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October 16, 2010

I just can't stop... (and a giveaway)

... reaching into my Halloween candy. Got it early. Bad mistake.


(And, I promise that whoever wins the giveaway at the end of this post will get a piece of candy, too.)

We have never been super big into Halloween around here. But Colin LOVES it. Loves all the scary stuff ("It is just pretend") and hype. We even carved our pumpkins so long ago that they already are rotten as can be and we need to get some more. Naturally, we are all a bit more into Halloween now.

So, I have found myself making more Halloween cards this year. These two are for the girls. I am in love with the K&Company Spooktacular line. (No - not getting paid to say so - I just love it.) It is CUTE Halloween stuff. SO adorable. I used the glitter fence stickers on these cards...

101610 Halloween Cards

Used Black Enamel Accents for the eyes and nose. Addicted to that stuff in a major way...

101610 Halloween 2

You should go check out the whole line HERE. Adorable stuff. These are my faves...

If you are interested in buying any of them, you can get the Spooktacular line HERE.

Oh, and that cute bear? Check out THIS Cat's Pajamas set. (They have the cutest stamp sets.) I have had it for ages but finally used it. Look at all the themes you can create from one set...


And I thought I would share some K&Company & Martha Stewart Halloween love. Just leave a comment here by Monday night for a chance to win these goodies...

(By the way, thanks to Tara at EK Success for giving me these goodies for the giveaway. Smooch.)

Have a good weekend!



Halloween Card Supplies:





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That K&Company line has been one of my favorites this year too ... I love using the cute little monsters for non-Halloween designs ... thanks for the chance to win that great stash of goodies ... oh yeah, and the yummy Halloween candy too.

So very cute! Can't wait for the classes tomorrow!

so cute, love the hat on the bear-y...i took my kids trick or treating at the zoo tonight, and we're going to carve our pumpkins tomorrow, so fun

That little bear is too cute! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

Super cute! We still haven't got our pumpkins yet. I did finish the costumes though!

Love that little bear! I almost bought some Halloween candy today but know I'd eat it all before the big day. I'll get some in a week or so to keep myself honest!

Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for giving all of us a chance to win some great Halloween products. I have been making a lot of Halloween projects this season because I had 3 more grandchildren born this year! I love to make little Halloween mini albums for them and door hangings.

Jennifer!! =)
Thanks for the chance to win!! You are so fun to watch!! I have really been enjoying the inking classes at I am new to stamping but not crafting and have really enjoyed getting to watch and learn from you!! Have a GREAT WEEKEND and I can't wait to see what you will create next!! =)
Larissa Heskett

I love your cards, the girls will, too! They are so lucky to have you..

thanks for your daily inspiration, love your work!

michele h..

Thanks for showing the enamel stuff in action! I bought it, but hadn't seen anything done with it and I'm a "show me" crafter. K& Company stuff is always some of the cutest out there too!

Your cards are adorable. That little bear is just too cute! I'm also in love with that black enamel accents. Perfect for little eyes & noses!

The cards are very cute. And I also have dipped into the Halloween candy:) Thanks for the giveaway!

Glad to see you caught the Halloween bug! It's one of my favorite tiems of the year. Thanks for the giveaway!

Great cards!! I love that little bear. I love Halloween chocolate, the small size means that you can eat a few without the guilt... well without much guilt. But it is so yummy!!

That bear stamp is simply adorable!

I really like how you have started to add the pictures at the end your post, of what you use for your projects. Thanks friendly enabler! :)

I've been making all kinds of Halloween stuff this year. I just finished a Halloween sign using an acrylic album. It's just too much fun :)

Love the cute bear, so adorable! Your girls will love the cards

Awesome cards Jennifer. I'm not into Halloween as we don't really celebrate it here in NZ, but these would make me want to make some cards

I'm not a huge Halloween person either. I have gotten into more the last few years because I teach and I dress up for my students. Awesome giveaway BTW. Thanks.

Oh yeah, I bought the K&Company Spooktacular stickers the other day and love it! They're sooooo very adorable and fun. =)
Cute cards! =)

I love Halloween, but time is just moving too fast for me this fall! I did finally get a few decorations up today... but they're mostly fall-themed items that I won't have to take down until after Thanksgiving! :)

Thank you so much for this chance to win. I just started watching you on YouTube. I love every second of your video's.

I now after looking at your K&Company link, I realize I have some of the Spooktacular borders, yay!

Fantastic & so cute !!!

Those are so cuuute!!

Adorable cards, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing creativity!

Loving the Holiday animals. They eem to be a trend. And a good one!

Love the bear set! I just went and ordered it.

Cute stuff there and I have the same problem. Dumped all the mini candy bars into the cauldron and grab one every time I go past.

Love that glitter fence, and the woodgrain background looks fab! Hope you're having a nice weekend! :)

Love K & Co - their embellishments are so wonderful.

beautiful card. Love the glitter fence. The layout and the textures are wonderful but I am truly impressed with your cutting. The broom is so thin and beautifully cut.

Also I really like the link layout at the bottom of your blog posts. It's a nice clean design and they are very useful.

Fun stuff! Just picked out my kids' Halloween costumes tonight...and we've had the candy for a week but haven't broken into it...YET. ;)
Love the black enamel you used on your cards! Especially a great touch for the hat. Fun giveaway too! Thanks for the chance to win!

I have only been card making a little over a year and thank goodness that at one of the local classes that I attended told me about your site. I have learned so much from it and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (I don't have a large inventory yet) but that doesn't prevent me creating cards. I will think of you enjoy that candy for me. Thank you again for sharing.

I know all about buying Halloween candy early, totally a bad idea! I am glad Colin got you in the Halloween spirit! It is a FUN holiday1 Everyone should enjoy it! The cards are adorable. I need to order the Black enamel accents! Sooo cool
Thanks for the chance to win

I love K&Company stuff. That black fence border is cute. I loved your use of the woodgrain stamp. I can't get enough of woodgrain. Thanks for a chance to win some goodies!

OK, so now I NEED that set of Bear stamps. Too cute! Although, wouldn't mind that amazing package from EK success as well.. :)

Darling card! The eyes and nose put it over the edge in cuteness!! :) Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Those cards are gorgeous - and yes, I think I will allow you to finally convince me I need some black enamel accents Jennifer! It looks fantastic used on the bear!!

AMAZING. I love reading your page. It makes me want to bust out my tools and supplies even when I have an enormous pile of schoolwork to tackle.

Adorable Halloween card Jennifer. I wish we celelbrated Halloween here in South Africa! Just wanted to tell you have I am LOVING your Thinking Inking class over at 2Peas. I have never taken part in such an event, and have just this morning made my 3rd card based on your techniques. I am so enjoying trying things I have never tried before :) You are truly inspiring!

Awww those cards are so cute!!! Breaking out the MS bat and spider punches tomorrow to decorate a wooden latern I've had packed away for a while...thought I'd spook it up a little for some halloween decor even though I'll be working on the 31st and won't be able to hand out treats..uh oh.. :(

I love this cute bear! Your card is adorable and that lop-sided hat looks fab. Don't put me into the draw - well, maybe for the REAL candy only :) I wish we had a place to get all the yummy treats you have in the States!

im new to card making and very psyched to create my first card using stamps and inks etc :) tks for the giveaway! i love the green halloween card! love how the colours blend tog :) ur such an inspiration!

That is just the sweetest bear ever! Love the card! :-)

wow such cute cards and another great giveaway...ty so much for thinking about your followers...we anticipate your cards daily you know..would love to win...the bottles of wine look extremely good to me after my week LOLOL just kidding...dont have any of what you are giveing away tho...ty ty ty cher

really i want to win the piece of candy. i haven't had any in far too long. but really those are amazing prizes!! thanks for being so amazing and inspiring! thank you thank you

super cute cards!
I LOVE that Martha stuff and have been wanting to get some of it!

Adorable card!!! love it! I share Colin's enthusiasim!! ;)

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