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March 30, 2010

The greatest buzz in the world for me... (with video and Tim Holtz)

... is the one I get when teaching.  I simply love it.

And this weekend was especially fabulous because I was teaching lots of classes and such for Hero Arts at a rep show (for store owners) and getting to spend time with some of my favorite people.

And yesterday, I taught a class with Tim Holtz.  Yes, many of you women out there are likely extremely jealous of this - I know.  And, yes, you can argue that he is amazingly talented and easy on the eyes and charismatic.  But what many people don't ever get the chance to know is that he is loyal, generous, appreciative, supportive, thoughtful, caring, giving and oozes integrity.  He works in this industry with the same approach I do - focusing on "you get what you give."  So for me, THAT is why I liked doing this class with him.  It is because of these reasons that I personally feel most honored to call him a friend and get to work with him. 

Also, I loved that the two companies worked together - Hero Arts and Ranger.  Both do made-in-the-USA, have great people and are very generous.  Perfect match.

So... the class was 6 hours with 100+.  We did a back and forth class where we took turns teaching.  Tim was set up with his presentation on one side of the ballroom... and me at the other.  He would do a tag with certain (new!) Hero Arts stamps and Ranger products, and then I would use the same goodies to do a tag.  At the end of class, the students had two canvases that mirrored each other - one in my style and one in Tim's.  We both went somewhat extreme in our looks to really show the versatility of our products.  He called my canvas "a bag of Skittles" since is was super colorful.  I called his a "dark cloud" since it was his extreme grungy look.  :)  There was a lot of fun teasing back and forth, of course.  Several people said they loved that we were like "a bickering brother and sister" and that pretty much sums it up.  We are very opposite in styles and such, but a lot alike in values.

Over on Tim's blog, he shared some peeks at his canvas.  So, I wanted to share some peeks at mine here.  What is really cool about these canvases is that they are overflowing with hidden techniques and tips and such.  A great learning/teaching tool for these store owners.

RH Main


Todd Mullins, the VP over at Hero Arts, did a video of the weekend.  In it, she gives a GREAT peek into the class I did with Tim - you will get a kick out of it.  It is towards the middle, so keep watching. :)

Oh, and stay tuned.  I shared video at the beginning of class that I put together for Tim.  He loved it and I think you will, too.  I will share it here soon. :)

OK... off to catch up here at home.  Love to all.  (Especially Tim and Mario and Carol - thank you for everything.  Love you all tons.)


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it looks like you guys had so much fun!

What a beautiful things. You have a great time.

Stunning creations Jennifer - they look gorgeous laid out like that. That it one special bag of skittles. Thanks for sharing that fun video too. Looks like great fun team teaching like that. Wish my classroom was like that :)

OOooo and Ahhhhhh! Love the whole thing!! But I'm on a flower kick and would LOVE to know how you did that blue flower on SMILE!! Please, Please, Please do share that one little detail with us!

It was fabulous! And that video you did of the "New & Improved Tim"...Priceless.

The Inspiration Station

oh wow, I would have loved to be in that class. what a learning opportunity! You have really inspired me as I have been reading your blog (for quite a while now)-- I finally managed to get my hands on some Hero Arts stamps of my very own, and I also got some perfect pearls! I can't wait to start creating with them. Thanks for all that you have taught me!

I love your "bag of Skittles"-so bright and springy after a long cold winter!

I love your Bag of Skittles...and I can't wait to get my hands on those awesome new stamps! Looks like everyone had a blast in this class, bravo! Now you need to repeat it in So Cal, please?

What a fun time you must have had, Jennifer! Love the video! Amazing canvas too! So full of gorgeous colors and wonderful elements!! Thanks for sharing! :)

That class looks like so much FUN!!!! Wish it was available for "the masses"!

This is great. I'm a fan. Thanks Jennifer for giving me a look at the fun and creative chaos. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Wow, so cool! Wish I could take a class...teach in Europe, specifically Italy :)

Wow! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us! I'm looking forward to your class on the 10th!!

OH MY, Jennifer, what a treat that canvas is! I am so envious! Thank you so much for sharing this little bit of heaven!!

Oh my gosh, look at those beautiful tags. Love the colors and what great ideas for us. Thanks for sharing with us.

Uh Jennifer! Have u taught in Germany yet? ;) looks like sooo much fun!

Looks like the class with Tim was tons of fun. And I love both canvases. Wonderful job.

wow, wow, wow. Oh, and I just bought that butterfly stamp from HA because of YOU

Beautiful work, well done! It looks like you had a great time as well. I would love to attend one of your classes, but looks like I will just have to settle for seeing your videos...Please keep them coming!

Almost makes me wish I was a store owner - to get to participate in something as awesome as this.
What's wrong with SKittles? I think they are awesome.!!!
Looks like tons of fun.
Thanks for sharing.

What gorgeous tags! LOVE it!

I love the canvas art...and the jewelry too! Thanks for sharing.

Those canvases are stunning and so different. You can really see each person's stamp on them. I loved the balancing of the HA sign on your head. Such a symbol of your life balancing your art/craft/profession with your faith and family. Thanks for sharing!!

Jealous??? Naaah, I just turned green an little!LOL!Lovely canvas

So pretty! I so wish I could be in these classes! One day day!! Please keep teaching so I will have more chance to get into one of your classes!

Love your canvas!!!! Looks beautiful!!!

Wow, what an incredible idea for a class!!! Love your creations :)

GREAT video! I have a big smile on my face. :)

Oh I so want to attend one of these great sessions. I keep watching for you to come to our area.

I would give ANYTHING to be in a class with the 2 of you!!! I'm so JEAOUS of those lucky ladies!!!

WOW!! I love both of your canvases!! I definetly gravitate more toward the skittle side of things myself though! Love your Jennifer! Beautiful!!

Just fantastic! I love all the project you and Tim have to share!!

wowser..I am impresed! would love you to do some of those on here so we can learn too....would be a great prize! looks like u have a blast tho....and u are NOT THAT short Mr. Holtz lol

I normally don't take the time to comment on blogs but wanted to let you know that I so enjoy all you share!! I LOVE what you and Tim did with the Creative Chaos!!! Such different takes on the same theme. I'm so glad you and Tim are pairing up...Love you both!!!!

Loved your video.. Went back and watched other video. loved the clear stamp that is newspaper words and then clear resist on top. loved that syamp

How fun!!! It seems like you were definitely in your element! I wish I could have been there. I like the bag of Skittles too! =) Thanks for sharing!

sorry stamp

Great video! Love the name of that class - "creative chaos" s- sounds like my kind of class. Love the create your own journey tag - really nice!

I loved your "skittles" (reminds me that it's been a long time since I've had some-not as available here in Norway)
Found your blog just last week, so had alot of posts to read. Since I've had a few days off work, I've been glued to your blog. Thank you for sharing EVERYTHING! really enjoyed it. And looking forward to future posts.
(its off to bed now...past 01.30am...)

Sounds like a lot of fun and well done Jennifer for your witty comebacks to Tim's digs at you......LOL, the video made me smile.



wow looks like you all had lots of fun! I really hope you are going to show us how you made some of those tags Jennifer, they are stunning!!!

Too much fun and too much talent all in one room. No wonder you need to rest when you come home.

What a hoot! You do sound like siblings! Looks (and sounds) like everyone had a great time.

Too funny! Looks like a wonderful class--I like both of your examples.

Absolutely gorgeous!! I cannot wait to learn some of those techniques!!! Jennifer, it looks like you had an awesome time-sure wish I was there:))

Love your tags!!! Such gorgeous colours! So great to see the video - looks like everyone had fun! Tim's comment about doing tags my way and your reply about then doing them the right way made me laugh! And I love that you and Tim each used the same products and yet had your own style shine through! Very lucky reps!!! Thanks for sharing!

Oh my gosh....this is sooooo GORGEOUS!!!! I am in love and now I want to make one just like that!!!

Hi Jennifer~ the video was great. It was so cool to see you guys interacting & the hamming it up. Those participants were lucky to be there in the presence of 2 creative gurus. Thanks for sharing it.
Love what you guys came up with.

So beautiful. I would have loved to be in any of your classes this past weekend. It looks like everyone had a great time in your classes. Thanks for sharing. Love reading your blog and seeing your work. So inspiring.

I was fortunate to attend CKU in MI and take a class or two with Tim, he is very talented as you are Jennifer. The video was great thanks for sharing with us, I look forward to or LSS possibly extending the techniques to the local community.

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