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August 20, 2010

Day 4 and I am cuckoo...

Hey there.

It's Day 4 of my week-long challenge with Joy... and we are using Hero Arts Cuckoo stamp set...

081910 Clocks JenMcGuire
081910 Clocks 1 JenMcGuire
Supplies: Hero Arts stamps and notecard; Fiskars heart punch; Glossy Accents

To make the clocks pop, I covered the face with Glossy Accents... and I did the same with the punched hearts.

Simple. :)

HERE is the clock set...

Be sure to check out what masterpiece Joy creates with the same set HERE. Oh, and I have two giveaways. Maybe I will pick a lucky commenter here and on Joy's blog... :)

See you tomorrow.


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How I love your sweet, sweet card, dang girl you put me to shame...LOL, I amazed every time at how your mind works... this is such a wonderful week, thank you, your are the sweetest! Hugs my friend!

Love you it! Fabulous design! I didn't recognize the alarm clock. I guess that's because I don't have that set. ;)

Cute card! I haven't seen that set before! :) And kraft cardstock with white ink makes me swoon!

Cute cute cute! Love it! (No need to include me in the giveaway drawing)

i wouldn't have thought to just use the little alarm clock this way, i love the way you think, dude!

cute idea!

Great card.

I've really enjoyed this week's ideas using the different HA sets. I'm inspired to do some card making in the next few days. Thanks!

what a fun week! i have really enjoyed your challenge!

What FUN - love this Jennifer.
Have enjoyed ALL of yours and Joy's gorgeous cards. Loved the week of inspiration. Hoe you pair up again soon. :)

Sweet cards! A nice stamp set to
in your arsenal.

I NEVER would have thought to use the clock in this way. So creative!

I need to pull out my glossy accents! Cards look great!

That is a really cute set. I had never noticed that one before browsing. Love the glossy!

how cute and fun.....

Very very cute. I have looked at that set so many times and not even seen the alarm clock :o)

I loved both of your cards. They are both beautiful for different reasons...This is a fun challenge.

so cute, love it!!

Love the hearts and the face of the clocks with the glossy accents! Such a cute card. Thanks for the inspiration!

This is such a cute card. The simplicity is so charming! I have enjoyed seeing each new creation that you and Joy have made. Thanks for sharing this and all your cards with us. What an inspiration!

The concept you and Joy are doing here is delightful! Thank you!

I love the card too! :)

Super cute! :)

Great card, once again. I'm really enjoying the creations that you and Joy have been making. It's been fun to see how the two of you use the same stamps and yet, have such different cards.

Love how you play with the mini clocks on the card!

Love your work!! Just amazing!!

Love this card! You have really expanded my thinking on a lot of stamp sets -- I have total stamp envy but am learning to use what I have in new ways!

I have been enjoying this all week. Thanks to you and Joy for all the fun.

I love these type of comparisons! I've been closely following this all week. You both have very different styles, which makes it fun to see what comes from them!

So glad to have found Joy's blog through your blog. She IS as amazing as you said. Such a cute card....good for so many purposes!

Jen - Your cards are always an inspiration. My cards are so much better because of your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing your creations!

How cute!! I'd never think to put hearts with clocks but this is perfect!

Love that clock card! That stamp is so darling!

You are enabling me to buy all the cute sets you use on your blog!! :) Very cute!! :)

WOW! What a great card---You have the greatest imagination!

Adorable cards Jennifer. So sorry couldnt comment on each one of them...too busy these days....Enjoying this series of yours and Joy.

Love the card.

Love the cute card! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing!

Love the clock stamp. It's so cute!

I've loved popping back and forth to see you guys use the same sets! Enablers!

I LOVE simple designs that have a huge WOW factor and this sure fits! WOW!

What a fun card!!
- April W

LOVE the design! All the elements work so beautifully together!

I love the design. I know the point was to use the stamps from a particular set, but without that restriction, I would use different times of day. My first thought was "I'm here for you any time (as long as it is 7:00"! LOL! :) But I realy do love the idea!

I have a bottle of Glossy Accents that I've been using basically as an adhesive. Every time I see one of your cute cards, I'm reminded that I can use it as an accent (huh, imagine that, it's in its name)... off to make some cards with my Glossy *Accents* ;-)
thanks as always for your inspiration.

what a cute stamp set and card! Love that you used the glossy accents on the clock :)

Cute card! Those cuckoo clocks are just adorable!!

I am crazy for clocks! Thanks for sharing and thanks for a chance to win.

I love the way you've colored each of the clocks a different color, and the Glossy Accents really make them "shine"! I will have to get some of this stuff to try!

LOVE this set. Bought it as soon as it became available...have I used it yet? No! Thanks for the inspiration!

this is DARLING--enabler! Makes me want this clock set BAD!

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