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November 24, 2008

My Scraproom: Part 2

Here it is!  Part 2 of my room.  This shows stamp, sticker, ribbon, etc. storage, along with my Expedit and computer area.

For details on the room, please go to THIS post.  Everything is there.  I will combine the two posts together and put it in the sidebar later this week.

After the video, I'll have a GREAT giveaway!

Shot 6 info

Shot 7 info

Shot 9

Shot 2 info

Shot 10

So... a lot of you have mentioned that you like the vinyl wall art I have in my room from Once Upon A Design.  Well, the sweet girls there have given me one to give away to one of you.  I am so excited!  Please go check out their site HERE.  Email them if you have questions.  These are sweet girls with big hearts - I would love to see them get some more business. And they make great holiday gifts!  So, if you want to win a vinyl wall art, just leave a comment on this post by Wednesday at 11:59pmEDT telling me your best craft-space organization tip.  I will then pick a winner of a small version of the "do something creative everyday" quote... like the one I have here...

Shot 1

My tip? It doesn't cost that much more to get the sturdy stuff for your craft space (thanks to Ikea and Target)... and it is worth every penny.  I used to have tons of plastic drawers, but they didn't hold up.  Not a good investment.  :)

Have a great week.  I will actually be back with another giveaway tomorrow.


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I can't seem to watch the video.
My best storage is a kids toy storage from a discount store that has canvas boxes in a 9x9 unit...much like an IKEA unit...except it's smaller. Holds my CTMH stamps in the envelopes perfectly.

I can't get the video to play either, it says it's no longer available. Can't wait to watch it. My best tip is to go vertical with storage, it's wasted space unless you use it.

wow :o what an inspirational room! I feel lucky that I have a permanant scrap space and it's an 8'x9' study I share with my partner. I'm quite jealous of your creative space. I too have furnished my area with ikea, bonde shelves and alex drawers,.

Beautiful room, Jennifer. My Black Lab, Sally does the EXACT same thing when I say "peanut butter"...too funny. As for an organization tip, I'm crammed into a small corner of the basement, can't say I'm organized at all, unfortunately. I guess I've just learned to put things away as soon as I finish or I get a huge pile of stuff which leaves me no room to work!!

Hi Jennifer super super great room you have .Luky you working from home .My tip for storage is to keep packaging and box from thigs that i buy and undo them take the template and make them with heavy carboard and altered paper .Like this i have super boxes at no cost

Beautiful space! I love your room and I never miss your blog. Alas, we don't have an Ikea within 50 miles. I am lucky enough to have a dedicated space. I am using furniture my step-father made and stuff from my childhood!

Love your videos and blog. Your room is amazing! My tip is to put things away right after making a card/sb page because my area is too small to leave it out and then you can't find things! :)
Thanks for the chance to win.

OOH I'm drooling over all those stamps!!I don't think i'd ever want to leave that room!

I use a hanging sweater bag to store bulkier tools and my lovely Studio Calico kits. I also have Juxta drawers from the Container Store for alpha stickers and punches.

My tip is to use closet storage (which you have done). I literally have only a closet for all my scrapping supplies, but I have it organized well and it holds so much!

I actually bought vinyl from Once Upon a Design after seeing your first video. I'd been on the lookout for some great designs and was very happy with what I saw available there.

LOVE your room Jennifer! :)
My tip... I have pegboard up on one wall. It was there when we bought the house and I HATED it. Now that my craft space is in the same room I LOVE it. It's great to see much of my 'stuff'. I'm much more likely to use it if I see it.

What a huge amount of work you've put into creating such a fantastic work space - talk about it being a pleasure to go to 'the office' each day! I loved seeing all your Willow Tree figures too. I have some which my kids have bought for me - very special. My tip for storage - tidy away when you've finished, or chaos soon reigns (maybe that's just in my house!)

My favorite organizing tip. folders for scrap paper sorted by color. When making a card, you need just a smidge of green cardstock. instead of looking through a bin of scrap paper (my old way). I pull out my folder pocket of green assorted scrap papers. It saves so much time and helps me work faster.

(love your space!) Jennifer

Your room is wonderful! My best tip is to go to IKEA! LOL! No, actually, I have a wonderful EXPEDIT shelving unit in which I have sorted my supplies by color. I love this because it is both storage and inspiration all in one!

For organizing the many inspiring crafting ideas from magazines, I tear out the individual projects that interest me most and keep just them in a file (or a few) instead of keeping the full magazines. That saves lots of space, and it's easier to find just what inspired me rather than sifting through many pages of less than inspiring pieces. It works for me! I'll have to get some sturdier storage equipment - I'm at the "plastic drawers not holiding up well" stage... Thanks for offering the giveaway!

My best tip it to clean as you go! I have a small space and like to have things in their proper place when I need them. So, I put everything away between projects. It may take a minute away from my creative time but, it saves a lot of frustration later on!

Go vertical, up the wall with stuff and keep as much in view as possible so you use it. Please pick me - I LOVE their work!

Storing clear stamps in a notebook or binder keeps them all together and easier to find, I think.

Best tip for me... have an open basket to throw your new purchases in... it always helps me use it up, because it is right there and easy to grab :)

This is just amazing. I have the expedit shelf, but have yet to put it together. I cannot wait! I love your pages, and style, btw : )


Great room, mine is not quite as big but all mine nonetheless...I bought 2 very long, thin curtain rods from Bed Bath and Beyond that all of my spools of ribbon slide off and on of. I have 2, one above the other, works great for me!

My tip is that I organize my embellishments, etc. by color. If I am looking for something pink, I just pull out the pink drawer and I can find something to use! I have been using this system for a few years and I love it!

OMGosh! I have so been wanting one of those quotes since I saw your first post and that is actually my mantra for this year even though I haven't been great about keeping it up. Seeing it up on my wall every day would be a great reminder! Hint, hint! lol

My organization tip has to do with my stamp pads. I have an old wooden cassette rack that I use to hold all of my ink pads. It is just the perfect size and everything is right in one place where I can get to it easily.

I have a little corner in my den which is my scrap space. The best organization advice I can give it to put things away as asoon as your finished with it.

Thanx for sharing Your room, and tips!! :-) How great job colud it be!!
My tips are Ikea things too, and shoe - boxes. You can use it well :-)

I have only been stamping for about 7 months, so I don't have all that much stuff but we recently re-did a corner of my office so I could have a stamping space. I love my new space, but I'd have to say the best part is the pegboard above my working space. I have a ton of hooks and from those hooks I have all my embellishments still in their packaging. I like having my stuff in view, otherwise I forget what I have.

I'm just amazed by your room!
How long did it take you to get it organized like this?

I LOVE your room! My best organization tip is to repurpose those items that you already have (somewhere else in your house) that you are no longer using. I have old baskets, spice jars, flower planters, and Christmas tins that I use to store stuff.


I love your room, thanks for sharing. My favorite storage item is a shoe holder on the back of my door that holds all my punches. Easy to see them and keep them organized in an otherwise unused space.

I store my 8-1/2 x 11 cardstock for cards in hanging folders by color. I do the same for my scraps, each color gets its own folder.

My tips are very basic, but essential! Label Label Label. I love my label maker and it keeps it clear where things should go! Also vertical is the way to go wheter it is paper storage, sticker letters (I do these in a filing cabinet by color), etc. I love the ikea containers too! Nice room!

My best tip is to look UP- when working with a small space there is often quite a bit of vertical space that is over looked-I put shelves up high with boxes or baskets that can slide down easily to hold things that don't need to be accessed every day. Also find a system that works for the way YOU work-if you create by color a lot it makes sense to store things by color rather than keeping all ribbon together or all buttons together store all red embellishments together and all blue embellishments together-it doesn't work for everyone but if that is how your mind works then by all means go for it!
mary w

My tip would be, use your walls! It's amazing how much stuff you can store on shelves, embellishment centers, cork board, peg board etc. I love your room! I'm showing my hubby so he can get ready when I do mine! LOL
I'd love to win too!

My best tip is when you are organizing to keep in mind what you use more often and keep it handy -- for me it is my paper trimmers, adhesive and right now I am loving my punches. For instance -- my punches are in a basket right behind where I work -- very easy for me to turn my chair and get what I need.

I love my accordian file for scraps. Very easy to sort and see what you have.

Thanks for sharing your room! My organizing tip is to organize your scrap/stamp supplies that makes sense to you. I organize by manufacturer (ie all my Making Memories, Jenni Bowlin, Basic Grey, etc. are kept together). Some like to organize by color or by theme (Christmas, baby, halloween, etc). If you organize the way it makes sense to you, then it will be easier to find your stuff.

My best tip is to have a handy husband who can make vertical storage units, much like the Expedit. :) I also have my room in the basement and I have shelving under the stairs that I store things I don't use often enough to keep out.

I love your room! Thanks for the link to Once Upon a Design.

I'm not an organizing guru but...I also store my clear stamps in a binder just like yours. I can't afford to go out and buy page protectors that have different sized inner compartments. I made mine with the sewing machine. I sew a zizag stitch either spliting the plain old 8 1/2 X 11 page protector in 1/2 or in 1/4. Then I use a pair of sharp scisors to open up the lower compartments. It works great.

fabulous space! must be a joy to work in!
my tip would be to purge the old as you bring in the new... i held on to so much for so long - stuff i knew i would never use and it just took up too much space. i now remove some old and give to my daughters to use in their scrapbooks, give to friends who like the old, or donate to my daughters teachers - they love the paper! :)

I think you've inspired heaps of people to re organise their hobby rooms. I'm always changing mine around. My school children call me Mrs Change a lot! I'm the same at school! I think having a re organise now and again reminds you of what you've got, what you bought and forgot about, what you've had for years and probably won't use again so you might as well donate it, also I feel really excited when things are really organised and ready to be used!

Love it so much! My tip is to keep "like things" organizing this way in clear bins I can see what I have and what I need!

My tip is to put things away when you're done using them, two seconds when done saves two hours two weeks and lots of stuff later.:)

hi, i'm from holland and absolutely love your room.
Sinds last summer i'm the proud owner of one myself and my great tip is this one;
I have new and clean pizzaboxes where i keep all my little things from holidays.
Like coupons, little tags, cards and more...the boxes are labeld so i can us them when i feel like making a holiday layout.
I love it!

My biggest tip is to buy baskets in all sizes. They have made great organizers for me in my scrap space and they look great too! Thanks for the chance to win!!

The best storage in my scrap area is the drawers in a chest of drawers filled with foam stamps, stamp pads, cards ready to be decorated, and an "in" drawer on the top for things that need to be put away, taken care of, or worked on.

All I can say is that I am sooooo JEALOUS!!

Love the second video too, Jennifer! Thank you so much for sharing! Colin is such a cutie pie! Love how he stamps! Hee hee! Oh, and Roxie is cute, too!

My tip for organizing is "everything has a home." I always have either baskets or drawers or something for everything and I put it right back when I'm done with it. It keeps things neat, tidy and organized. Just the way I like it! :) Thanks, Jennifer! Hugs!

I use a spice rack that is on a lazy susan to store buttons and brads.It is really neat and i can see everything thru the clear jars.

I LOVE your room! As always, my craft space is still a 'work in progress', but I would have to say my best organization tip is having my Bygel wall rail & accessories from IKEA- all my most used tools and doodads all within reach hanging from the wall.

You have a great space, thanks for sharing. My best organizational tip involves getting ready for crops. I attend a few a month with friends and strive to pre-plan as many of the materials I'll need to complete a page in individual ziplock bags. I always get more done when I do this.

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