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December 01, 2010

Dear Husbands (Gift Guide Part 2)

(I have gotten a ton of emails asking me to extend my Gift Guide. Why? It turns out many of you already have the goodies I mentioned! So here I am with Part 2. And stay tuned for Part 3.)

Since you adore your crafty loved ones so much, I am back today with 10 more gift ideas. Remember, if you click on the links to head over to Simon Says Stamp, you can get a 15% discount with the code "jenmcgink" and free shipping over $70. What a great deal. Now? On to the ideas...

Every stamper needs a Stamp-A-Ma-Jig. Yes, I got the name right - this little guy is the tool needed to stamp wood stamps straight and perfect every time. For under $10, this is a steal. (Click HERE for more info.)


Yesterday I mentioned how fabulous the Ink Blending Tools are. And if you really want to impress your crafty friend, get one of the Spinners too. This guy holds 8 inking tools, making it so easy to reach for a tool inked with the right color. Love it. (Click HERE for more info.)

Now, if your crafty loved one is as crazy about these inking tools as me, you could get her multiple Spinners to hook on top of each other. LOOOOOVE this...

6a00e550ccd8ce883401347f9ae8d5970c-800wi-1 Yes, I have issues. :)

OK, this is the most expensive gift idea I have but I assure you it is worth it. The Vagabond is a new die cutting machine from Sizzix and Tim Holtz - and it is a new love of mine. This bad boy can cut through anything and will replace all the other die cutting machines. It cuts everything like butter, I tell ya. To top it off? It looks like a suitcase. And since it is from Tim Holtz, your lady will love it. (If you didn't know, I can guarentee your crafty girl has a secret crush on Tim. Hee.) Any dies can be used with this fabulous machine. Since Simon Says Stamp has free shipping on it, plus 15% off, it is a deal that can't be missed. (Click HERE for info.)


Now this is a gift that is sure to knock the socks of your girly. I use a personalized stamp on the back of all my cards. I get mine from Kiss and Tell Stamps - THIS is my personal favorite. I talked to Karissa at Kiss and Tell and she is giving a 10% off discount for my readers! Just use the code "save10" when checking out. (Click HERE for more info.)

I am sure you have noticed that your crafty loved one often has inky hands. (Mine are usually a lovely shade of blue or brown.) I finally found the ONLY way to clean off this ink - the new Craft Scrubbie. You just wash your hands with this and liquid soap and your hands will be back to normal in no time flat. It truly does work. It's inexpensive, it's cool and it's great for the stocking. (Click HERE for more info.)


The Martha Stewart Scoring Board is a must-have for any cardmaker. This guy is inexpensive but works like a charm. I love that the lines are spaced out evenly. Honestly, I never thought I needed a scoring tool until I met this one. Love it. (Click HERE for more info.)

One gift idea that can never go wrong is a gift card. This is especially great this time of year since the new 2011 Hero Arts stamps come out later this month! Simon Says Stamp will get them all, so a gift card for there is perfect. (Click HERE for more info.)


There are a million stamp cleaners out there, each to remove a different type of ink. However, the only one that works for everything is the Ultra Clean Stamp Cleaner. This even cleans of Staz-On and other inky things, and I even use it to clean up my Craft Sheet. Ultra Clean is a staple for any stamper. And to make it even better, you can get the Scrubber Pad to go with it. Perfect gift. (Click HERE for more info.)

One of my favorite ways to add a bit of sparkle and color to projects is with Twinkling H2Os. The colors are delicous and they are super high quality. There are a ton of colors, but a great place to start is with one of the sets. Yum. (Click HERE for more info.)


With all these great inks and paints, ya gotta have the perfect paint brushes, eh? By far the best are Claudine Hellmuth's Brushes. In the set you have all the different sizes you could ever need. Perfect for under that Christmas tree. (Click HERE for more info.)

So... there are 10 more crafty gift ideas for you. Hope they help, and I will be back soon with 10 more.


(Oh, and I picked winners for the book and Shimelle's class - the lucky ones are Brenda Urbanik, Cathy Pulickal and Sharon Morland. I emailed you.)



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How am I suppose to save my money for new HA stamps when you're continuing to enable me? Hee! ;) Maybe I should suggest to my DH that I take care of buying my own stocking stuffers. :)

Firstly a big thank you for allowing me to win the Creative Memories book! I am so totally over the moon! And thanks for more awesome gift suggestions!

It's amazing how so many of your favorite suggestions are on my list of favorites!!! I think I have everyone--with the exception of the Vagabond. (Certainly on my wish list--I used it on Tim's cruise and got hooked for sure) My friends tell me I need medicated. LOL Thanks for a chance at winning something for a change.

OMGosh came home and found the extended list - a dream come true!!!! I only have four of those items! I do have the electronic Big Shot on my list rather than the TH one!!! And I would love the ink blending tool holder!!! Sending this to DH right away! THANK YOU! And have a great day tomorrow!

great ideas here. I really need some ultra clean!

Awesome ideas!

Another group of wonderful ideas! I really love that personalized stamp, it's going on my wish list this year.

I need those brushes! :) And several gift cards of course!!!!! :)

im hoping to get new HA stamps too after I see em! but I am passing my list to those who love me most! lol...ty for making it easier!

thanks so much for taking the time to make these lists for us. For those of us who have limited access to crafting supply stores - this info is invaluable.Needless to say, I found several new products that will definitely make it to my Wish List.

Oustanding ideas I willbe passing on for sure! Thanks for all the practical and economical ideas!!!

Another GREAT list. A couple of those will be on my Christmas list, especially the Vagabond!
Awsome information as always, You Rock!
Thanks for sharing

I LOVE THIS LIST!!! :) Awesome ideas..and yes I will be passing it on to my Hubby! And I am SOOOO excited I won Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class! Thank you, Jen! :) :) :) I can't wait to get started!

Another great list! You mean I don't have to walk around with these inky fingers? But then how will anyone know I'm a creative person?
Thanks again for all the great suggestions and links!

Thank you for doing this....
Very needed in my world!

YES! An extended list w/a bunch of stuff I don't have! :) Yay!!!! Thanks, Jennifer! :)

Great list but somebody got me started on copics and that about covers all the gifts from everybody - lol.

Ah, I have only 2 from this list! And I've stacked my Ink Tool Spinner. The Vagabond was already on my wish list. Thanks for putting this together.

Love numbers 11 through 20 as much as 1 through 10! Thanks Jennifer. All awesome ideas! I'll get my hubby right on it! :)

What a great idea!! Please think forward to list 5 and 6... ;) Thanks for sharing!

Wow, look at that multi spinner - I NEED ONE. Another great list full of wonderful goodies that I don't have.

So many fabulous ideas... Definitely forwarding this to my hubby.... :)

Thanks for this excellent list of goodies - I have some and want the rest!!! Love your blog too!

OK, there were a couple of things on this list I do not have. So need to get my hands on the hand thingy!! Can't wait to see your next list!!!

Wow, I was late reading my emails but so happy that I got to see this list that you compiled for us. THanks so much. This really does make it easy for my hubby. Love the adhesive giveaway too. Thanks for all the links.

Thank you for doing this I got some new things to go add to my wish list now!

Wow what a great list of items. So many great ideas. I think you hit every aspect possible. Thanks Jennifer

Great stuff here; I especially wish I had the Twinkling H2Os!

Oh I'm so loving these gift ideas!! If only I didn't already have TWO big shots (don't ask) that Vagabond would be mine! Muwhahaha!!!

Of course, I would put it under the tree with the tag saying it was from husband and son. Best way to get that 'just right' crafting supply. My poor honeys, THANK GOODNESS they both love me!

I am just getting into crafting, so I have one foam blending tool. Of course I want the spinner, it's just so cute. The secret librarian in me really likes it.

I, too, stack the craft spinner - working towards getting level four! I'm hoping to get some H2Os for my birthday (this month) or Christmas! Thanks for the list! : )

I love these goodies. TFS!

Thanks for helping!

Amazing that I am new to the world of paper crafting and have had or have picked out so many of the first list for myself. The second list is a work in progress!

Now a friend and I were talking and someone remembers 'dueling' Christmas tags from last year? Is there a link for yours, Jennifer?

More great ideas!... Love these! :)

More great gift ideas of which I have most and agree! If only I could afford to put that vagabond on my list :)

Thanks for all the great ideas! It will help me with gift ideas for my stamping friends! I always look forward to your blog because you have such fun and interesting ideas!

OH I am soooo loving these lists off to post on Facebook hope Santa Husband reads it ha.. :)

Such great gift choices! I'm going to check out that stamp...

Another day of great choices!

I have a feeling my hubby is not going to be a fan of you after seeing these lists. hehe Don't worry, I'm a life long fan. Keep the lists coming. I'm forwarding to Mom too. This just might be a very scrappy Christmas (yipee)

My list just got a lot longer!! Thank you for sharing!

there are some things on your new list that caught my attention....can't wait to see round three

Some of these things I have and LOVE and some of them I have never heaard of but think they would make a great addition to my scrapbook room!! Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for sharing! I don't have alot of this list.

oooh, I love this list. lots of awesome goodies!

Oh yeah! These are definatly some great gift ideas!

These are some fantastic ideas - thanks for sharing!

I'll take 1 of everything please ; )

LOVE your gift ideas. I resisted the scrubbie, but caved when I had glue piled up on my fingers adn couldn't stand it any more. Then I fell in love with it . . . so much so that I even talked another friend into getting one.

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