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January 28, 2010

A bit of enabling...

Just a quick post tonight to share a few of my new favorite things.  (And, yes, I am feeling much better.  Not 100%, but the pain is tons less!  Thanks for the well wishes.)

First up... a bit of enabling for all my Copic friends out there.  I have been struggling with storage of my Copics - trying many different things.  I really wanted something where I could keep color families together and easily pull them all out at once.  And, I wanted something I could easily see from the side.

Then, I found the perfect solution, thanks to sweet Heather.  I can't say enough good things about this new system - Color Cubbies.  Amazing.  Built well, lovely white, slightly tilted, perfectly perfect.  I have 4 of the units and it is just right.  Here is a (bad) photo - I don't have all my markers in there, but it gives you an idea.  (Colin likes to steal them and color away!)  I just love this system.  If you are interested in buying any, please visit HERE - the gal there is very kind.  (You can also see Heather's set up HERE and Jana's HERE.)


I am in the middle of redoing my studio - thanks to a new flat screen tv I got for Christmas - and I will re-photograph my cubbies when they are set in their new home.

Next up - a bit of wall decor.

Ken and I love HUGE canvas wrap photos.  We have had two above our sofa for quite some time, waiting to find the perfect third piece to complete the look.  Then I found Red Letter Words.  For Christmas, I had her make a wrap canvas for Ken, using the names of our favorite beaches/bays from the Caribbean.  It looks fabulous in real life, but this photo gives you the idea, even though it isn't a good shot... (In real life, the walls are dark chocolate - love them.)


She will create a canvas with any words you want.  Check her out HERE.  Makes a great gift.

(And, nope - I wasn't paid to say I like these things.  I just like them.  :)

Off to watch The Usual Suspects.  Night.


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My favorite thing about this post? The little dude sitting on the couch! :-) Looking like he got a new haircut.

That is a great way to organize your Copics ... great job!

Love those canvas wraps. I'll have to check those out. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Mary

Love the Copic storage - just beginning to experiment with them and they totally ROCK! They really are different (and better) than other markers! Thanks for sharing the storage idea!

I love your post! Great info on organization. Have fun redoing your studio. I have learned so many great tips from you. I can't wait for more! Also glad you are feeling better.

Love those copic holders, funny someone posted that you were the enabler
They are on my very long list now.

I love your copic organizer. I now just need to get some Copics.

glad you are feeling better. so lucky to get to go to the craft show. linda gerig

Glad to hear you're feeling better--no fun at all (especially on an airplane). Love the copic storage ideas--Just registered with their site (this month I might have to sit tight and hope for a future sale). And I LOVE your artwork--Absolutely stunning photographs. :)

Colin is the absolute cutest kid!

Love the canvas wraps ! We have a large photo from our trip to Hawaii last year, but the frame doesn't do it justice. I might try this idea. Where did you have them done? Or where do you think I should look to have them done?
Glad you are feeling better too :)

Thanks for sharing your new Copic storage. I've had the site bookmarked for a bit now, but have been wanting to hear more 'customer testimonials.' Glad you love 'em...I think I'll take the plunge after the next paycheck!

I always love new ways to organize my supplies...thanks for another great idea. I have been hearing about how you love Copic markers and have been doing some research on them...I think they may be on my birthday wish list this year.

I'll have to agree with Alecia... looks great, but now I need some Copics! That's probably a long time away for me though... I'm just starting to stamp again. Your website and cards are a huge inspiration!

Gorgeous wall decor. :) I love the photos~ So pretty!

I just bought 3 of the copic storage containers! Thanks for the idea!!

Under the weather here too, hope you get better soon.

I'm currently looking for storage ideas...Thanks!

By the way, my husband is a photographer and he can print on canvas, too. We have several of his pics on canvas here at home--some of the family, kids, or just of his photos. If you ever need any more pictures of "nature", you can check out his website here: (A picture is worth 1000 words) :)

Good to hear you're feeling better!
- April

Love the canvases!!! So neat! I want to start getting Copics. Someday..

Hope you are in full throttle soon. Ear infections are the worst...make you hurt all over, Rest and take care of yourself.Thank you for all the cute ideas for cards and layouts. I look forward to seeing your creations and thsoe of others.
God bless

Love how you showcased Tim's ideology plate. I like his keyholes too. Perhaps you could make a card with one of those also.

Love the, I just need to get the courage
to buy some Copics to put in them!! :-)

Thanks for all your inspiration, Jennifer.


Thanks so much for the link to buy these storage cubbies, Jennifer!!! I went right to the sight and placed my order!! I have many Copics and keep them in a large aluminum can (decorated of course) with a lid. I hate trying to get them out, they are so stuffed in there!! Can't wait to get the cubbies in the mail!! Glad you're feeling better!! Love the pic with Colin!!! He's so dang adorable!!!

What a great eyecatcher on your wall! Love these colors together! Glad that you are feeling better!

Awesome storage! I just began building my Copic collection and for now I use a Ikea wood box. I wish there was something like that cubbies in Spain!
Glad to hear you're feeling better. Ear pain doesn't sound fun at all!
Hugs from Spain :)

Canvas wrapped photos are the best. I love them.

cute setup.. the canvases are too awesoem!!.. thanks for sharing! :D

Oh I just love the cubbie for the copics! That is so much better than what I have right now!! Will have to check that out. I also love your canvases! What a fantastic idea!

Neat idea for copic storage. TFS!!!Jennifer. : D

Great storage....I haven't ventured into that world of copics yet.....

Love the canvas wraps and have been looking at them for a long time now... now that I see what you did with yours I just might have to make the plunge (they are a little on the costly side but look SO nice) Glad your feeling better!

Love the storage for the pens...Awesome idea!

Great storage for the copics. I love the canvas on your wall, and little Colin looks cute.

LOVE the wall art! What a great idea!
Great idea for the Copics too!


Ok...I am getting weak looking at all those great markers. I am sure
by the end of the year I will have my own little collection.

Love these photos of your family vacations together. Colin looks so
cute sitting on the couch.

Glad your pain is a little less. Maybe by the weekend you will be good as new:) Just in time to enjoy the family.

Happy Stamping
Sandi N.

LOVE both of these ideas!!!! THANKS for sharing!!!Looking forward to seeing the pics of your newly renovated studio!! Glad to hear you are feeling better :)

Glad you're feeling much better. Brilliant storage for copics...going to check that out!

neat idea!
thanks for sharing!

Glad to hear you are feeling better. what a cute little guy sitting on the couch. I don't do copics but think that storage shelf would work for my color pencils.

Absolutely love these! I am in the process of redoing my craft space and these are on the top of my list! I have been struggling with what to do with my Copics and these will be perfect - thank you so much for sharing with us!

Thanks for sharing your little storage bins for your Copics. I am *trying* to wait patiently for my first Copics to arrive early next week, so you have given me some food for thought on how I want to store them. I like the way you can see them from the side - they're so pretty with all of them grouped by color!

Thanks more thing I just will have to have! It is wonderful that you share all the best with us!

Hi there!
What a great storage unit you have there, and I must envy your Copic collection..Wish they're locally available here in the Philippines. But anyway, I'm excited to see how you are going to arrange your studio..Rest well..

Very nice storage idea! Thanks for sharing.

I love the canvas wraps. Copic cubies look awesome.

I love canvas wrap photos, too. The texture, the frame's no problem.. just great! Too bad they're quite expensive..

I'm so jealous of your Copic collection! I'm too cheap to get any :( But I do love the shelf. It would help me with the markers/pens/etc that I DO have! Thanks for passing the info along!

Thanks for sharing the cool links. Glad you are on the mend. Good healing vibes coming your way.

Storage is the "key" to happy creativity - and to have access right at your fingertips makes it even easier. I really need to invest in some copics!

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