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April 18, 2010

The flowers are blooming...

Spring is here, and I just love it.  That means it is almost time to plant flowers, which I am addicted to. 

In the meantime, I thought I would share some flowers I made last year for Creating Keepsakes.  Each showcases a different idea or technique. I hope a few of them inspire you!

Flowers - Red
Flowers - Orange
Flowres - Yellow
Flowers - Green
Flowers - Blue
Flowers- Purple

(c) Creating Keepsakes.  For more information, cling HERE.

My sweet husband is still stuck in Germany.  I told him to start swimming.  :)  Night!


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These are SOOO inspiring! Love all of the techniques featured! Hope your hubby can make it home soon! :)

Love the flowers!!! I'm so excited for Spring to be here as well. :) Hope you're husband is home soon!


Love the flowers! Sorry your hubby is stuck. Bummer! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.

I love all of these flowers. I love flowers and can't wait to plant some. I hope your husband is home soon.

Oh wow Jennifer. These are great. I love all the different colors and types of flowers you have there. TFS.

Love all these flowers. Hope your hubby is on his way home soon.

Great, colorful post! So many wonderful ideas! Thinking of you. :)

Superrrrrr Cuteeeeee Flowers, Jennifer!
The first one in the "green section" is my personal favorite! :)
Sorry that your husband will be delayed in coming home...
BUT the time apart will only make it MUCH better when he returns!!!

ThatIs a great collection of flowers! Beautiful and colourful! I heard that planes should start leave Europe tomorrow... he's coming home!

This is such a cute idea, and all the techniques are so different!! It's perfect!!

this is so pretty to look at and get inspired by!

Love, love, love! If you start at the bottom of the flowers and scroll up it looks like its raining flowers :)

Wow love all the different techniques!

That was a great article. LOVE adding flowers to anything and everything. Thanks again for all of your inspiration. Finally getting into distress inks and loving it.

That stinks about your hubby being stuck there. My DH was just gone for a couple of weeks too and it does wear on you after a bit. I just tried to keep me and my daughters busy, try new things...went by a bit faster.

These flowers are gorgeous. I can't wait to try some of the techniques you've used (I know I'm too lazy to try them all).

What a lovely post to see early in the morning. Love all the colors. TFS.
I hope Ken will be able to come home soon.

What lovely flowers! =) Happy Monday to you!

Great inspiration! Thanks for sharing! They just said on the radio that there won't be any flights before 8 pm today. I hope everything will be back to normal soon!

WOW! This is awesome, I will try out a few of these, thanks so much for sharing!
So sad about the flyts, still no so good news last nyt, hope everything will be back to normal and everyone goes home safely.

Woow ! So creative and inspiring ! Thank you !
Hope your husband will be back soon,

these are soo fabulous!.. m soo inspired! :D

Thanks for all the inspiration! You rock!

I can totally relate to wanting to have you're hubby home. Mine is in Saudi Arabia on business, scheduled to be routed through Amsterdam tomorrow on his way back to the States. I'm guessing he'll ultimately be stuck too. I tried to re-route him through Asia tonight, but the airlines said he would have to pay for a new $1925 1-way ticket to do so since his current ticket limits him to trans-Atlantic routes. Such a huge bummer. I hate these long business trips to begin with so every extra added day is torture--I'm so ready to hand off my arguing kids. LOL. Anyway, enough about me. My prayers are with you guys! :)

What a beautiful flowers.

Gorgeous flowers...already had the pages earmarked on my CK magazine. Thinking of Ken and hoping he gets home safely soon!

Amazing flowers.... hope your hubby gets home soon but looks like some airspace (Ireland's for example!!) won't open until Thursday..... the wind is due to change direction later on this week... so hopefully that will sort out the current flight restrictions.

What an array of flowers, I'm so inspired Jennifer, they look like so much fun was had making them. TFS!!! Try not to worry Jennifer, hell be home before you know it.

Oh so pretty jennifer. Love the colors and textures. Prayers to your hubby that he hurries home safely.

So pretty love all the different textures and styles. As for hubby I hope he is a good swimmer. I'll say a little prayer to get him home safe too.

Perfect flowers for spring and summer pages! And I will have positive thoughts on Ken arriving home safely and soon.

Very pretty!

Did I share? Excited to invite my stamping girlfriends over for a spring flower party? Will share a few ideas I have learned or picked up from blog friends and then let them create! Will have to throw in some Sangria and good eats too!

wow! these are amazing! gotta start making them right away!

Beautiful flowers! Praying that your husband gets home soon!

I like the crazy stitched center one..... that's my kind of sewing :)

Very cool!

the flowers are so fun! makes me want to get out my stuff and start crafting right now-- too bad I have to go to work :-(

hope your husband gets home soon-- a good friend of ours is currently stuck in sweden.


What a lovely garden of flowers--you have given me many ideas!

How fun & creative! Hope the air clears soon and hubby is home quickly.

Pure eye candy...thank you for sharing!

I think I'll put a little basket of stuff next to my side of the sofa to try some of your ideas while we're watching tv.

Loved what you told your hubby!


You got my attention today with all those gorgeous colors and designs!! Thanks so much for the share, Jennifer!

Love these flowers !!! Just awesome. My heart goes out to you with your hubby stuck in Germany, our high school's grads are stuck in England, I'm sure they are having a blast, but the poor parents, I'd be worrried sick.

I love the technique by Jennifer that combines text, ribbon and paper. The more intricate the blossom, the more beautiful. She is so talented!

This is an awesome post. Good luck everyone!

I don't usually use flowers---But TOTALLY see myself using these. Leave it to you Jennifer to make some that I LOVE!

WOW! ARE you kiddin me? they are great! I know i saw these in the magazine but have already forgotten about them, so thank you for reminding me! They are FABULOUS!!!!! I'm definitely gonna make some of these!

OH and i do so hope that your husband gets home soon- how frustrating it mmust be- hope he is able to have fun at least????

Adorable flowers! Thanks for sharing. Hope your husband is home soon.

So many wonderful ideas!
Hope Ken gets home soon. I bet Colin misses his Daddy.

These are so beautiful - they make me smile :) Hope your hubby gets to come home very soon!!!

Wow! Great flowers! Thanks for sharing!

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