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September 01, 2008

Another Card Drive...

Hi, all.

I have to do it.  I have to have another card drive.  Even if it isn't as big.  I just think it is something that needs to be done.

I have been wanting to help out with from the moment I found out about it, but never got a chance. 

I am so happy that we now have worked something up via the Hero Arts blog.

Here's the deal...


The challenge on Hero Arts Blog this week is to create a holiday card.  Easy, huh?  All you have to do is use one Hero Arts stamp (and whatever else you want) and load it into their flickr group by Sunday night.  We pick three winners of lots of free stamps of your choice and some goodies for the Honorable Mentions. I know a few of you folks have won in the past.  (All the details of the weekly contests are posted on Mondays.  Click HERE for this week.)

In addition, this week we are asking everyone to send in their holiday cards.  We will pick 3 random winners from the cards we get and they will get a Hero Arts stamp set.  We will then box the cards up and ship them to the soldiers overseas via  You can either send cards with messages of encouragement for the soldiers... or you can leave them blank for the soldiers to fill out and send to their loved ones at home.  We are looking for holiday cards since these will get to the soldiers right before the holiday season.  You don't even have to provide envelopes.  I have lots.

Pretty cool, huh?

All you have to do is mail them to this address by September 30th:

        Jennifer McGuire
        Heroes Card Drive
        PO Box 428612
        Cincinnati, OH 45242

I will get them into the hands of the Cards for Heroes folks.  I sure hope you all can play.  (And you don't have to use Hero Arts stamps to contribute!)  And please feel free to spread the word on this - post it on your blogs and everywhere you can. ;)

I think about and pray for Kimber and Stephanie often.  I can't imagine how hard it must be for them to have their husbands so far away.  If a few handmade cards help provide even a smile or two, it seems worth it. 

And a big shot-out to Sandy Allnock who is the president of  She has been so helpful.  Big hugs to you, Sandy!

Now, for all you folks that aren't in the US, you are welcome to still send them in to us or pass them on to a program in your own country.  I am collecting a list of contacts for each country, so you can also email me if you would like that information.

I sure hope a few of you can play.  I started mine today and will share them soon.  Hugs to you!


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I'm so glad you're doing this. I made a bunch of cards last year for the soldiers to send to their loved ones and can't wait to get started on this year's cards.

Not only are you a beautiful artist, but you have a beautiful heart.

Such a great project!
I feel privileged to be a part of this awesome community...

Such a wonderful organization...this is great news! Thank you Jen for leading this cause...and for being a difference maker. Huge hugs to you! For anyone wanting to read firsthand accounts of the impact of these cards...check out

You are such a nice and kind person. It always amazes me again how humbly and gracefully you are leading your life. You are much appreciated (and adored). Thank you for the example you are setting for everyone.

Thank you Jennifer! I was so glad to find out about another card drive. I can't wait to get started! Thought I would mention...on the CFH blog they mentioned NOT using glitter. If it gets on the soldiers uniforms they can possibly seen with night-vision goggles. Thanks again for organizing!!

Thank you Jen for ALWAYS thinking of others and being so supportive. It means more than you will ever know.

YOU ROCK!!! :)

You have such a big heart and your giving spirit is contagious. I'm in! Off to create some cards... :)

Oh Jen i would love to participate in this. Does it necessarly have to be just holiday cards? I have a ton of cards i made and they are just sitting there.

I found the answer i was looking for, off to spread the word and make some cards!

another great cause!!!will work on these soon


I am very proud you are doing this. I've done this card drive before and a couple care package drives. I am a army wife, my husband was in Iraq last year and they sent him to Korea this year. He has told me several times that a lot of single soilders with not a lot family enjoy getting these things from us. AWESOME !!! Thank you everyone for supporting our troops !!!

Love it! I'll carve out some time and get a few made to pass on. As soon as I get my act together I'll cantact you for your mailing address. I've got family in the service and YES they need our support and they do so love getting things from us. Thanks for doing this!

You are an angel. And this means so much to those men and women...

this is awesome jennifer!
Scrapbook Trends magazine had this drive in their magazine once and i sent in a whole entire shoebox of cards i had made! i have a box full again! can they be any kind of greetings?!

Hi there, what would be the address for this drive in Australia?? =)

This is great!!! I have plenty of xmas cards made already!!

Thanks for doing this for my comrads, hubby and I are both active duty Air Force and my brother is a Capt in the Army currently in Afghanistan as well for 18 months. It is hard some days and the only thing we have to make it through are cards, letters and thoughts .. So this is a GREAT thing you are doing. Lets not forget about .. thanks again.


i found time to make a couple of cards for this over the weekend - - they are coming your way. =)

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