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February 03, 2010

Giveaway and links...

Hello, everyone.

I forgot I promised a giveaway to someone who has recently left me a comment. I have an extra set of these cute Cosmo Cricket papers to share...


And the lucky winner is Debi.  I emailed you.

Also have some cool links...

  • Lovin' THIS first layout.
  • THIS makes me happy.  Love Kelly.  Love Papertrey.  Proof that good things happen to good people.
  • If you are looking to feel better and be healthy, check out THIS book.  It is a quiiiick read and gives you simple, straight-up tips on ways to treat your body better.  (Example: "Avoid foods that are advertised on TV."  Think about it - they never advertise healthy stuff!)  We have been going by these rules more and more and I can't tell you how much better i am feeling.  Wow.  It really is easy and tasty. 
  • On the healthy note, I would recommend seeing if there is a CSA near you.  What a great and easy way to get a bushel of yummy fresh fruit each week.
  • Super cute card HERE.
  • I get a lot of questions about Copic Markers.  I will address this sometime soon.  But in the meantime, check out THIS post by Debbie - she is amazing.  She evens suggests her fave colors.
  • THIS card is brilliant - so funny!
  • Big giveaways HERE.
  • CK is doing a fun superbowl gig.  Check it out HERE.

Oh, and a quick enabling bit. :)  I had this stamp made to stamp on the back of cards I make.  I have several different ones, but this is my fave.  The gal who I bought it from was so nice... I ordered another.  Click HERE to order from her - she has great feedback.  Here is my stamp: (Bad photo - iPhone.)


And for all your kind angels out there sending in cards for the Cards for Kids drive... I will soon link ya up to the new prizes and such.  More soon!

Off to work on some video editing... videos just for you all... night!


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What a cool stamp for the back of your cards...I went to the website and they are priced sooo reasonable. I may have to get more than one...I love the tree one. You are amazing at using the copic markers...super beautiful art you create.

Thanks for the tips and sites to visit. Love the card stamp for back of your cards.

Donna C.

beautiful!.. loving the stamp!!

That's a nice stamp, Jennifer. I love the idea of being able to make the back of a handmade card look beautiful, too. Thanks for the inspiration!


Awesome links, Jennifer...Thank you! Can't wait for more videos from you! Love them all!! :)

Love visiting your blogs always something fun to check out

Thanks for all the links - I always enjoy going through them!

Thanks for the links Jennifer. To the winner enjoy your stuff how exciting. : )

Love your blog and links. Thanks for the constant inspiration! I'm going to Jana's class tonight...really looking forward to it!

Thanks for the copic markers link. Great video's overthere.I love your blog Jennifer.

Thank you for posting the stamp link. A friend told me just this past Sunday that I need a stamp for my cards. I appreciate the enabling!

I just love when you share your fav little links with us....going off to see your video.....thanks for inspiring and enabling.....

Great links, Jennifer! Love the computer power button one! Hee hee. Will have to make that sometime for my hubby. ;)

Love the stamp for your cards, what a great idea. I love all your links they are awesome. Can't wait to see your upcomming videos. I love them all!

thank you for sharing other blogs and tips. stamping sue

oooohhh what a great idea that stamp is, i like the monogram on it! thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

That stamp is cool! I love the looks of it! Great links too!

Thanks for the blog tour today, that was fun!

Thanks Jennifer for the tip on the stamp! I have been looking for a stamp like this.
I shared your thinking inking video's with a friend last night! I found them several weeks ago and spent the day watching ALL of them. But I was on info overload so I go back and watch them! I am trying to figure out what to do with the beautiful Perfect Pearls I have.
Thanks for all you do!

Great custom stamp!! You are one of my favorite enablers... :o)

I love that stamp of yours. I can't wait to see your new video. Thanks!

thanks for the links....i'm heading over to the stamp site now

I love your personal stamp. I've been looking to make one for myself, but I haven't decided on what to put yet.

You've got a great selection of links up there! I love Michael Pollan's philosphy and really enjoyed The Omnivore's Dilemma.

So keeping my fingers crossed on the Copic giveaway - I don't have any! :)

I just wanted to jump in today and say I was browsing the HA website and checking out the latest cards when I noticed all the cards I was bookmarking as inspiration were yours !! Thanks for all your simple, creative ideas ! XX


Love looking at the links. Looking forward to the video:)

Sandi N.

Very cool stamp. It would be fun to have something personal to put on a card.

I'm loving that stamp! Off to order mine now. Thanks for enabling. lol

OK, you are the second person to recommend Food Rules - downloading to my Kindle now . . . .

Love the idea of stamping your name on the back of your cards.

I'm loving all of your bold creations on the HA blog this week! Thanks for the links, too!

Oh wow, I love the stamp!! Great idea. Thanks Jen.

that stamp is so professional looking...thanks for sharing her link with us!
xoxo andie...

Love the personal stamp.

thank you for all these nice links !

Thank you so much for all you do and for the cool link I will definitely order from her!

Thanks for the chance to win this cool stamp! I don't have a personalized one yet :) I highly recommend the movie What Happens in Vegas. It's cute and very funny! I know it's been out a while, but some people haven't seen it yet! Also, No Reservations is good too!


I enjoy all your videos they inspire me to try new technics. One I have found that works well for tags is take the tags off your new clothing ( I like Targets, they are a thicker card tag) and the size is perfect as well. You could even make a small flip book out of them. I have done a few and is a great way to repurpose something. Thanks

We have the same initials... I like that stamp! :) Happy Day!

I too am looking for the right stamp to finish my cards ... an initial one might just be the answer.

JM, ha! Nice!
I just got this paper pack recently, did you use it for anything?

I love your stamp. I have really thought about getting a good stamp of my name to use to sign cards. REALLY! I am always afraid I will mess up my beautiful card with my terrible writing.

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