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December 10, 2008

How-To Video: Adding Color to Stamped Transparency

Hey, everyone!

Leslie Lightfoot is doing a great job over on Hero Arts' blog this week.  I love her color combos.  You can see everything HERE.

And I did a video and card for her for today showing how to add color to White Staz-On stamped on transparency.  Be sure to go HERE to see the pretty color combo for today, some additional shots and to leave a comment telling Leslie how much she rocks. :)

(c) Hero Arts

And here is another card I did with this technique a few weeks ago on the Hero blog.  For details, click HERE.

(c) Hero Arts

Hey... I have a question for all your readers out there.  I want to do a little gift basket for Colin's teacher with reading stuff.  I plan to include a handmade bookmark and a Borders gift certificate... but I am stumped there.  Have any ideas of a few more things I could include?

Also, please let me know if there are any techniques you would like to see videos on.  I need some ideas of what to show. :)

Thanks, all!  I have to finish up my Christmas card design today - so I gotta run. :)


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depends how much money you want to spend. you can include some packets of hot choc. or tea (if you know which she likes)and a mug, a reading light(for night reading. Last year there were cuddly lap blankets for really good prices (sales here in CA have not been very good this year), or some old fashioned hard candy or chocolate. Stationary sometimes can tie in with a reading themed gift and we all know you make the cutest cards!Happy planning, i'm sure you will come up with a great idea!

Maybe add a mug and some hot chocolate to the gift basket. I always like to drink something hot when I'm reading...

And a pair of fuzzy socks...just because.

You could also make a weighted book holder. I don't know what they're officially called, but they lay across the pages of a book so the book stays open...great for while you're eating lunch. :) You could make it with fabric and heavy beans inside instead of buying one.

Or add a Highlighter. Depends on the kind of books she reads...

A stamped library tote bag for bringing books to and from the library or school would be easy...roll it up and tie it with a ribbon to put inside the basket...or just make it the basket.

That's all I got, but that sounds like a great gift for any reader! Might just have to copy it!

Well EVERYONE needs CHOCOLATE to nibble on while reading (don't they?...ok, well, maybe JUST me then...LOL). I did a reading basket also for a gift this year and added a mug and some fancy coffee (as well as the chocolate)...I was thinking cuddle up on the couch with a nice book and a warm cup of coffee/cocoa for a nice read...ok, makes me want to do that right now!

I love that card! I get so much inspiration out of your creations! :) As for the gift basket for the Teacher...What about a small book light that clips on to the book. I think you can get them for a couple dollars at Walmart.

Love those cards and that video, Jennifer! ;) What a great idea for Colin's teacher! I would put one of those reading lights in there too - you know the kind that attaches to the book. That might come in handy. Oh, and definitely some chocolate - maybe a monogrammed card set, too? You're so darn thoughtful! :)

How about a book light and maybe a little something sweet or tea. Thank you for your wonderful blog and all the tutorials

I agree booklights, hot cocoa mix, a mug all are nice additions to a reading basket. I threw a basket together like that and added a throw so she could snuggle up while reading. Maybe a nice candle too. The woodwick candles are very nice and snap and pop while burning, to make you feel like your sitting by an actual fire or fireplace.
What girl doesn't like candles???

Hi Jennifer- LOVE< LOVE your blog!!!

A small great idea would be to include a battery operated book light. They come in all differnet colors and styles. I have some that are flip-outs..they are GREAT.

Also, a small bag of quality candy is always welcomed. For me Ghiradelli's are a must..ha!

Another thing that I use alot while reading is a pen and small journal. I am always writing down scriptures/sayings/quotes when I read.

A pretty mug and small box of herbal tea is always a hit too.

Also, some nice hand lotion too.

Some ideas for your videos- how about:
how you organize all your techniques. Do you have a notebook or journal that you refer to. You are amazing when it comes to techniques. I have no idea how you can remember ALL those wonderful ideas and tips.
Every video of your that I have watched I have learned something new. And I am a 11 year scrapper...THANK YOU!

I would suggest something (tshirt, ornament, mug) that involves art work from your son.
Homemade and/or meaningful is always a hit with teachers.

How about a pretty mug to match the teacher's personality/interests and the fixings for hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or a mix of all of them? Depending on what you want to spend, maybe a cozy throw too?

Love your clear card today! I love hearts, too, so that was a double winner for me! I have got to try that coloring from behind.

How about a booklight or blank journal.

How about a box of bookplates? (ie. adhesive tags with "This book belongs to" on them)...

I would like to see a vid on sponging techniques - I struggle with this: too heavy, too streaky, blobs...etc

Thanks Jennifer, P.S. I showed my DH the vid of your crop/stamp room and said "this is my dream"...knowing him, he'll make a way for it to happen sometime!

You have the coolest blog ever! I always use your card ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Hey Jennifer! I am a teacher myself and love, love, love gift cards- and one for Borders is a great idea! I also enjoy chocolate- doesn't really matter what kind. One parent I had gave me a box of "Great American Cookie Company" cookies- the place that is usually in the mall. Oh...what a delicious idea!!

Quick question- Have you ever used the Martha Stewart glue pad for stamping? If so, ever have trouble with the plastic piece that protects the pad (similar to the StazOn) getting stuck/glued to the pad?

As for the teacher gift, I like toes socks, those funky ones? also, when I read I love to have a cozy blanket on my lap, and talking about lap, I have a lap pillow something like this but mine is homemade:

From a reader/English teacher - I loved getting Starbucks (or other coffee shop) gift year I got a beautiful blank journal...oh, and The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is definitely one of my favorite gifts I got from a student. :)

How about a book light? You might want to include more than one bookmark, I'm ALWAYS misplacing mine. I also have found I need several for my bible....

How about some cozy/fuzzy pink socks....(in Christmas colors), something fun, there's also those inexpensive "fleece" blankets at can make a "band" to dress it up, (to place around the blanket)
Oh yeah, loving the clear cards!

Another reader/English teacher weighing in here...I love snacks that aren't sticky. It's tough to turn pages with sticky fingers! Pretzels are great for this, as are good "melt in your mouth, not in your hands" chocolates. You could even do a batch of White Chocolate Party Mix: Chex, pretzels, peanuts, pop corn, and M & M's coated in almond bark or white chocolate chips.

I have always wanted to get book plates to put inside my favorite books. Or fancy labels that say "This book belongs to Miss Amanda" (I'm a teacher too). That way when I take my personal books to school, I'm sure they won't get lost.

maybe some "mini" sized stamps like the Hero Arts teacher styled ones and a few ink cubes? Great for marking "gold stars" and "smiley faces" on the kids art work they do in her class. Not really reading themed, but could be useful for her. Love today's card!

A set of really cute bookplates (for the inside cover of their books). They have some cute journals that are for book lovers where they can write down the books they've read, want to read, etc. I've also seen some cute gift books that have quotes about books or are about books. A set of pens is also fun too so they can write about their books!

As an avid lover of all things books, I suggest a book light and a cozy throw. I'm also fond of the old fashioned library pockets - with your talents, you could easily personalize them and they can be adhered into a favorite book. You could even slip the gift card inside.
I love the card with the blue swiss background and old book paper. Your blog is most definitely one of my little pleasures each day. Thanks!

The first thing I thought of was a book light also or how about one of those cute book jackets to put around the book you are ready. I have a really cute Vera Bradley one that is the breast cancer design.

My first thought was the Itty Bitty Book Light, which I see someone else mentioned as well. and I love the library tote idea!

My first thought was hot chocolate too.
How about some aroma therapy? Scented candles are always a fav of mine.
Love this card. It's so pretty.

Hi! Wonderful cards!
The Borders gift card is a great idea. As a teacher I also love hot cocoa or cinnamon tea bags as a gift with just a nice big mug. Although a scented candle is great too.
My idea for your video is very simple but I love the way you tie your bows along with all the different ways you tie and use your string. I would love to see a video on that. Thanks...I look at your blog every day.
vicky h

Hi Jennifer,

As a teacher, I suggest a Starbucks giftcard and/or a little packet of cards (that you made - wow) that Colin's teacher can use for birthdays, thank yous, etc. It is always so nice to have a card right in my desk at school for a colleague's birthday or a quick thank you to a student or a parent volunteer.

I am sure a teacher would maybe say to herself, not another mug? Really. Not another mug. how about a sachet, fruit, homemade jam or cookies,cuddly slipper socks and some foot cream from Mary Kay.
I would like to see you on a video actually doing some sewing on a a layout or a card.

I'd suggest a book light, an assortment of teas and/or coffees, and an ornament made by your son with a heart felt note. Most teachers have way to many "teacher" themed mugs already so I'd stay away from that.

Video ideas, I'd like an inside peek as to how you go about coming up with your layouts and cards - from what you started with to what you ultimately ended up with on the finished project.

Hello, Jennifer~
Another teacher here. I have always loved receiving picture books for my classroom library. A copy of a favourite book of Colin's would be a lovely addition to a "reading basket".

As for videos, I would be interested in stamping 3-Dimensional projects (boxes and bags, for example).

All my ideas have already been listed for the teacher basket.

I'd love to see techniques for using glitter. Thanks for all the great videos Jennifer, I always learn something.

as a teacher, i can tell you - something always treasured is a piece of art from a student. even a preschooler. :)

Excellent instructional/tip video. Card is very pretty. Thanks for sharing

So working in a school I have 28 coworkers to get for so here is my list (some are for secret santa)

The wood block photo holders, (used for photos or notes),chocolate, cocoa mix,(with the peppermint sticks) an Altered composition notebook to go along with this idea

I work in the reading dept at school, I loved the ornament I got about reading...little figurine about books, tshirts about books, etc. Hope these ideas help! Mostly just enjoy a simple card...

I see others had the same thought I did -- some hot chocolate mix and maybe some cookies.

Hi Jennifer! Love your blog! The teacher's gift sounds terrific and I definitely agree with the other posts that suggested a mug and some hot cocoa or tea/coffee. I just love to snuggle up with a book and something toasty warm to sip while I'm reading.

I love your videos! I would definitely love to see more tutorials on coloring in images using Copics, colored pencils, etc. Thanks!

When I'm reading - I like to have a nice warm cup of cocoa nearby. Also fuzzy socks and a blanket to wrap up in!
As for videos - I love ones that are technique driven. Sometimes it's nice to go back to basics and remember how it all got started and that jumpkicks what you are doing now. Does that make sense?

Hi Jennifer - Other people have already put down what would have been my suggestions for the gift - drinks, socks, snacks etc. Best wishes on putting your gift together - Colin's teacher is going to be thrilled!

I would love to see you doing a tutorial on colouring stamped images - before they are stamped. For example you had a card at Hero Arts that incorporated a stamped butterfly - I know the stamp itself stamps a solid image (not an outline) and would appreciate seeing how you colour your image so perfectly and what the options are.

With best wishes and MUCH gratitude for all of the inspiration you share!!

I am in a book group and I often give
book themed gifts to our members. This year,
I gave the HA "This book belongs to" stamp, an ink pad, a handmade bookmark corner and a handmade reading list to keep track of books read in 2009. In the past I have given a nice notebook to keep track of books and made book plates.

The following are some gifts I have received from students in the past that I have loved. They are not reading related though.
1) a personalized handmade ornament
2) a pack of handmade themed cards
3) a gift certificate to a local teacher supply store
4) a stamp with "This book belongs to..."
5) cozy socks or mittens
6) handmade jewelry (earrings, bracelets, etc.)

I keep a book list in a cool journal. I can look back and tell you what I have read, when I read it and whether i liked the book. It is a journal that has books on the front but you could use any kind of journal, (even decorate your own.)

A friend of mine put together a basket for someone in her family that is an avid reader and the whole theme of the basket were things to use in order to cozy up and read a book. The basket included:

*a nice warm blanket
*a gift certificate to Chapters
*a ceramic mug
*a package of hot cholocate
*a small package of marshmellows
*book light (I just saw these at the dollar store the other day - the ones tha attach to the top of the book)

I know there were other things included, I just can't remember what they were. I thought it was an awesome idea!


I gave my kids teacher a 'chic lit' kit at the end of the school year for the summer.. So it was summer themed - beach bag, big ol' beach towel, certificate to book store, fun plastic drink cups, and actually some memo pads - just because they matched!

For a winter theme, you could purchase one of those fleece flows (we have a store called BiMart that is very inexpensive), some cute inexpensive slippers, and anything 'cozy' for snuggling in!!!! You know, I might just have to steal this idea!!! LOL! A book bag is also a fun gift - all the stuff could go inside... Now, if you are feeling super duper creative, perhaps an embellished journal to track her favorite books, lists of books read, and books she wants to read...

Maybe you can add a light that you can clip on the book.

And what about a stamp ... This Book Belongs To... She can then personalize her books and perhaps get a little stamping fever.

I am sure what ever you add the basket will be awesome. Take pictures and post...

How about an itty bitty book light...clips on a book to be able to read without having to get up and turn off your bedroom light or lamp?

Jennifer I absolutely love your blog and look forward to checking it out every day. Most of my ideas for the basket have been listed however I didn't see these two......
1)Post-It has a highlighter pen that despenses the small tab post-it notes (or strips) to mark the page
2)A custom made rubber stamp with "This book belongs to Teacher's Name" - Most office supply stores can make them on the spot or order them with a quick turn-around time.

Add a popup in the gift card holder with a picture of colin could be nice (his face in a circle), because your present is the gift card but I think the popup is kind of fun and would personalize even more your gift.
Now please help me with this: I am deciding wheater to get a cuttlebug or a revolution, I know you have both which one would you recommend?

Wow! what can I add? You have a wonderful group of people who respond to your site. I think the magnetic bookmarks are fun. There are so many places that you can pick up the free magnets. I love seeing all the ideas that you come up with. Especially love when you come up with new ideas for backrounds.

How about altering a journal so the teacher can keep track of the books she/he read or wants to read.

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