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December 01, 2008

You-Gotta-See-This and a giveaway!

Happy Monday!  Hope yours is good.  I started mine off with a not-so-fun visit to the allergist for a new round of allergy testing.  Turns out that I am now allergic to milk (not too bad) and dogs.  BOO. I love dogs.  At least I am not allergic to Roxie!  She doesn't give me problems - thank God. :)

(Sorry for the blabbing...)

Quickly - wanted to share the winner of the great kit HERE.  The lucky one is Angela Moore!  I emailed you. :)

Wanted to share with you a fabulous link.  Have you seen CK's new Kit of the Month? Oh my WOW.  There is so much packed into here - you won't believe it.  And even if you already have plans for other holiday cards, this can be fun to use for gift cards and such.  It rocks rocks rocks.  Here are some images, but for more info, click HERE.





And the good news? I have an extra set that I would love to share with you.  Just leave a comment here by Wednesday at 11:59pmEDT telling me your favorite holiday movie.  (Mine?  Christmas Vacation!)  I will randomly pick a winner of this kit!! :)

Hope you have a good night.  I will be back tomorrow with some fun stuff.


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It would have to be a tie for either It's a Wonderful Life and the animated original version of the Grinch.

Looks like a really cool kit. Hope I win! :) My favorite holiday movies are Sound of Music and It's a Wonderful Life.

Elf is my favorite holiday movie followed oh so closely by A Christmas Story!! I have been drooling over this kit also!!

Merry Everything!

OMG!! That is so funny, Christmas Vacation is my favorite, too!!! I love when Griswold thinks he's getting a big bonus that will pay for a fancy swimming pool and then it doesn't happen. Too much!! And Randy Quaid . . . hysterical!

My favorite is Its a Wonderful Life.

sorry about the allergies! that is strange though that you're not allergic to your own puppy! my oldest is deathly allergic to dogs .. has been since she was born. and grandma has a dog. so needless to say ... alyssa doesn't spend to much time at grandma's house. lol!

and for favorite christmas movie .. i have to say "a christmas story"!

Wow how cool is that!
I love The grinch steals christmas love watching that with my kids!
Thanks for the chance.

I Love the Grinch

Favorite Christmas movie: Jingle all the way - not a great movie, but it was filmed in my neighborhood so it has a special place in my heart for that reason alone.


My favorite christmas movie is The Polar Express!! I just love how my kids "BELIEVE".
I LOVE Becky's card kits! AWESOME!!!

A Charlie Brown Christmas!

I always love A Christmas Story!!! You'll shoot your eye out!

Definitely "It's a Wonderful Life" :)

I just saw Miracle on 34th Street for the first time on Thanksgiving -- I wish I had watched it years ago! :)

This kit is super cute! My favorite holiday movie right now is "Elf". It always makes me laugh!

LOL! I love Christmas Vacation. When Chevy Chase opens the attic and the ladder smashes down on his head...OMG...makes me laugh so hard everytime!

I love watching A Christmas Story!

My favorite Christmas movie is The Grinch. I love the book, too. I've loved this one sicne I was a kid and then found new fun in it during college, when we used to watch it as a drinking game. Hey! I have fun memories playing that!

Oooo, I have been eying this kit for a long time. It is beautiful! Since funds are a little low this year, I couldn't justify buying it. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win it. Let's all time favorite Christmas movie would have to be "A Christmas Story." We love quoting that movie all year long. *Ü*

No doubt, A Christmas Story!!!

White Christmas--love the oldies!!

My favorite Christmas movie is "The Holiday." A must see kind of movie...and it has Jude Law in it! :-) I absolutely love Becky's kits...thanks for the chance to win one!

I am also a Christmas Vacation junkie. We try to watch it around Thanksgiving to get in the spirit. A new favorite is Elf - it's a little more kid-friendly. Thanks for the giveaway - the card kit looks awesome!

White Christmas
Santa Clause is Coming to Town
The Polar Express

Love them all. Especially watching them with my two kids!

Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and Home Alone....I have a few other favs but I won't name them all!!! I love Christmas movies!!!

Stephanie P

I love the Christmas Story! I missed seeing it on Thanksgiving this year so, I am going to have to go buy it and add it to our movie collection!

Sorry to hear about the allergies. My favorite Christmas movie is either Miracle on 34th Street or Christmas in Connecticut. I love them both. Sorry I can't decide.

Charlie Brown Christmas!

I can't think of a Christmas movie I've seen that I would list as one of my favourites, so I will answer this one on my husband's behalf. He is always disgusted that all the lists released of Top Christmas Movies Ever never include Die Hard or Die Hard 2!!!

So LOVE the Grinch with Jim Carrey. They did an awesome job with that one.

My favorite Christmas movie is the Polar Express. It has such a beautiful message.
I bet Colin will like it pretty soon.
Take care and have a beautiful day! Paola

My fav would have to be a classic...Miracle on 34th Street.

That kit does look cool. My favorite holiday movie....Love Actually!

That is a tough one. I guess it would be a tie between the classic Miracle on 34th Street and the modern movie The Holiday.

OK, my favorite Christmas movie is "It's a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart. I love oldies. Thanks!

That kit looks like an enormous amount of fun! Thanks for sharing!!! I'm not sure it counts as a "movie," but I love the Charlie Brown Christmas special!

I also love Christmas Vacation. Too funny.

It's a Wonderful Life (yes, it is!)

I too would have to say Miracle on 34th St. I have watched it ever since I was a kid...

LOVE that kit!!!

Alvin and the Chipmunks! really cute and fun movie!

My favourite isn't really a Christmas movie, but I really love "Love Actually" which is set over the Christmas season. That kit looks amazing - thanks for giving us the chance to win it!

What a fab card kit!!! My current favorite is "Polar Express".

Oooh... Christmas Vacation or The Family Stone (and I met Luke Wilson a couple weeks ago, so for sure the fave of this year!). Thanks for the chance at the kit!

Love Scrooged with Bill Murray and The Muppets' Christmas Carol. Gonzo as Charles Dickens? Too funny!

just fyi--the squeeze Parkay margarine is milk-free...which is kinda weird, but ds had milk allergy for awhile and I used that and soy stick margarine (for baking). No one noticed I didn't use regular margarine.

Also love Christmas Vacation, but my very, very favorite has to be It's a Wonderful Life!

I love Elf. We watch it a few times each
holiday season since it came out.

My favorite holiday movies are: It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol...a toss up!

I love White Christmas. Missed it this weekend but I'm sure they'll replay it somewhere!

I love that movie, chevy chase, it is so hilarious. did you realise that the brother in law is also Data from star trek! crazy =)


I love watching "The Christmas Box" with a side of tissues. The movie opens up so many thoughts of how we live our life and in the end how we should spend it. That would be creating memories with your family.
I also like "Time Piece" wrote by the same person. I also have the books too.

This kit is so cool!!! I have looked at it several times.

Sandi N.

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