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November 16, 2008

My Scraproom: Part 1

Hi, everyone!

I am finally doing it... finally sharing my scraproom.  Sorry it took so long!

This is Part 1 of 2.  I will share Part 2 later this week, along with a cool giveaway that is something from my room. ☺ 

First, here is the first video showing my room.  Please go HERE and then click on the "watch in high quality" under the video - it makes a huge difference in quality.

Here are some photos to go along with it.  I added some text saying what things are.

Shot 9 

Shot 1 info 

Shot 4 info

Shot 2 info

Shot 10 

Shot 3 info

Shot 5 info

Shot 8 info 

Shot 7 info 

Shot 6 info

Here are some notes about my room.  I go into a lot of detail... feel free to skip it all. ☺ 

My room is in my basement.  I like this because the other half of the basement is where my husband has his hobby and storage is nearby.  Also, I didn’t feel pressured to make it “fit” into the look of the rest of my house. Instead, “anything goes.”  Also, this is my job.  Therefore, I like that my work is somewhat separate from the rest of my life.  Somewhat... ☺ 

  • I like things closed up, but easy to get to, so use a lot of boxes, drawers and cabinets.
  • This room is used as much by the kids, so I have a ton of counterspace to share.  The girls work across from me and share my supplies. 
  • I haven't measured the room, but Ken guesses it is 15' x 25'.
  • My room isn't always that clean. :)  I get a lot of shipments of products (this is my job) so it is hard to keep up with putting things away.  But I really try.  The kids are very helpful.

I used the most inexpensive of everything...

  • The carpet is inexpensive burber (didn’t want to worry too much about it) and I keep a small rechargeable vacuum under the counter.  I have mats down under my rolling chairs.
  • The countertops were stock from Home Depot.  I wanted something that wouldn’t show ink stains and I got the type with the backsplash to prevent things from sliding off the back.  Love that.
  • The large white drawers and cabinets support the countertops along with a few other simple supports.  Got this white furniture at Organized Living years ago. It wasn’t expensive, and since it was meant for office use, it was MUCH more practical and open than kitchen cabinets.
  • The paper racks are from Target.  I then use the Cropper Hopper paper holders to slide into the racks – a perfect fit.  I love this system.  I sort patterned paper by color, and also have holders for stripes, dots, etc.
  • The many little white drawers are from Ikea.  They come unpainted and unassembled.  I LOVE THESE.  They are great.  If you get them, be sure to sand them well before painting.  My dear parents sanded and painted all of this as a gift long ago.  (I told you I had the best parents.)  ☺
  • The jars are all from Hobby Lobby and were very inexpensive.  They are filled with buttons and flowers and a few other embellishments.  I love the colors showing.
  • The tall white cabinets are from the closet organization area of Lowes.  They are inexpensive and wonderful.  On the shelves, I use plastic spice shelves.
  • The white shelves that look like large squares are from Ikea – the famous Expedit.  I wanted a clean look, so I filled them with red boxes from Ikea and am really liking this system. 
  • The wall quotes are from onceuponadesign.typepad.comI can’t recommend them enough.  I encourage you to check them out.  These are two nice girls who are working hard and are good people – I love to support that.  Their prices are great and their designs aren’t “stuffy” like many are from other companies.  I love them.  I have other designs in my house, too.  My favorite thing of theirs is the large heart.  It is perfect for putting a favorite photo in.
  • I have all of my punches hanging on a pegboard on the wall... very hidden in a corner.  This system is fantastic - I love it.  Inexpensive and very effective.  You can get pegboard hooks and shelves at Home Depot.
  • The big buttons are from Pottery Barn - got them on mega clearance. I bet you could get them on ebay.  The big scissors are from Hobby Lobby.

At my workspace:

  • My dad had a piece of tempered glass cut to fit my workspace – a wonderful Christmas gift from him.  I adore having this.  When it gets yucky, I just spray it with cleaner and scrape it clean with a razor.  So easy.  Cost about $80 and is tempered with smooth edges.
  • Under my workspace are lots of 12” wide drawers.  Here, I have scraps sorted by colors.
  • In the drawers closest to my workspace, I have all the tools I need often within reach: wipes, acrylic mounts, blank notecards, adhesives, scissors,etc.
  • I also have a large drawer where I put things when I am done using them.  Once a week or so, I empty out this drawer.  That way I don't have to do it every time I work.
  • The "Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry" is from THIS seller on

At my computer area:

  • I have all my computer stuff together in one side of the room.  This includes my Mac laptop and large flat screen monitor (it is an inexpensive but really good one from Gateway), printers (both are wide format – one is old and is just used for quick printing), scanner, Quickutz Silhouette, Epson Picturemate, etc.
  • I keep my idea books and work papers on a narrow shelf nearby.

In my tall white cabinets:

  • In the tall white cabinets, I have my stamps on spice shelves.  This works great so that I can see the stamps, as they all stand up.  This is a great way to save on space, too.  The stamps are sorted by theme.  (I do have a lot of stamps, but keep in mind that is my job - I work for a stamp company.  I would never been able to buy all those!)
  • I also have my ribbon in bins in the cabinets.  The ribbons are wrapped around clothes pins, safety pinned closed and sorted by color.  (Thanks, Jana!)
  • My clear stamps are stored in large binders inside these cabinets.  (Click HERE for a video on clear stamp storage.)
  • In between my my tall cabinets are some more paper racks from Target.  This is my cardstock.  I purged this often and donate to schools.

In my Expedit (white square shelves):

  • The red boxes on my Expedit store rub-ons, stickers, chipboard and more.  I like that everything can stand up in here, making it easy to flip through. (I used to use drawers and things got buried so easily.) 
  • On top, I have black 3-ring binders for my scrapbook pages.  They aren't all in there yet, but I hope to have that done soon.

In the small white Ikea drawers:

  • In my small white Ikea drawers, I have inks, brads, embellishments and more. 
  • Inks are sorted by colors. This works much better for me than sorting by ink types.
  • Little embellishments are divided into watchmaker tins within the drawers.
  • Several drawers hold various letters.  One drawer has A, B and C, another has D, E and F, etc.  This is a great way to keep old letters organized and easy to find.
  • If you get these drawers, be sure to sand them and prime them before painting.  (Mine are painted with a semi-gloss white trim paint.)
  • The little white drawers from Ikea - yes, they don't have labels.  I move things around so much that I decided not to put any labels on them.  But I remember where everything is - it is that engineer mind of mine.  :)

Other tips:

  • I think long and hard before committing to a storage change.  I usually try out one and see if I like it before buying it all.
  • I purge often - once a month.  Things I know I won’t use get donated to my son’s school, fundraisers or are given away on my blog.
  • Many of my things are from Ikea.  I didn’t have an Ikea until recently.  So, even if you don’t have one, you can get these things.  I bought all the white embellishment drawers new on ebay (30 of them!) and the rest were from

If you have questions, just leave a comment on this post.  I will keep checking it and will edit to add my answers to the actual post.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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Unbelievable!! I read every word and went back for visuals. Thanks so much for sharing your storage ideas. I have a fraction of the room - but can certainly use some of your ideas.

O-M-G! Seriously....hellllo! This is a simply the dream of any scrapbooker/stamper. Oh, my goodness I would be in crafter's heaven at your place. You and your hubby did a awesome job. Totally a heaven's dream there!!


Your room is just breathtaking! I love how you have made your life so organized. Your tips will help me to finish my room. As always thanks for sharing. I am sure it was a lot of work for you.

I am going to try and visit each day post-op. If I do not, please know I am thinking of you and will play catch up when I am able:-)

Lots of Love
Sandi N.

WOW! Thats amazing, I would LOVE a room like that!! Nice job, I cannot wait to see part 2!

Holy Crap!! I'm so in love with your room right now!! It makes me want to finish my space this week, or next...probably after the holidays. Who am I kidding. Great organization and I love all the storage. So clean and simple. Thanks for sharing.

You'll be getting my package this week. Let me know when it comes. I sent it to your PO box. Hope that was ok! Talk to you soon.

Hi Jennifer,
I love your scrap room. I got a chance to see part of it in one of the CK issues. However, I had no idea the whole room is that big and organized. It is awesome. I'm also using the little Ikea drawers as well. Just one question , what kind of paint did your folks use to paint the drawers? I would like to paint mine as well. Thanks Mia

Color me "GREEN" wuth envy!! Just beautiful....I know I will be watching this several more times...Thanks for the hard work in getting it done and for all the text involved....I am packed for a move and I am dying to get my space again!!! I probably will apply some of your ideas into my new space!

Cannot wait to see part 2!

oh lordy, please can I come & live with you.... I love your craft room.....

Fantasic job, Jennifer, both with the room organization and the great video! I think that is every artist's dream room!

Wowser!!!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It is a truly inspiring place to create. Lovely. Thank you so much Jennifer for taking all that time to post everything. Whew! Now I just have to show my DH your room....LOL. Thank you again!

What to say, but WOW, Wow, wow! You are truly amazing! What a great organization system you have and what a beautiful room. And you are so generous with your time - doing the video and all the details! Too bad you live so far - I want to be your friend!!!

Thanks so much for sharing Jennifer - you are great and your room is sooooo well organized. I also am green with envy!

Can't wait to see part 2!

Louise C.

I think we may have entered into a LOVE/HATE phase of our relationship. Dang girl, that's one amazing room!

Oh my-lantis! Wow-wee! I cannot even begin to imagine how I could get from my space to your creation. You have done an amazing job and I love it. Thanks so much for all you do.

OMG JEN Seriously your room is FLIPPIN amazing :)
Thanks for making us drool :)

i am so envious, you are so organised and all that space. lucky girl :)

Yes it is beautiful and so organised, I'm sure if I was there it would still end up a complete mess, actually I think I would be to scared to touch anything. I am going to watch it again just so I can see everything and you are so sweet for uploading photos for everyone as well.
Oh and Roxy was adorable saying hello!!!

I love your room, Jennifer and think it's wonderful you have such a great place to work!

My favorite part: The framed quote "Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry."

Who said that? May I use it?

What an AWESOME space!!
I had hubby come in here and watch the video with me to get ideas for revamping my room.. Love it!!!
I had no idea Cinci got an Ikea.. We might just have to take a drive down there to get some more storage for my room.

And holy crap you have a ton of wooden stamps! If you want more, I'll be happy to send you all of mine. I need to free up some space.

Great room and, thanks also for sharing where you got the wall quotes :)

Oh Wow. I just LURVE your room. How cool is that and soooo organised too. That's exactly what I need. Thank you SO much for sharing that video. Now I can show my DH what I was dreaming about. I wish I had a basement. Don't think many homes in Australia have basements - maybe new designers are needed. Again thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see part 2. Love it! Love it all!!!!

Wow!!! Your room is beautiful!! You can
see all the thought and planning that went
into it. It looks like a beautiful and
peaceful place to create. Thanks for sharing.

What a lovely room Jeniffer! I love it! I could probsbly stay in a room like yours the whole day! Haha. I wish I'd have enough space like yours. It is my ultimate dream to have my own organized scrap room. For now I'm stuck with my very small & unorganized table at the corner of our room. I love how you organized everything!

wow...that's all I can say. Wow. Simply fantastic! It's the perfect scraproom ever! I especially love how you store your punches! So clever. Do you know how hard it is to go back to my little table after seeing that video??? I'm calling "Extreme Home Makeover" and begging them to make me a Jennifer McGuire Scraproom!! Thank you for sharing....

Wonderful craft studio...thanks for taking the time to share and for all the helpful info. Also appreciate the link to the wall graphics. Just what I have been searching for!!

What a beautiful, well functioning room Jen. Thanks for sharing!

I loved seeing your room so much, thank you for sharing :)

i think i've died and gone to heaven!What a great space.I'll have to remember the glass idea:)

I looooooooooove your scraproom, but Roxie was my favorite part! LMBO! She is so funny!

What a wonderful studio!!! Your organization is so clean cut, gives me a feeling of peace just looking at it.:) TFS

Holy moly Missy Jenifer I just love your scrappy space.

I was fortunate enough to be able to design my own room last summer and like you, I just love it. Yours is beautiful. I love the pegboard/punch idea. I can't wait for part 2. Thanks for sharing!

Love your craft room! It makes me almost want to put my kids in a shared bedroom so I can reclaim my old scraproom (now my son's room). I'd feel too bad about that though so will just have to drool over your room!

You're a serious enabler though. I'm tempted to get the MM carousel despite having nowhere other than the dining room table to store it on, lol. Love it though so might have to order one....

Thank you SO much for sharing your is so awesome and gives me some great ideas! Can't wait to see the second part.

Love your room.. It has inspired me and with all the great ideas I need to get busy.. Thank you for sharing with us..Does it stay clean all the time?
And Roxie is adorable no doubt, how cute.....
Looking forward to the 2nd part..


You've put a lot of work into you're room, great job. One think I'm wondering though, what are the total dimensions of the room? I know I don't have that much space to spare in my home, just wondering. I used to have an 11x16 room before we moved, now I have a closet. boo! hoo!

Your room is beautiful and SO organized, Jennifer! I love it! I'm a big organizational nut, too! ;) Oh, and tell Roxie I said, Hi back! What a cutie! I swear I heard her say, "hello!" LOL! Have a great day, my friend!! Hugs!

oh my GOODNESS! Your room is beautiful and so organized!

Wow!! Thanks for sharing your room with us Jennifer! Absolutely beautiful and yet so practical too. Great to see where you do your creative work. :) My 2 year old daughter loved seeing Roxie. She got excited, pointed and kept saying 'woof, woof'. :)

Hi Jennifer! WOW! Your room is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to finish my space!

P.S. Tell Roxie hello...she is such a cute dog. :)

I think your scraproom is the most spectacular and practical one I have seen. Everything was done for a reasonable amount of money. Isn't IKEA one of the best things to come to Cincy?

Wow! there is a part 2??? you have an amazing space- i remember seeing parts of this a long time ago and i thought it was amazing then but you have ramped it up even more. You are so fortunate!!!
I am recovering from Breast Cancer surgery so i love to blog hop and yours is the 1st everyday! I have another surgery coming up mid December -this is good therapy to relax and zone out on the computer :-)
Thanks so much for sharing - the husbands probably arent thanking you tho' :-)

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! It is every crafters dream!!!!

O-M-G!! Your room is AMAZING! Love so many of your storage ideas! It almost makes me want to take over our basement ;)! Can't wait to see part 2!

Thanks for the in depth look at your room. I have my area set up in my finished basement, too, but have to share my space with a guest room. Someday I hope to have a whole room to myself (and my daughter who loves to make cards and scrapbook, too). I love all your storage ideas.

Love it. I am salivating. Wish I had a basement. I do have an attic. Hmmm.

Thanks for sharing your scrap room Jennifer. It's absolutely amazing! We're getting ready to buy our first house and the most important thing (aside from the kitchen) is a scrap room for me. I already have a bunch of those wooden Ikea boxes and am planning on buying the Expedit. Ikea is just the best! I do have a question, what kind of paint did you use on the wooden boxes? Thanks for the tip to sand them. I wouldn't have done that.

There is only word I can say now- "WOW" your space your organize are totally "wow" espcically that how you put you rubber stamps! What a clear ideas!! Thanks for the sharing! It is nice showing your area!

What a wonderful creative space! Thank you so much for sharing--you gave me so many great ideas for when we get settled into a new house! I am so glad that I ran across your blog awhile back because you are a continual source of inspiration!

Thank you so much for sharing your space in such detail. I'm wondering if you would share the dimensions of the overall workspace?
I'm getting ready to move to a house with a basement in a city that has an IKEA, so I'm excited about trying some of your tips. Thanks again...I'm already looking forward to Part 2.

LOVE the amount of workspace you have.. i'm a little of jealous of all that counter. =)

OH MY GOSH!!! were my first words, I would LIVE in your craft room. It is so put together. LOVIN' IT! by the way, the large buttons on the wall, i saw those in someone else's website, showing her craft room. Where did you get those?

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