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November 30, 2010

That Powder Tool...


Getting a bazillion emails asking how the Powder Tool (mentioned in my last post) works.


Just watch this video below. You will see the tool in use just after the 8 minute mark.

Hope that helps!

More soon.


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Jennifer, thanks for steering us to the video where you used the Powder Tool. Of course, now I have to get one. Happy Day!
Shirley L.

Yay! Thanks for clearing that up...hope I find one of those in my stocking this christmas! Have a wonderful day!

THANKS!! I have one of these and LOVE IT!! Everyone needs one!! Have a GREAT DAY!! =)

Another FANTASTIC Video Jennifer! I am sure I will watch and rewatch this series just as I did with your first series!

I guess I missed that the first time. Thanks for giving that little tool a highlight! I'll keep my eyes peeled for it!

Hey Jennifer,
Do you use the baby powder that comes in it or do you fill it up with anti-static powder?

I love this video!! Such great ideas!! Thank you Jennifer!!!

Hi Jennifer

I was wondering the same thing as Nancy B., Baby powder or anti-static powder?

Great video

i use what comes in it.

Had to buy one of course! How did I not know about this wonderful invention?

Awesome Jennifer!!!
Great video filled with lots of ideas and as always...incredibly inspiring!!

I use something very similar to that powder tool product. Mine is in a little tiny canvas and it's called "Faith's Little Miracle Powder" You just rub it quickly across your card before stamping/embossing. I love it. I have had the same bag for 10 yrs! :) you can find it if you Google it. The pouch is smaller than the palm of your hand.

Beautiful techniques. You never fail to amaze! :)

looks like another must have tool! will have to look for it!

Great gift ideas, love them all!

hi jen
i saw the video a week or so ago and had to buy one when i saw it on the weekend. i convinced my friend she needed one too. thanks for the info.

Thanks you so much for all your great technique videos. Love all the inspirations and I'm all ready thing of next years Christmas cards (just mailed this years : ) Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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