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July 16, 2008

How-To Video: Clear Stamp Storage


I get a lot of questions about how I store my clear stamps.  So I finally did a video!

Actually, I didn't do a video.  Kay did.  My 13-year old step-daughter (who rocks big time) created it.  Yesterday morning, she attended a free and incredibly awesome Camp at the Apple Store on creating iMovies.  She came home all excited and wanted to create a video for me.  She is the best, I tell you.  The best.

So... she taped it.  And edited it.  And added the text.  And exported it.  She did it all.  And didn't she do great!?  And here it is...

(TO WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY CLICK HERE.  Or, just watch on YouTube below...)

Video by Kay McGuire

Well, I am at CHA in the hotel room.  So good to start seeing friends here.  Have a good night!


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Way to go Kay!! You did an awesome job with the video. Thanks for getting your Mom's storage system on video for all of us!

kay, you did awesome. great video. can't wait to see the rest of your room. hint hint! love the cd holder idea. need to remember that one.

colin has such a sweet voice.

Wow! What a great job Kay!! Thanks for the great storage ideas.

Kay does indeed! :) I want a Kay. Kay, will you come to NE and organize my clear stamps for me? And teach me how to make videos too? heehee ;) Your system looks perfect Jennifer!

Thank you for that info Jennifer! I am just starting to use these stamps and I really want to keep them organized! I neede that inf--Yeah!!!

Great job on the video Kay! You did an awesome job!!! :)

Cool video Kay!!! Hope you'll be opening your own blog shortly! ;))

Excellent cinematography! Good information, too. Thanks to both of you.

Kay did do a fablous job on the video. I can't even figure that out!! Great storage solution. I will go to that when I have many more stamps. Of course this is your living. Thanks for sharing. See you CHA!!

Great job on the video Kay! You are a very talented young lady!

Thanks for showing your system, Jennifer. I need any organizational tips you care to pass along!!

Kay - you did a great job with the video! I have been wondering how to store my stamps and this video has been very helpful. Thank you!!

Jennifer and Kay

My I am so amazed at how well the stamps are organized. It looks wonderfully neat and clean.

Kay, you rock!!! What a great job helping your Mum out with this cool video. She is an amazing person and you will do well to follow her foot steps. I look forward to seeing more videos from you.

Jennifer, have a great time at CHA. My friend Kim B. will we going and I can not wait to hear of all the new products she has to tell me about when she returns.

Enjoy reconnecting with friends.

Sandi N.

Good Job!!! I wish I had a helper:-) Kay did a very good job with the video. I love the way you keep things organized. I am still in the process of getting my photos in stamps are all tossed in a drawer!!

way to go kay, you did a great job!
thanks for the stamp storage info.

Super cute video - love seeing what works for you. And Kay - WOW - that video rocks!!

you did an amazing job, Kay!!! :)

What a great system and what a great video. Great job on the video Kay! Can't wait to see all of the other ones that you'll be putting together. You totally rock!

Great video Kay! I'm impressed that you did so well on your very first video!
Love the organizational ideas Jennifer...I'm going to Office Depot tomorrow! Those CD/DVD holders are too cool.

Kay, thank you for the video, you did a super job!!!
jeniffer, thanks for this great idea, I have to visit Office Depot this week; love those cd pockets!!!
You rock!

Great job on the video, Kay! Wow, that's a lot of stamps! With that many you really have to have a good system for keeping them all organized. Thanks for sharing your great tips with us!

Great stuff - thank you Kay! Can't wait until the weekend when I can start organizing my stamps!

Great job Kay! Loved the insert about the whiney boy - totally understand and remember that phase. Brings back memories of my sweet boy when he was that age.

Love your storage solution. I don't have nearly so many clear stamps, but as I collect them, will take your advice on products to purchase to keep them organized.

Enjoy CHA.

Thanks for sharing your organization technique! It's always interesting to see how others store their supplies. Wonderful job on the video, Kay. Seems like that camp was totally worth it!


Wow, do you hire her out? I really need someone in my house to organise me and make cool vidoes too, what a clever little cookie she is.

Great job Kay and Jennifer! You two make a great team!
and thanks for the great organizing tips!
(and I thought I had lots of stamps... LOL...)

great job kay! that is so cool. do you think they'd let me go to camp? i know nothing about how to make a video. lol!

love seeing how you store your stamps jennifer! i don't have that big a collection yet ... but have already thought about how i was going to store them!

WOW!! I think someone may have a future in filmmaking!! Great work Kay.

Thanks again Jennifer for the wonderful tips!

Excellent movie, Kay!! You might be hired :)) - make sure the pay is good though.

Wow, go Kay!!! She did an awesome job :)

Dear Kay -
You are very lucky to have such a wonderful you can tell, lots of us out here think she is great. And, Kay, she is enormously blessed to have you in her life. You are very talented, enthusiastic and kind to help her as much as you do. Your video is really well done...nice job on working together - it seems as if you really enjoy each other. Jayne

Wow! Kay did an amazing job! Very impressive! She is inspiring me to give the iMovie a try myself. Can't wait 'til I can send my little boy to learn all the newer technology and give his old Mom a hand! Thanks for the organization tip!

Gosh, Kay did a super job---I especially loved her comments! And showing the packaging for the CD holders was a great idea. Thanks Kay!!

Thanks for that video - very informative and professional (great job Kay!). I have only recently started getting the unmounted clear stamps - it's good to have some advice on storage so I can get it right from the start. Thanks very much! Have a great time at CHA - sounds like it's going to be lots of fun.

HI Jennifer and Kay - great job on the video Kay! I love the way the stamps are so organized and easy to see, will have to try and find some of those supplies so I can organize my own stash that way. Thanks to both of you for this super helpful video!!

Cool, Jennifer!! Kay did a great job and I'm so impressed! (with your organization and her skillz!) Hope you are well! jw

This is really good stuff!

Nice work Miss Kay! I wish I could do videos like that. We have a Mac, but other than checking email and reading blogs I cant really do anything else! Have a great rest of the summer!

her video is much much better than jealous! Fantastic video and love the way you store your stamsp

what a fantastic job on the video! and a great storage system! I love it, and I love how easy it would be to find all those protectors/binders in regular stores, inexpensive!

Excellent craftsmanship on the video and very good ideas on how to store those stamps.

Great video. Kay, you rock !!!!

Kay - YOU ROCK!!!! What a great video and what a great way to store the stamps!!!! I will be visiting Office Depot this weekend. Thanks for yet another enabling session!!! Have fun at CHA - I cannot wait to see the new "flakey" stamps from HA!!

Kay, awesome job on the video!!!!

I store some of my clear stamps in a similiar way. I keep all the $1 stamps in baseball protector sheets. They're the perfect size for them, but I ran into problems with the larger sets so they're just thrown in a box. I'm going to have to remember to check out the CD storage holders when I'm out buying school supplies soon. tfs!

Jennifer you are so lucky to have Kay as your assistant. What a great job, so helpful to have the letters on the screen(excuse the whiny funny!) Only a sister would have picked up on that. Kay,thanks for putting pic's of the DVD sleeves on the screen,that makes it so easy when I get to the store. It is very refreshing to see such a close relationship with mom and teen girl you are very blessed. Enjoy it.
Thanks for sharing all your info and have fun at CHA.

Kay you did a great job... Thanks so much!!!

I was putting mine on the clip it up, but that was not working for me.. To many stamps and you really couldn't tell what you had. Jennifer thanks so much for all the great ideas and inspiration.. Have fun at the show.

Kay, fantastic job on the video! I can see you are as electronic savy as your Mum... Jennifer, thanks for the video. It was very helpful. I was also thinking about using my sewing machine to make the dividers down a regular pocket protector. Have you tried that yet?

Fabulous video Kay! I'm thinking I need a trip to Office Depot!

Oh my gosh, I have never seen so many stamps in my whole life. You have more than most retail stores. I am a little jealous. I love your system. I just put my stamps in cd cases, the hard plastic type. I wish I had kept the original packaging like you did. I will from now on.
The video quality was simply amazing!!! I loved how steady the camera was, the text was perfect and I got a laugh with the "Ignore whiny boy". Too funny. Great job on the video!
Thanks for the information and have a groovy time at CHA.

Kay, you did an AWESOME job, girl! Love the video! I also love your organization method, Jennifer! VERY cool! Thanks for sharing it and thanks again Kay for taking the time to do that for us!! Hugs to you both!! :-D Have fun at CHA, Jennifer!

Wow that's a lot of stamps! I think I have enough to fill maybe 2 or 3 page protectors.

Great job Kay, my 15 year-old niece just taught me how to make a video the other day, too. It's fun, isn't it?

Really excellent job on the video. Thank you so much for adding the pictures of the CD holders so I know exactly what to look for. Ok, Kay are you going to do some more awesome videos so we can learn even more stuff. That would be fantastic.

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