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July 16, 2009

Video and some shares...

Hey, there.

It is almost the weekend.  So happy!

I am a bit late sharing the Thinking Inking video from yesterday on 2Peas.  I had SUCH fun playing with these.  I think the girls created about 30 charms, too.  Addictive.  HERE it is...


Here are just a few of the many projects.  First one is on a piece of transparency.  Love to pop it up so it looks like it is floating. 

TI WEek 5 2 c
(c) - click HERE.

This is adding color to a piece of glass, and backing with vintage text.  Kinda funky.

TI WEek 5 2 f
(c) - click HERE.

This is using rub-ons.  Just put a white rub-on on a clear Fragment.  Alcohol ink over it.  Then flip over to see the rub-on.

TI WEek 5 2 g
(c) - click HERE.

Speaking of Fragments, they are a must-have.  They are clear charms that are perfect for inking or stamping on or backing with paper or anything you can think of.  There are TONS in a box.  The girls love to make keychains and necklaces from them.  You can get them HERE.


And how about a share?  This was a gift package I put together for Hero Arts - they sent it to one of our dear industry friends.  Such a fun gift, huh?  She had a baby, so it is filled with stamps that would be fun for baby girl pages...

AliSupplies: All Hero Arts stamps and such and Hobby Lobby basket.

OK, hubby is home from hot Phoenix.  Off to hang with the family. 

Have a good one!


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I love the look of the rub-on on the fragment! I can't wait to try that myself. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

who wouldn't adore that basket of goodies - so thoughtful. :)

I had so much fun with the alcohol inks on glass!
So fun!

I have learned so much from your thinking inking series. Thanks so much!!!!

By FAR this is my favorite of all of the classes....

THIS is absolutely amazing.

those are wonderful!! different looks and they are all awesome, can't wait to give it a try

I am absolutely LOVING your Thinking Inking class. It is seriously wonderful, especially since I have never had the opportunity to take a class before! Thank you so much for all the inspiration, although my wallet might not be as happy with you ;). haha! :)

Thanks again!! :)

Love this tutorial/video! I have those clear tags and needed more ideas on how to embellish them, besides stamping and adding paper.

I had just purchased Fragments and didn't know what to do with them. Thanks so much for these tutorials. Can't wait until morning so I can play.

I love everything that you've been doing with the thinking classes. You've given me alot more ideas to use with these products. Thank you


Thanks Jennifer your video tutorials inspire me so much so just wanted to say thanks again

Thanks for the videos all are so amazing! I love all hero arts!! I wanted all!

wayyyy tooo cooooolll!!!

These are fantastic girl!! Love the fragments! I NEED to get some!

You have been knocking out such amazing tutorials and I am really so inspired by all of them, thanks ever so much for sharing Jennifer! I am intrigued and stoked to buy some fragments and get to playing!

What a great things you can do with alcoholink.Thanks for sharing with us.

The card with the butterflies on the fragment just blew me away. It's gorgeous. So many great ideas. I've never thought of using rub-ons another great Idea. I'm looking forward to the next class. Beautiful gift basket. TFS!!! :o]

So that's where Katie's new keychains came from. :-)

What a great job with the alcohol inks on the fragments. I have a bunch of them, I guess it's time to get them out and ink them up! stamping sue

Okay Missy.... we need to talk. Your last videos have made me run to the store to buy distress paints (which I love), now I NEED to buy these alcohol inks... why oh why do you do this to me? LOL... I loved what you did and all the videos have been super informative and inspiring. Thank You!

i love to enable. :)

Thank you!! THANK YOU!!!! Thank you!!!

I am so loving the videos and just wanted to say thank you for making this all so easy!! I am finally using my Ranger/Tim Holtz stuff and having a blast.....I always loved the looks but had NO idea what to really do! You are a fantastic teacher and creator. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

Can't wait to see the next video.

Oh, and yes, even though I have a ton of the product, I have had to purchase even more!!! You are a great enabler too!


I just love how the charms turned out. I will be buying a pack of these and a few inks too.

I hope you had a great night.

Sandi N.

oooh these are lovely!!You just keep on enabling a papercraft newbie don't you:)

Gorgeous! I love the fresh look you give to alcohol inks. I tend to think of them as very distress-y, but you give them a very fresh and clean look, but the alcohol inks also give the fresh-clean look some depth and interest.

I, too, am LOVING these videos. They are so much fun to watch and of course I'm having a blast trying out all the new techniques at home. Thank you so much!

While I was buying my first alcohol ink supplies, the sales person told me about another customer who uses alcohol inks on aluminum foil. She said the results are beautiful. Have you ever tried this, Jennifer?

Just curious...

yep! it looks great on any metal!

As soon as I saw the pictures of this video I knew I would absolutely LOVE this. I was right. I HAVE to go get some alcohol inks now, and charms, and anything clear.
A couple of questions, What do you use to adhere the charms? And I assume you use Staz On ink for stamping?
Oh - the budget is going to be shot this month, and I have my son's wedding to add to the budget. Oh well, I can't resist the prettiness of these. I can't wait to try some.
I thank you Jennifer, my budget - not so much. hehe

oh no.. I sooo need those fragments... I had invested in all this ranger stuff at a stamp show and NEVER used any of it!! but NOW with your videos.. I am dusting it all off and putting it to use!!! thanks so much.. and I love how your examples aren't cOMPLETELY covered with ink etc... they are so practical and useful without looking too masculine kwim?
Thanks so much for these videos!!

Love the thinking inking classes, it gives me so many ideas!! Thanks

this has been so fun for my daughter and I THANK YOU!! And yes Phoenix is hot! It's like 112 today! YUCK!!

The thinking inking classes have been so informative to learn new techniques!

I agree with everyone else! These classes have been amazing and so inspiring! I NEVER would have touched crackle paint or alcohol inks without them and they are fun!
Glad that your hubby will be home soon! Mine has been gone for a few days too! Miss him!

I have "SO" enjoyed your classes!!!! The best yet....thank you so much. Every time I watch one I go "RUNNING" to my craft room to try them out.....and then of course I also go "RUNNING" to my local craft store to pick up the things I don't have.
Thanks again..........please don't stop!!!!
Laurie VF

great video! I'm going to try this!

thank you for these are so inspiring.I can't wait to play!

Yo soy una apasionada de tus videos y de tu trabajo desde hace dos años, aunque siempre de anónimo, pero ahora ya tengo blog y digo mi nombre.
Decirte que tu trabajo es para mi espectacular , es poco, te admiro tu creatividad e imaginación y me has enseñado mucho, aunque no soy muy buena alumna, tengo que seguir con tus videos para aprender mas. Saludos y ha sido una sueerte que hoy haya dado con este enlace. Saludos desde Tenerife-Canarias.

Thanks Jennifer. Your videos are so well done - informative, educational, inspiring, and ultimately costly.... Thanks!

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