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February 25, 2010

Digi Stamping...

I know hearing the word "digital" makes many people run in the opposite direction.  However, I assure you you will think differently after watching this.  Just watch. :)

021710 Buttefly Digi Jen McGuire copy 6
021710 Buttefly Digi Jen McGuire 6
(c) Hero Arts Blog.  Supplies and information HERE.

Considering the price (most are a buck or two), you can get a lot of mileage out of a digi stamp.  And being able to use them in any size?  Delightful.

I went through and picked my favorite Hero Arts digital images - ones that could just be used as digital stamps like in the video above - even in Word...

  • THIS one would be great for tone-on-tone backgrounds.  Check out Lucy's card HERE.  Wow.
  • THIS owl just rocks.  He comes in a variety of colors, too.  I like the open one so you can color it however you want.


  • THIS background is a must-have.  (Remember it?  It is actually a slightly modified love letter from my great grandfather to my great grandmother.)  Love the card HERE using it.
  • Think of all the fun you could have with THESE dots.  Yum.
  • HERE are the butterflies I used above.  I also adore THESE.  Fabulous card idea HERE.
319434_1000x1000  313734_1000x1000
  • THIS one is great for creating your own text backgrounds in any colors you want.  HERE is a great card idea of using it small and large scale.
  • THESE would be great for just printing and cutting out.
  • Talk about classy - HERE.  Great card HERE.
  • It is good to have some digi greetings.  Great set HERE.
  • And THIS set is FREE!!!

And, if you want to know how classic these digital stamped cards can be, check out Lucy's blog often.  So gorgeous.  And I believe she does most or all of her creations in Word.

If you are interested in more digi stamping options, THESE from Jane are super cute, too.

I hope you all give digi stamping a try.  You know how I love to enable! :)

Oh, and all you Silhouette folks... the heat transfer stuff is in!  I can't wait to play with it.  Check it out HERE - they are doing giveaways.  

And!  One more thing.  A sweet person told me you can actually subscribe to my Formspring question/answer page on your Google Reader.  Pretty cool.

Take care.


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thanks for the great ideas. I have bought a few of the digi kits and I had the old letter writing one and it was great to see what someone else can do. Thanks for all the hard work you do. I always love your links!

My jaw actually dropped when I saw your card!!! It is gorgeous!!! But can you tell me how come that you don't have any smudges while inking your image? As soon as I started inking, smudges started to appear. Do you use laser printer for those images?

try heating it with a heat gun before inking. i just use ink jet.

beautiful butterfly and lovely stuff from HA!

seriously--THANK YOU!! I'm one of those that hears digital and my brain turns off. I appreciate the video--makes it doable for me.

Oh my gosh - thanks so much for the formspring tip in Google Reader ... SO much easier!

Like always very inspiring . I love your cards and videos. Everytime i learn something new. Thank You for that .

I did download some of the free digikits from HA yesterday and I'm very close to buying some now! You make it look easy--so I figured I'd give it a shot...Thanks for the ideas!

**Raising hand** Yes, I'm one of those people who run screaming from anything digital. But Jennifer, this is incredible. You are such an enabler....thanks for the great video, LOVE them!!

Thanks so much Jennifer, I have been contemplating using some digi stamps (just not sure how to! LOL!). You make it look super easy!


Oh, very beautiful card! I love it! :)

Awesome, Jennifer!! I didn't think I was a digi kind of girl, but you have convinced me to give it a try. i can't wait to start playing around with some of these images. Being on a limited craft budget, these might be a better option for me right now. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talents!


Your rock digi style! I love your approach to digi. I am going to give it a try. Again, I just love all the kits and time spent doing the video and this post. You are a sweetheart:)

Sandi N.

Great video & card, Jennifer! Even though I'm familiar with working with digital images, it was great to see how you work with the images once printed. LOVE the thread idea for the antennae!!! :)

Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas, beautiful card and always love your videos.

Cool card, Jen! Must try digistamps!

very pretty! ty for the still chicken tho lol....luv the links!

Thanks for the video Jennifer. I am one of those who was afraid of using digital.......but not anymore. You made it look so easy. I'm going to give it a try.

I love digitals.........they are fun and easy.....but I do have problems with smudges also.....I usually have to let it set overnight.....I love your idea on distressing the edges....thank you so much...

Thanks for the inspiration! After your post on Hero Arts, I bought some digital images on 2 peas and made a card. Quite easy using Word... I even purchased your grandparents' letter. How fun! Love the look of it...

Thanks for all the other links too!

Great video and I loved to read your interview on Moxie Fab World! And wow - thanks for linking to my card!!! You made my day!

So pretty, love it. I bought these butterflies a couple weeks ago to try now I think I will get them printed and give it a go. :)

today's post was really helpful. thank you for taking the time to be specific, pointing out all those digi products and the great samples.

Thanks for all the great ideas and links. Now I don't have to be afraid of digi images. Who knew they'd be so easy to work with!

Oh Jennifer thanks, thanks thanks, after watching your video last night on the HA Blog i went and purchased several digi kits. I also had trouble with my ink smudging but i will try what you reccommended. It was so easy and now i dont have to wait months for my HA stamps to arrive here in perth -Aus. i am SO excited it really was quite easy.

I've admired that card already. Thanks for the video though!

I have been so intimidated to try the digital stamps, until I saw your video Jennifer. Your result is gorgeous especially since you stamped over the image and colored it yourself. The pricing is so nice. I think I'll purchase some. I like how you used the glossy accents to accent the beautiful butterfly. TFS!!! :-D

Love this video! I didn't know that it was so easy to use a digital file in Word. Thank you for all your tips and tricks!

i absolutely love this!

Great tutorial and a beautiful card! TFS!

Wow, your card is stunning!

hmmm. google reader? i see choices for twitter and facebook, but not google ready. boo hoo

Thanks so much, Jennifer, for all those great links! I have always been one of those people who "run in the opposite direction" when I hear the word digi! You make it look so easy! And the best part? I don't have to purchase Photoshop!! (So expensive!) Love that we can use Word for these!! Thanks again! :)

its so beautifull.. it really did change my mind about digi stamping... have to try this out very sooonnn.. I'm INSTANTLY inspired for digi stamping. Been looking at a lot of images that people are using that I think are fab! Definately gonna be trying this. Thanks for your creativity...smiles =)

Thank you for your tutorial! I watched it last night a couple of times while making dinner and kids talking to me. I watched again while it was quiet and can't wait to try it. My butterfly is from the "other" HA digi set but I have it resized, printed and ready to go! Thanks again!

Can't wait to give digital a try now after seeing your video. I had no idea how it worked. Thanks Jen for the video.

This is really gorgeous! Beautiful card!

Wow! I had no idea you could use digital stamps like regular stamps. This opens up a whole new category for fun! Thanks!

thanks for all these nice ideas!

love the card-I get into such trouble looking at your beautiful projects. I always love your things and have to go ordering on line.;)

I love the butterfuly card. I am a huge fan of glossy accents, and love the look they give to the butterfly! Thanks for the many ideas!

Love seeing all of your digi picks and ideas for them! That butterfly card you made is STUNNING!!!! So awesome and inspiring! Thanks, too, for linking to one of my cards! :) Happy Friday, Jennifer!

Jennifer, you make this look so easy. When I go into to craft it just doesn't look the same, I guess not finished? Well I will keep reading and following you, because I think you are so talented and love your style! Thanks for all your advice and sharing it will all of us!

Okay, I LOVE these digital files!! What a fabulous idea!

Thanks Jen, now I have another new addiction to add to the collection - HA digital sketch images!!! I love these ideas and are pretty easy!!! Thanks for all the great ideas!!!

Thank you Jennifer. I've seen a few digital tutorials and I find I stop watching very quickly. Your tutorial I watched right to the end, went over to Hero Arts, downloaded a few freebies and WOW - so easy! You do great explanations and visuals on all your tutorials. Thanks again!

I've never tried digi stuff, but you sure are tempting me...

thank you a zillion times for this video - i have now bought my first couple digital stamps bc I now know a little about what to do with them!

thanks for sharing. I wasn't sure how exactly I could utilize some of these images, but this is totally cool. also, thanks for the link to squigglefly. those are adorable! can't wait to get my hands on some.

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