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March 02, 2010

How-To Video: Coloring & Airbrushing (...and links)

Hey, there, stampers.

Since I shared all that Copic Marker info on yesterday's post, I thought I would follow it up with a video.  (However, I promise I won't be only doing Copic stuff all the time now... just wanted get this out there to answer so many questions.)  Even if you aren't interested in the markers, this video has some other ideas, such as faux grass, etc.  (And, no, I don't work for Copic.  Just like them. :)

020110 Copic Flower Sky JenMcGuire
020110 Copic Flower 2 Sky JenMcGuire
Supplies: Copic Markers (YG23, YG17, R20, R32, R35, R29, YR68; B02); Copic Marker Airbrush Air Compressor System; Silhouette Clouds from Hero Arts; Cuttlebug, Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors; Hero Arts flower, dot background and greeting; Neenah white cardstock; Hero Arts notecard; Memento Black Ink; Corner Chomper 

In the video, I show THESE fun scissors from Martha Stewart.  I wasn't sure if I would like them, but they are wonderful.  Saves TONS of time cutting fringe or grass.  I am using them a lot...


I also show in this video another of my must-have tools - the Tim Holtz craft knife HERE.  This baby is delightful.  I tend to shove things around my desk a lot and the fact that this knife retracts rocks.  And, it has easy replacement blades, which I haven't even used yet.  

And, some links and random bits for you...

  • Fabulous ribbon flower technique video HERE.  Just love it and so easy to make.  May add some to some pillows.
  • Pretty cards for a good cause HERE by Vanessa.
  • Can't wait to see Kelly Marie's new stamp line coming out HERE.  I love any clear stamps made in the US as they stamp sooooo nicely. 
  • Adorable card from Vicki HERE.  And a great giveaway.  Whenever I am blue, I think of Vicki - the funniest girl I know - and things turn around quickly.  I like people like that.
  • The Bachelor?  Blech. Clearly so scripted, but I will always watch.  Makes me laugh.  Makes me feel better that I am low-maintenance and have a normal life. :)  No likey Vienna, but wouldn't it be cool if they stayed together to prove everyone wrong?  Who knows.
  • Next, Dancing With the Stars? Kate?  Really.  Double blech.
  • Thankfully there aren't more grumpy Simon Cowells in this world - even if he is right most of the time.
Ok.  Off to snuggle with Roxie.  Night night. :)


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LOVE your card. So much! You rock!

OH my Gosh you are sooooooo amazing!! Love love the video and the card is awesome! Thanks for taking the time especially when you are in pain to help us all color better! Please take care...Hugs,Kathy
I'm dying to hear the interview of you and Ryan S.

thanks for sharing all your great ideas!!

You enabler you!!!!! Eeeeeep, I need the scissors and NEED the airbrush system...sigh* Awesome video girlie! Hope your back is feeling better today!

This was AWESOME!! Thansk so much for doing this- it really helps to see it all in action!

That is another awesome video...I really need to get some copics now and try them out! Thank You!

Thanks so much for always thinking of us and helping us along! You are AWESOME--and oh, so funny! The Bachelor gets a double blech from me...but as you said, it was sheer entertainment. Time will certainly tell how Jake & yukky Vienna will do. Take care of yourself, wouldya?!? ;-)

Love your quick Copics coloring! And someone gifted me with that fringe scissors, too! Love it!!

well...not sure how you do so much even on a good day...but even with a bad back! u are truly amazing! Thanks..these markers really are cool, just out of my budget right now, but learning about them! Im with u on the TV stuff...hence...Id rather craft...xo

Haha, my fiancé thought the airbrush system was so cool that he wants me to get Copics now too! :P

Thanks for another great video!

Love the video. Awesome card Jennifer xxx

You have the most awesome videos...I have learned so much from you! Thank you!

Wow Jennifer...I loved watching that. I got so many little tips. Those scissors are a great idea...I love fringed grass too and they would save lots of time...very cool. I don't have any copics yet, still trying to decide if I would get enough use out of them...but if I do get some your quick colouring appeals to's great that you can get such a lovely shaded result without too much fussing I that. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas like this with the videos. xL

This is such a great card. It's full of simple, yet beautiful details. THanks for the continued inspiration. Your blog is far from boring. The things you consider routine and common-knowledge are incredibly valuable for the rest of us. You do the experimentation that I would love to have time for.

Wow, I love this card and the video! Now I need the airbrush tool - I hope it doesn`t work with the Ciao Markers, that would be my only excuse not to buy it! I am so honored you linked to my cards! Thank you!

Thanks for the video. The card is beautiful.

This is a really clear and helpful video. I now have a list on my iPod touch of Copic colours I would like to buy (so I don't duplicate!)

Wow Jennifer, I just love the way you make cards. We all get so many ideas. Thank you so much for sharing this video,loved it.

Hey Jennifer - Another brilliant card - I think I am going to combine those ideas with one you did on the thinking inking classes with UTEE in a card for my ex Mother in Law - thanks for the inspiration!

awesome tutorial!!.. thanks for all the links!! :D

Beautiful card. Thanks for the video.

What a fabulous video and your card is so cheerful. TFS!!! I always learn a ton from you Jennifer. Thanks for the links. :-D

great video...thanks so much for sharing....

I was looking at the Martha Stewart scissors just the other day...not sure I really need them but I do like them. As far as Kate on DWTS...I have to agree! Her 15 minutes of fame should be over by now.

Such a pretty card. Thanks for showing us how to use all those wonderful products...the copics, fringe scissors, the air brush system and more!

Wow! No Copics here, but still so many great tips for me! :) Love your card, Jennifer. :)

Not a Kate "fan", but this will give her a chance to show herself in a different light other than a mom of eight, single or soon-to-be woman, a nag, and a controller. I think this is a good move for her career-wise to keep herself in the mainstream and perhaps, present herself as more likable and marketable. Great way to earn money for her family esp since ABC is able to put a dance floor in her basement, fly her out there for competitions, and send her partner to her for practice. To some she comes off as a diva for this, but to me she is able to care for her family, make the money, do something FUN, and re-invent herself a little for potentially more money. Give their father a chance to be with the kids too while she's taping. I'll be watching... personally, I'll be rooting for da BENGAL!! (; P.S. I only watched the last episode of the Bachelor... really can't stand the bad acting and "oh I love you" in the fake environment... Want a REAL trainwreck? Have you watched any of the Real Housewives... ha ha ha


This is such a stunning card, you are so amazing and so talented. I love everything about this card, thanks for the inspiration.

You are a great teacher and a creative woman Jennifer! Love all the details, yet how you make it so easy! Thank you!

Thank you for your awesome videos. I was on the fence about copics, but I think I'm going to give them a shot.

loving this card you made! so so fun! and your video is awesome as always :) The airbrush thingy looks dangerously fun too! Thanks for sharing!

Such a great card, Jennifer! Thank you for the video! Fun techniques!


Wow! You rocked this sweet card and video. I
love your approach to Copic:)

Sandi N.

Wonderful video! It really helps to see how you go through the process of coloring with copics, making the grass and sky, etc. Love the final card too! Thanks for doing this! Can't wait to try some of these techniques.

Always love your video's Jennifer. Very cute card by the way LOL.
And I didn't care for Vienna either but then she is young and after watching herself on TV maybe just maybe it will help her grow up and it would be good if they actually stayed together LOL.

questa card è bellissima! grazie per il video...mi è venuta una gran voglia di acquistare i copic!

Oh my goodness--I have a pair of scissors from a garage sale that looks like the Martha Stewart ones. They told me they were used to shred papers for safety reasons (thank goodness for electric paper shredders!) I thought I could use them for paper quilling strips but have never used them. I never thought about grass--I just tried and they worked great. Thanks for the tip about cutting again to make them thinner.

Jennifer, Thanks for this adorable card idea and teaching such simple techniques for using copic markers. I don't have any markers yet, but plan on asking for lots of them for my birthday! Great ideas come from your blog. I look forward to checking out everything you do and say. Love the links you include, as well. No other way I would ever be able to find out about all the other wonderful people doing these great projects of inspiration!

Great tutorial and fabulous card!

Always like your cards....BUT THIS ONE IS JUST GREAT! LOVE IT!

AWESOME video! YOU just have that specail touch on all things paper! Love it!

Whenever I need a shot of inspiration, you are there to give it to me. I love all of your cards and the fact that you teach me SOOOOOOOO much ! I love this gorgeous card! I have to get the dots background stamp and I have been wanting those scissors since I saw them a few months ago .

I so agree with you. Kate should be spending more of her time with her children, rather than trying to steal yet another 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight. Thanks for the tutorial and those scissors really look interesting!

Thanks for that introduction to copic marks. Very interesting (hope I can withstand them ;) ). I've seen those scissors a few days ago on a television homeshopping thingy - to cut chive and rosemary. I thought it was unnecessary (hope that's the right word) but you put it into better use :)

WOW! I'm thinking, I really need those MS scissors now, what a wonderful tool! Lovely card, love that flower!

Great video! You make it look so quick and easy. :)

Gorgeous card!!! I have been eyeing those scissors. They seem so silly, but I think I would actually use them a lot! I think I need some. LOL! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on them!

"•Next, Dancing With the Stars? Kate? Really. Double blech" So with you on that!

Great tutorial Jennifer! I love your card.

I'm not too sure about the Dancing with the Stars choices either. Pam and Kate? What were they thinking?

Hadn't seen the airbrush used before. Now I'm thinking I need it, too. Don't tell my husband! ;)

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