someone actually do something makes it easier to understand. I can't seem to open the one today, but I will try it again later.

I would LOVE more videos, Jennifer! I say GO FOR IT! :) I love Etsy, too! :) Cute card!

Absolutely more videos.
I love to watch other people work, their thought process and workflow. I think you (or at least I do) learn a lot that way.
Seeing you have problems with the tape dispenser was a relief to me, always seem to have problems when I'm in a hurry.
But I can't see this video. boogers. :)

the next time I loaded this page (after several times of hitting refresh already), I saw the video. Cool.
Just didn't want you thinking it wasn't working, probably user error on my part.

love the videos. What's Gamsol?

I love the video!! Such beautiful music too.. I like this approach, just watch and listen to soothing music.. and read if needed!!!

Hey, like that idea of photo collages in PS!! Could that work for PSE6, too?????

i love the videos jen! i had no idea how to use that thing! you sold me! :)
love that you added music, and the words are a nice touch! i vote for more videos! :)

ok, i need that tool now!
thanks for the video Jen!

I need one of those. That little tool is pretty darn cool! Love the video, and your card is so cute!

I love the videos!!! I say definitely keep them coming! Now you have me wanting the Stamp-a-ma-jig!! You are defintely an enabler Girl!! Lol!!

Keep doing the videos :) Of course you can throw in a video of you shopping on Etsy once in a while if you'd like as well ;)

Love your new blog-Thanks for all of the inspiration you share with us Jen!

I enjoyed your video. Very well done, and you are quite professional. Thanks for sharing it. Now I have to dig out my Stamp-A-Ma-Jig. Wonder what the odds are that I stored it with the plastic sheet?

This card is sooo cute. Your coloring is fantastic! I absolutely LOVE my SAMJ. I use it just about every time I sit down to stamp. Your video will be a fabulous resource because the SAMJ seems to be something that most people need to see demonstrated in order to understand how it works.

Your hands are very pretty, girl! I only wish I had long, slender fingers like yours. :P And your voice is lovely, too. :)

You are rocking the videos!!! I'm the type that benefits from seeing a process from beginning to end, and I absolutely love what you are doing with the videos!

That is one of my favorite tools, and I can't tell you how long it sat unused. I was so intimidated by it! Silly, I know. It is so easy to use.

The videos are awesome!!! I love being able to watch a pro at work. Keep them coming. I second the video of you shopping at esty if needed!


The video is awesome. That thing is off the hook. I need one.

Oh yeah baby! I am just loving these videos. Its making me love stamping all over again!! I love that jig thingee. Can you get it at Hero Arts? I decided I needed one of those stamp scrubbers the other day and now I need a jig too. My wishlist just keeps growing. Its so great to see you at work though and as I have said before, so inspirational, it makes it all seem so doable :o) Definitely keem em coming!!

I love the video, and find it very helpful. I would love to see one on sewing on a card, I see this alot but not sure how you get it to look so good? Any video's would be great. Thanks

Hello, I haven't seen the video yet. Mainly because I am techno disfunctional!!! And because I am still on dial-up. Maybe that's why I can't pull it up! :) Anyway, I was wondering.....what is gamsol? I haven't heard of this product, technique?? I'm very much enjoying your blog! :)

you make everything look SO easy! thank you so much, these videos are SO helpful! I think you should compile them into a library here on your blog!!!

I like your video. I've gotten lazy about using the Stampamajig, and this video reminds me that it really is easy and so helpful. Thank you.

please do a video on creating collages. i just love all your photo collages on your scrapbook pages but have no clue how to create them. i have photoshop elements at home. please show a video on creating collages on your own. i would be oh so grateful! thanks. :)

I really liked the video. I didn't know about this tool and I can see how it really helps. I love seeing your work process too. Please make more!

The videos are great, Jennifer! I just started scrapbooking and learned a lot from your videos! Thank you!

Thank you very much for your demo : what a good idea !!


Your videos are the best!!! I look forward to trying all your great ideas. You make them so easy to follow. I usually keep my laptop on my work table and follow along with you.

Please keep making the videos.


Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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