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December 17, 2008

Giveaway... and is anyone else STILL not done...

... with their holiday cards?  Oh my.  I am still working on mine.  Sigh...


Thought I would share some holiday gift bags.  I love buying the $.50 kraft bags and decorating them with stamping.

I did this tree bag for 2peas HERE and then created another bag and a card to go with it.  I used some Stampin' Up stamps on the extra two and LOVE those stamps!  Click HERE for more info.


This card has Stampin' Up stamping.  Yummm...

SU card

And another bag for another dear friend.  I got this bag on clearance with a bunch of other colors at Target.  Keep an eye on their gift wrap area - they always have great deals on bags and boxes that can be altered...


And you know me, I love to share links of some goodness out there.  Here are some:

  • I love THESE projects by Tia Bennett.  YUM.
  • Jennifer Gallacher always knocks my socks off with her creations.  Love THIS.
  • Don't you love it when you meet someone who is a total sweetheart?  Someone you would love to have coffee with every morning?  That is how I feel about Kelly Goree.  Go check out her blog - she has a great giveaway a few posts down, too.  Go HERE.  And, her son has the exact same lovey (a stuffed monkey) as my son does.  Funny.
  • Hero Arts has free 2-day shipping on their website.  And they give a free gift with all orders.  (Trust me - they are very generous - this won't be a little thing.)  They also have certificates.  (Feel free to send a link to this post as a hint to your husbands. :)  Go HERE for more info.

And time for a giveaway!  Just leave a comment here by Saturday at 11:59pmEDT telling me your favorite holiday tradition.  I will pick a winner of this fabulous clear stamp set from Autumn Leaves...

See you soon...


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Cutting down our Christmas tree and getting hot chocolate!

Think I'm the first comment! I love everything about Christmas, the music, the lights and decorations, the food, school programs, family get togethers and midnight mass. My favorite holiday!

Watching Muppet Family Christmas! Can't wait to watch the new Muppet christmasy show I recorded tonight! ....OK, I also love a peaceful night staring at the glow of the lights on the christmas tree and singing Christmas hymns at a candlelight Christmas eve service :)

My husband's family has Krusty Klaus visit on Christmas eve (my FIL dressed up). He gives everyone gag gifts. The kids call him Silly Santa!

Love the gift bags and card Jennifer! You never seize to amaze me with your talent. :)

Beautiful stamps too! Favourite holiday tradition? Getting together with extended family. :)

i am finished making my cards....just have to get them addressed and mailed...i am waaaay behind the power curve this year!

Favorite holiday tradition is looking at Christmas lights....driving around and checking out all the cool decorations.

Favorite holiday tradition is looking at Christmas lights....driving around and checking out all the cool decorations.

Our favorite family tradition is looking at the holiday lights in a neighborhood close by. We get in our jammies and go through Starbucks getting hot coco or apple cider and we listen to christmas music while we slowly drive (5 mph) down the street. All the houses have themes and the owners are sitting out on there driveways with fire pits. we love to do this every year.

Beautiful bags Jennifer!

Our family favorite tradition is to dress all in red and take a family picture - some years we don't succeed, but when we do, we have a beautiful souvenir! Our second tradition is to go out together to go downtown Montreal for dinner and a Christmas movie and to go see the "Ogilvy's department store" window - they have a beautiful animated window of animals in the forest. I just love it. Actually, we are going tomorrow night and we are planning to go see Four Christmases.

ooo great bags! great ideas! great stamps!

Decorating the tree.

There are so many....popping the crackers on Christmas Eve and seeing everyone in their crowns during dinner. It makes for some fun conversations!

oohh, cute bags, love the blue one!

My favorite holiday tradition is starting new ones with my girls :) My daughter is almost 3 this year, so she is starting to understand better. I love doing the advent calendar everyday, looking at lights, and we are going to make cookies for Santa.

Our favorite family tradition is our "car pajama picnic". We get into our pjs and take a picnic and drive around looking at all the christmas lights.

Great bags Jennifer! My favorite tradition would be getting the home ready for the holidays (Decorating!) :)

decorating the tree. everyone has their own ornament and it's nice tradition for a tropical Xmas here in Singapore :)

Buying Christmas pjs for the last 31 years for my kids! It has blossomed into pjs for kids, spouses, and grandkids! About 8 years ago it evolved into formal pictures with the pjs on to use for our Christmas cards! Nobody likes that picture being taken but they have loved the memories!!!

it's not Christmas to me until i've rolled out, cut out, baked, and frosted sugar cookies. it is without a doubt my favorite holiday tradition.

Our favorite holiday tradition is doing our advent calendar :)

We always put our stockings up early and then put little fun gifts in throughout the season. I love it because then I can get started giving my kids & hubby fun things early! My son now checks his stocking daily and even checks the stocking in his preschool room-just in case!

Going to see a light display put on by a local church. They charge for the entrance, but that goes to charity, so we enjoy doing this every year.

Family dinner at my Mom's, a puzzle and lots of laughs.

Love the bags! I don't have a family tradition because I don't celebrate Christmas so I hope you let me enter anyhow!

Oooh, I love the tree bag. One of my favourite traditions is Christmas baking - often into the wee hours of the night. This year my preschooler is dying to help - should be fun!

Wonderful bags, I am with you I haven't finished my cards yet. My favorite tradition is letting my son open one gift on Christmas Eve. One other one I love is on Christmas day when all the family gathers together we play a bunch of games and always have a great time. Thanks for the chance to win.

I'm starting a new tradition this year - new pajamas on Christmas eve! I'm looking forward to it!

Love the tree made out of felt leaves - so clever! I'm just starting to build up some of my own traditions...I've made trifle for Christmas dessert the last few years & it must be seen as a tradition 'cos I've been asked to bring it to both my family's & the in-law's Christmas celebrations! And the best part of the tradition is leftover trifle for breakfast on Boxing Day!! Those stamps look awesome - thanks for the chance to win - you are so generous.

My favorite holiday tradition is simply being with family. :) It's the only time all year we are all guaranteed to be visiting my grandma's house.

Our favorite holiday tradition is getting the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night and listening to holiday music while decorating it that same evening.

Candlelight Service
Christmas PJ's


My favorite thing about Christmas is the joy that it brings to people, the special family moments and the look on a persons face as they enjoy a GREAT present!!!

Christmas at my parents', mom making cinnamon rolls and eating them right when they get out of the hot oven

Awesome bags Jennifer! My favorite Christmas tradition is sitting in front of the tree with my husband and opening our stockings and other gifts to each other. I also love to go to my parents on Christmas Eve where we make homemade pizza together and then open gifts. Merry Christmas!

My favorite tradition? Dinners, of course, surrounded by lots of family and too much food :-)

we have an advent tree I stamped when the grandchild ( then only one ) was little . She always loved to put each stamped image on it. It has survived the rest of the six so far. Linda Gerig

Every winter, my husband and I go skiing with my dad and brother. Good time to get together and just have fun.

Nicely decorated gift bags!

I love your bags, Jennifer!

My favorite Christmas tradition is to make cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve, then put them in to bake and start a pot of coffee while we open our gifts. When the cinnamon rolls are done, I go ice them and let them cool a bit while we finish unwrapping our presents.

My favorite holiday tradition is that I bake a special cake for Jesus's birthday.

Every year I lie down in a dark room under a lit Christmas tree and just breathe in the pine scent. It's so peaceful and beautiful. I can't wait to have Mickey participate in this tradition with me.

Not done? Not done???!!! I can do ya one bettah: Haven't started my holiday cards yet. *panic* My favorite Christmas tradition, is to treat my family to 2 nights in the city (we live on an island). We stay at a hotel with a pool and soft beds, see the pretty holiday lights and displays, finish up our last-minute gift shopping, enjoy a movie at the cinema, and have dinner out. This relaxing together-time with my hubby and our 2 kids is the highlight of Christmas every year for me personally. :O)

We always make cinnamon roll christmas trees, one for each kid, on Christmas morning. They get to decorate them with frosting and anything else edible they want. We all eat them for breakfast. My Mom did this with us when I was growing up and I love doing it with my girls now too.

My favorive tradion is on Christmas Eve my family and I go look at Christmas lights around our town while we enjoy large cups of hot coco and coffee. Later in the evening we open our Christmas presents.

I have so many holiday traditions that it is hard to pick just one. I love baking Christmas cookies, collecting Christmas ornaments from all the places we travel to, and, our newest tradition, which is cutting down our own Christmas tree. I also have a tradition that my kids don't know about yet. Every year since they were born I've been buying each of them a Christmas ornament that somehow depicts the year. I plan on presenting them with a box of ornaments when someday, they move out and have their own Christmas tree.

My favorite tradition is giving the kids their Christmas pajamas on Christmas eve. We've been doing it for 13 years - they know it's coming, but still look forward to the pj's.

My side of the family stopped giving gifts maybe 10+ years ago. Instead, we each have a scrapbook. For Christmas, we are to create a page for every other person's scrapbook, and on Christmas we "open" them together and see what others created for us.

Gorgeous projects Jennifer! I think my favourite tradition at holiday time is opening gifts one person at a time. That way, you get to see what everyone gets. Love that!

hi! lovely projects!
still half-done here hehehe
my fave holiday trad is when all my family from both sides of my parents get-together. we only do this once a year and im always looking forward to this.

thanks for the chance to a give-away :)

love the bags & card...i just finished my last 20 cards & they are going in the mail tomorrow!..whew, glad that is finally done..

a tradition that i look forward to every year is christmas breakfast w/ my parents...we usually have pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, biscuits,fresh fruit, grits, bacon, ham & sausage!...i think that is everything!...yummm, can't wait!...

One of our favorite family traditions is having an Advent calendar. Even though my girls are all older now we still enjoy opening each door and finding out what treasure is behind it!

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