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April 08, 2010

Moving past the madness...


I am very excited that Colin and I will be heading to visit Colin's grandparents (Ken's parents) next week.  It is always nice to have a change of pace, and to slow done from the madness that I have been going through here.  I have my last big class of the month on Saturday (love it), then we leave on Sunday.  Can't wait.

Thought I would share a layout about his grandparents.  They are truly the kindest people in the world.  We are blessed.  Sorry that the photo of it is so bad, but you can see a better version of it in Creating Keepsakes.

CKFeb L2 (c) Creating Keepsakes

Was date night here for us.  I am really thankful this guy was foolish enough to marry little ol' me.

Ribbon Layout 1
(c) Creating Keepsakes.  Photos by Cathy Blackstone.

On another note, please send up some prayers for my SIL who lives in Africa.  She is very sick with malaria and other icks. Praying she is on the mend soon.

Hugs to all.  More soon!  And a random giveaway to a comment from this week. :)


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It takes a kind person to observe kindness and accept it. some people may live their entire lives without finding kindness, when it's residing right next door.

Oh Jennifer what lovely layouts, you sure do have wonderful in laws and a truly wonderful husband. Enjoy your weekend workshop and you time with the in laws.



Hi, must say that I saw your videos on youtube and your GREAT, love your work and tips, techniques, love it all, keep it coming, I tell everyone and anyone of my scraper buddies about your videos, fan, fan, fan, bye!!!

Colin looks tickled to be between his grandparents! Enjoy your trip :)
Am I a ding dong or what?! Why didn't I think of using ribbons as BG paper?!
Fabulous idea - and thanks for sharing!

I don't know how you get anything done. I would just want to sit an watch Colin all day long. He is so amazing and entertaining.

i love it!!! now i have an idea with all the ribbons i have! thanks.

i love your layouts. they are simple yet are so amazing. What a great family you seem to have. you are very lucky. have a great time.

Prayers said for your sister-in-law and her family. Have a blessed week, Jennifer!

I just love how you tied off the ribbons--such a cute idea. I hope your sister in law gets well soon and you enjoy your trip with Collin--such a cutie.

The ribbon layout is awesome. :)

Hey! 'Grow old with me, the best is yet to me' is inscribed inside our wedding rings! The first verse in dh's, the second in mine....

Major prayers for your sil. And warm cozy thoughts...

Prayers for your SIL. And say a prayer for those of us with lupus. I bring this up because in the last 50+ years, the only drug approved to treat lupus is an anti-malarial drug. One drug that was being tested in the last year for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis was pulled from clinical testing. Another drug seems to be heading to the final stages of testing, and we're all praying that it will be found to be safe and effective. These autoimmune diseases are bad stuff, invisible to most people, and notoriously hard to treat. Thanks!

Gorgeous layouts, so fun and love the photos! So glad you will be able to get away for a bit and enjoy family time and prayers to your SIL in hopes she'll be better soon!

Oh nothing like the love of grandparents. Your lil guy looks just pleased as can be.
Great to see you and your honey, and I am sure he feels the same way about you.
Sending positives thoughts for your SIL with the icks! Hopefully it will pass quickly.
Blessings sweetie

I'm really starting to love the tied ribbon for the background, it's a great way to use up some left over ribbon too! ;D Really cute layouts!

Prayers being said for your SIL..blessings to her and her family. And just know how much you AND Ken deserve one another..lovely people who made a beautiful boy!

He wasn't foolish enough, he was lucky enough Jennifer. ;)

Love the butterflies!

I'm with Jackie! And the layouts are fabulous, what a beautiful family you have :)

oh wow, the way you've done the rainbow of ribbons on "the best" layout is amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing.

Jennifer it is so touching to see Colin with his grandparents.... he is so lucky to have such adoring ones.... and you are so lucky to be able to spend time with them. Love the LO of them together.... and that wonderful man of yours....He really is a "keeper" - May you spend many years together.

Love how you've tyed off the ribbons. :)

The layouts are beautiful. I only knew my 2 grandmothers and my children have no grandfathers either.
Have a good time.
I'll think of your SIL.

prayers sent..thats a nasty bug! luv the layouts..u deserve the rest! enjoy and we will see u soon!

Gorgeous layouts! I really love how you were so creative with that ribbon!

Jennifer these are simply wonderful. I always love your rainbow layouts - my favourites - and you have such beautiful photos always. You are such a beautiful family. Hope your class goes well and that then you can relax. Have a great weekene. xxx

Great layouts...they are so full with watching it live. Could feel the proud in grandparents eyes and your love for each other. Sending my prayers for your SIL. Hope she get better soon.

love your layouts! you are truly blessed.....prayers for your SIL, too.

Sure hope your SIL gets better soon. Love the layout. Being a grand-parent is great and I sure do enjoy my little and not so little grands :)

Beautiful layouts Jennifer! I love the ribbons. I hope your SIL gets better soon. I've had malaria myself and it is not a nice disease to have.

Have a great weekend!

love the layouts.. especially the ribbon ones!.. wow! .. nw i rly think i shud get a border punch! :D

So sweet, love the two layouts:-) Hope you have a good weekend!


Prayers to your SIL. Have a great trip and am looking forward to your class on Sat!!!

wonderful photos and layouts...prayers to your SIL

Those are great layouts! I love what you did with the ribbon on the second one! Also love those photos on the second one!

Thanks for sharing the layouts. I loved the ribbon on when I first saw it in CK. I knew I wanted to try it. Well, life happens and I forgot. Thanks for the reminder.

Prayers going up for your SIL.

I pray for quick healing for your SIL. The layouts are beautiful.

your layouts are so great - you have such a lovely family - love to see pics of colin. have fun at the grandparents and prayers for your sil.

Love your LO's. Great photos, memories and keepsakes. Will keep your SIL in my thoughts.

LOVE these layouts, Jennifer! Have a great time at the in-laws. I think your hubby is no fool. ;) Will keep your SIL in my prayers! Sounds scary!

Love the pictures of you and your husband - SOOO sweet!

You are so blessed to have a close relationship with your in-laws. I can't imagine what that must be like!! Love the layout of you and Ken, you make a gorgeous couple. Enjoy your relaxing time, you deserve it!!

love fun visits with family.
The layouts are fabulous, as always.

Hey there!
lOVE those layouts. They are two of my favorites on your blog. So happy and such fun colors. Have a great trip on Sunday.

Shannon N
NS Canada

Aren't we all lucky to be blessed with wonderful dh's! So sorry about you SIL - terrible to be struck down while doing such good. Enjoy your break!

Great scrapbook pages--love the ribbon treatment on the second.

Both are lovely layouts. Colin is very lucky to have such wonderful people in his life and what a great way to document it!

love the use of ribbon jennifer! pretty.

Love the layouts! Thanks for sharing! Best wishes to your SIL!

That is fantastic that you have such a great relationship with your inlaws!
I tried your ribbon technique on a card I made for Kate!

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