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March 01, 2009

Card Drive for the Victorian Families

Hey, folks.  I have something to tell you about - something that could make you feel really good.

I got an email from a lovely gal I met when I was in New Zealand to teach with Kiwi Scraps.  Her name is Debbie Blincoe.  She told me that she is starting a Card Drive for the Victorian Families that have lost homes and family members to the fires.  I can't imagine what those families are going through.  Wouldn't it be lovely for them to get a kind card from someone miles away?  Seems like a small thing to do, but it is an easy thing - and something that may make them smile.

I knew I had to jump on board.  I am so hoping you can all help me out.

So, here are the details. 

  • We need cards with "thinking of you" or "take care" or whatever message you feel is best. 
  • Each card needs to have a nice written note inside along with your name and city.
  • Each card needs to be in an unsealed envelope.  If you only send one card, you can just put it in an envelope and mail it to me.  I will open it and put it in a blank envelope to send over.
  • Try not to make them weigh a lot or be bulky - it will help with shipping.  The flatter the better.  Store-bought cards are welcome!
  • Get them in the mail to me at this address below by March 15.  I will then ship them over to Debbie to distribute.

Jennifer McGuire
Aussie Card Drive
PO Box 428612
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

  • If you aren't in the US and would rather just ship directly to Debbie, please email me and I can give you here address.

I know this isn't much time, but we need to get them over there as soon as possible.  Anything you can send would be great.  Thank you so much!

I know I have been down lately with all the sad things in the news - the economy, people sick, etc.  This is one way to lift our own spirits, but mostly the spirits of others.  What a good thing.

And, I will randomly pick a few return address labels of those of you who send in cards to give a prize to.  Something good - I promise you will like.

I went through some of my cards to find ones to write in for this drive today.  And I plan to make more. Thought I would share this one - I think it would be perfect to send.  Bright and cheery.  (Sorry if I shared it before - it is from a class I did in the fall.)  I just stamped a big floral image and colored it.  I then punched circles from the image.  One is adhered over the main piece.  Two are positioned below circles punched in the main piece.  In fact, I have a video showing this technique - just click HERE.

030109 Circle Pop
All Hero Arts stamps, notecard and gems
Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol
Cuttlebug Swiss Dots (I sanded afterwards to reveal the white)

And here is a pile of cards from the last card drive I did.  The cards are piled about a foot deep.  Gotta love it...


Thanks everyone.  Think you could play along? :)


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Hi Jennifer!

I would love to help in any way I can. I will be making some cards tomorrow. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. :)

You are an angel Jennifer and that card is fabulous!

Would it be alright if some of the cards aren't handmade? I'd like to have my high school and junior high students write notes in class, and I'm not sure I can make 100 cards that quickly!

Another great card drive! You are such an angel....

Awesome! You always seem to come up with, or be tapped into the best drives! Even if I can't participate in them all, I love every one and wish I could. I'll try my best to do this one.

Love your card, btw! Totally neat idea to punch a circle on TOP, too! Love it!

Question: If I was only able to make one card for the drive... should I put it in a blank, unsealed envelope, (e.g. no return address), and THEN stick it ANOTHER envelope addressed to you? That's how I'm reading it, but thought I'd double check. THANKS!

Thank you sooo much for putting this info up about my card drive you rock! Lynsey any cards are very very welcome home made or store brought.

This would be my first card drive!!


Count me in! I will get started on this right away.

Sandi N.

What a thoughtful thing to do.
I'm in the process of moving my scrap space, but I'll try to work in some cards.

You are so good. So very, very good. I will make some this week (as soon as this flu goes away) and send them out.

Sounds like a great thing to do. I will try to get a few cards sent out!

hi! i sent off my card today! you're an awesome person.

Jennifer thanks for sharing another great card creation. I luv it. I will also try to share in the card drive as soon as I get dug out from all the new snow here. :)

I love the cuttlebug background you use. I see it used alot-someday maybe I'll get one and then I can add more texture to my cards!!

yes, store bought cards are great!

if you have one card to send, you can just mail it to me and i will put it in a blank envelope.

This is great! I have some cards I'd like to donate as well. I sent you an email about sending them to you by FedEx from my office - just need your regular address. Thanks again!

I dropped a couple of cards in the mail to you this morning. Thank you for organizing this!

A great idea - I'll see what I can do too.

i would love to do this...thanks so much for organizing! ♥

I mailed my cards yesterday. Thank you so much for organizing this. You are amazing.

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