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June 28, 2010

NEED YOUR HELP - Cards for Grace


You may or may not have heard about a dear little girl named Ellie who lost her battle to cancer last week.  It was a rough road, but she fought a good fight and is now happy in heaven.

She left behind a twin sister named Grace.  Grace has been an amazing sister to Ellie - so admirable!

So, I contacted her mom to see if we could send her cards.  She said yes.

Here are the easy details:

  • We want these cards fast so that Grace can get them ASAP.  I need them all to me by the end of July, please.
  • One card is even fine.  Just put it in the mail to me and I will transfer to another envelope.  If you can send more?  Even better.
  • You can read about the family HERE.
  • Happy cards are best.  Silly jokes, fun pictures of pets... anything.  Or just "thinking of you."  Have your kids draw from things or color.  Or stamp some blank images for Grace to color.  Anything.
  • Please send your cards to this address by the end of July...
                            Jennifer McGuire
           Cards for GRACE
           PO Box 428612
           Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
  • This is separate from the Cards for Kids card drive.  Please send cards for this separately than the ones for our ill children.
  • I won't be posting the names of everyone who sent cards because of the speed of this drive.  But I will pick a few random prizes. :)

Thank you so much.  PLEASE pass around the word on this.  If you post about this Cards for Grace on your blog or twitter or something, please link in the comments below.  I will pick one to win some goodies. :)

Hugs all around...


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Oh, how sad! Poor Grace. I can't imagine the pain she's going through. Count me in to do what I can to help. I'll have my boys make her some cards as well, and I'll link this post in my blog.

Thanks for passing this along, Jennifer. The world needs more people like you to look out for the broken-hearted.

I first read about Ellie hours before her tragic death, and think of her twin sister often. I will be helping for sure! Also will post on my facebook.

I just finished all the cards I had to make for teachers and other had to make cards and was just thinking to myself what next, now I know what next! I posted it on my blog: My daughter loves to craft so I will be getting her to help also!

I will send you a batch next week. Still working on tons that I never got sent off. Smooches

i will be sending you cards in the coming week.

I'll get a few in the mail today Jennifer!! So Sad....thanks for letting us know!

I will make it a day project for me and my kids to make cards for Grace and will mail them out ASAP!.

Just posted this on my blog, Jennifer: Also posted over at the Hero Arts flickr group, Silhouette flickr group, twitter, and facebook. What a wonderful idea to send cards to Grace! As a Mom of twins this touches me deeply. Hugs.

This is sooo awesome Jennifer. I will make a card for Grace.

I can't imagine. My twins love each other so very much. Something is on it's way from our house.

Yes, I have retweeted, and I will post on facebook. Little Grace is in our prayers. A card will be on it's way to you very soon!

I posted about Grace on my blog

PS........shared this on Facebook to. You are doing such a good thing.

Will post this on my blog tonight when I get home from work. My heart is breaking for this family. My twins have often talked aobut how hard it would be if something were to happen to one of them. We will keep the family in prayer.

I was hoping to get some cards made tonight---will include Grace in makings!

OMG this is so sad, my heart goes out to Grace and her family! I was in tears just reading this post. I will most certainly be sending a card and I have posted it on my blog in hopes that others will too!

As a mother of twins, I can't imagine how one would cope without the other. They have a connection/bond that you can't imagine unless you see it firsthand. I'm keeping them in my prayers and I'll send some cards right away.

I will get some cards sent out and post this on my blog.

awww my girls and I will be glad to make some cards for Grace.
i posted on my blog:

I retweeted @NotJustPaperGlu
This is so bizarre but Sunday at church I was given this family's name to pray for since I knew first hand what they were going through. The lady that gave me their names is from Missouri and knows these people personally. They were here in TX visiting over the weekend.
I just sat down at my computer a bit ago and your tweet came through about this same family. God knows how to put people in the right place at the right time. Oh, and I just signed up for a card class on Thursday. I wouldn't be surprised if the cards are perfect to send to Grace and her family.

My heart goes out to Grace and her family. I will be making her a card(s) this

My heart goes out to this family, so very sad! I will be sending some cards.

Jennifer, this is so sad. Her mom's blog made me cry. It's so inspiring, despite everything that they went through. I will get some cards to you soon, and I will get my children to help too.

Being a twin I can only image the pain poor Grace faces in her life. I am addressing a card right now. Thanks for being the angel that you are.

My heart is so sadden....of course I will send her tons.....and have posted it on my blog....

i will make a few cards tomorrow. while my husband is gone to play golf. thank you for letting us know.

How heartbreaking... I would love to try to help send some cheer Grace's way. I will set to work making a card ASAP.

Blogged here:

I'll get a card in the mail tomorrow.

I put it on Twitter and Facebook. I will be mailing some cards soon.

Our little group (12) makes cards for Hospice patients. Cards we give to them so they can use them for occasions - a valentine for their wife, a birthday card for a mother, etc. We will send you a "group" of cards. God Bless and I keep that family in my thoughts and prayers.

hi what you're doing and wanted to support this great cause...offering a hero arts prize pack to a lucky winner who will send in cards for grace!

Having twin girls myself, this story has really touched me (lots of tears!!). I can't imagine what this family is going through now and what they've gone through the last two years. I will definitely be making as many cards as I can and will get my two 3 years olds involved as well.
Thank you so much for doing this for the family and for other families, I think it's great!

My eyes hurt from crying; even though I know Ellie is running, jumping, skipping, singing and playing in Heaven!

I linked to your blog on my Twitter (whimsycreation) account which will also post to my Facebook account automatically. Spreading the word; thanks for doing the card drive Jennifer!

I cannot imagine. I will get busy making cards tomorrow, I bet my 6-year-old son will want to help, he's a sweet little boy. I will add this info to my blog

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! You are so kind!♥

Jennifer, you are an amazing person for doing this. Ellie's story is so sad, and I can't imagine how Grace must feel. As an older sister to twins, I know that the bond between twins is simply incomparable. I have posted about this on my blog, written to some folks via Facebook, and I posted it in the PTI forums. My heart goes out to Grace and her family. Thank you for doing this.

Oh, Jennifer...this just breaks my heart, but makes me smile within all at once. Such a wonderful story that is revealed in such tragedy.

Thank you so much for doing the Cards for Grace. My kids and I are working on cards for her tonight. I also posted a link to your blog and Ellie's story on my blog

Thank you again and we will be mailing our cards asap.


Being a grandmother to two year old twins I can only imagine what a great loss this will be for Grace. I wish her strength.

I did a 'Cards For Grace' shout out AND put together a card to send to you...

Thanks so much for ALL that you do...

Hi Jennifer, what a wonderful thing to do. I have made a card and blogged about it on my blog here.I am mailing from Australia, but I'm sure it will get there in time...

OMG, what a sad story! I have it scheduled on my blog for Sunday, July 4th. Here is the link:

I just finished my card and will get it in the mail tomorrow....I will also post this on my blog...such a sad story...thanks for bringing it to attention! :):):):):):):):)

How heartbreaking a loss. I posted a message on my blog asking them to visit yours and donate cards to sweet Grace. The link is below.

Karen in Ontario I will be sending off a card for Grace this week losing a sister has got to be the hardest loss to accept at such a young age take care

I just put two in the mail. I don't have a blog (gasp) to help spread the word but I've been thinking about Grace since your post. Thanks for linking us to her.

Having 2 girls and seeing the their bond...I can imagine the pain. I will be sending you the cards shortly and would ask my daughter too as she loves making cards. Thanks for including us in such great cause Jennifer.

Hi Jennifer, I'm sending you 3 cards with some goodies for Grace today. I've also put a post on my blog and 2 forums. I hope we can get you some new participants is such a sensitive cause. I know the pain of losing a sibling, but the bond of twins is so special.. This is so sad for Grace and her familly. I hope my cards can bring some smiles of Grace's face. Thanks for informing us and coordinating this effort.

I'm sending a card today...what a wonderful thing you are doing for this sweet little girl! I will try to send some more before the end of the month. I've posted my card on my blog with a link to your post.

I'm sending some cards today ... thank you for doing such a wonderful thing. I am linking this on my blog here -

Such great ideas. Thanks, Jennifer, for all you do! :) Here is a link to some cards I made last winter. You'll have to excuse the pics, they are a little old...

I usually have a RAK on my blog each month, but I'm taking this month off, so I'll link my readers to this one instead!

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