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June 24, 2010

NEW Cards for Kids Card Drive - Round 3!

I am so very excited to announce the next round of Cards for Kids!

CFK logosb

If you are new to this - you send cards to me and we pack for them sick kids to cheer the up.  And you can win some great prizes!

We have 13 children now, and will be adding more. To see the list of kids and their info, click HERE.

To see all the great prizes, click HERE.  (Kristina is our prize coordinator and is AMAZING at it!)

The info is all the same from the past - you can find it HERE.  One important change: When sending cards for brothers and sisters, please put "Brother Zach" or "Sister Olivia", etc on the envelopes. This helps differentiate between kids with the same name.  We also have two Emilys now, so please be sure to add the last initial.

At any time, you can find the info on card drive and the prizes by clicking the logos over there on my right sidebar at the top.  ------->

Thank you so much for considering helping out these kids.  The siblings really enjoy the cards especially.  This is a great way to enjoy our hobby and make someone smile.

(If you won in our last round of prizes and didn't receive them, please email me.)



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My daughters (ages 9 & 7) like to craft, make cards etc. This would be a great summer project!! 2 days of school left, we could work on them all summer.

Can't wait to participate now that I am on summer vacation from teaching! Thanks again for this opportunity!

Thank you for organizing this.

Thanks for sharing your pictures from NYC. I was a chaperone for a bunch of H.S. band and choir students and we also saw Wicked. It was fabulous and has become my son's favorite musical too. What a wonderful treat for you and your step-daughter!

I've already made 3----hopefully I'll get some more done this weekend!

Will finally get my cards in the mail to you this week if it kills me.....!! Love that you do this Jennifer...such a good thing!!

I hv so many cards made that are so cute, I need to send some to you!

I'm excited to get some cards made for them. The kids are helping out.

I love that you do this and my heart is there -my hands are not co-operating in getting any cards done, but my girls and i will keep on working on it and will def. have some ready before 8-30!
i tried to register for your card class in july at SYAO..and sadly for me it is filled. It was what i was asking for for my birthday (in August) Do you know when you might do that class again? i would love to come!
thanks! Victoria

Thanks for doing this! I'm so glad i'll have some more time in July so I'll be able to take part this time!

WOW...this is an awesome project. I have never challenged myself to complete a craft project, but that is changing today! I am going to challenge myself to make at least one card for each of these kids. Thank you Jennifer for allowing me to be a part of such a blessing!

I REALLY feel bad that I haven't made any cards for this wonderful cause in months. I'm definitely going to make it happen this time around. :)

There is a missing link under "Sami". I was looking for her family/sibling info.


I've never done this, but certainly going to do it this time. Edna

thank you so much for the information, Jennifer!! will be sending you cards for the card drive!!

Jennifer, we LOVE taking part in Cards for Kids! My boys love to craft even more then I do so they have been busy making cards as we waited for round three!
Thanks for all you do!

thanks jennifer. i will try to get at least one card done for each family member.
maybe my grand daughter will help some too. she spends part of the summer with her dad so won't be available much.

i need the family info for sami too. thank you.

i think it's cool that you do this, jennifer.

Just finished my cards, will get them out to you tomorrow.

I also posted about Cards for Kids on my blog, with a link to your post about it, and also added the logo with a link.

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