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March 02, 2011

How-To-Video: Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft "Inks"


I have been getting a lot of emails about the new goodies from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft. I thought I would throw together a quick video about them. This is a simple video just showing quickly how they can be used to get a variety of looks. HOWEVER, they are many great techniques you can do with them. But I will save those for a future video. Or two.

By the way, I was not paid to talk about these products. I tried them and loved them - and had to share with you.

You can get the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft products in a few places. I would recommend getting that HERE at Ellen Hutson or HERE at 2Peas.

There are two products I will talk a bit about here: Stamper's Big Brush Pens and Gelatos.

First? The Stamper's Big Brush Pens.

Stamper's Big Brush Pens are great for crisp and clear stamped images. The pen has bright india ink that is odorless, won't bleed through papers and is lightfast/archival/waterproof. One of my favorite things about these pens is that the nib is strudy and won't fray after using them on your stamps. And the point of the brush tip stays nice so you can get into tiny areas. Not only can you use them directly on your stamps for stamping, you can use them on paper, canvas, etc. Oh, and the colors are yummy.

For this card, I just colored right on the stamp and stamped onto the paper. (No misting.)

022811 Big Brush JenMcGuire

(By the way, that green patterned paper is from Hero Arts. It is thick enough to make a notecard with white on the inside. LOVE. Find it HERE.)

You can color right on the stamp and stamp immediately for a crisp look as I did above. Or, you can mist it with water for a watercolored look. One of my favorite things to do with these is to stamp with them and then - without reinking - lightly mist the uncleaned stamp and stamp again for a lighter look...

022811 Big Brush Light JenMcGuire
(Used another Hero Arts patterned paper for the card here too - HERE.)

I will show a few more examples in a few days using these pens. (You can get a peek at them in the video.)

Next? The Gelatos.

I have never used a product like the Gelatos and they are fun! They are somewhat like chapstick - you just twist to reveal more product. The consistency is also like a chapstick or lipstick - creamy rich colors that blend smoothly. There are Color and Metallic Gelatos. The Color Gelatos can be rubbed right onto papers for thick, vibrant color or add some water for a watercolor look or translucent tints. The Metallic Gelatos look amazing on colored papers. You can even color Gelatos onto your stamps for stamping. I have never used a product like this - such fun.

I used the Metallic Gelatos a bit differently. I first clear embossed an image on dark cardstock and then rubbed lots of the Gelatos over them. Love the results...

022811 Metallic JenMcGuire 1
022811 Metallic JenMcGuire
(Oh, and there are those lovely flowers that I am addicted to. Get them HERE.)

By the way, if you want more "official" info on these products, you can visit Faber-Castell Design Memory Crafts HERE.

More on these products later. In the video I mentioned a friend who uses these products a lot - Jill Foster. Her blog is amazing.

Take care!


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Wow! I'm going to be in BIG trouble! You should put a disclaimer in your post title. ;) Absolutely GORGEOUS cards, Jennifer!

Thank you so much for the video.. I've seen these pens credited for a couple of cards but wasn't sure if I wanted to invest in yet another set of pens.. :P

Thanks for sharing and for the great video! You always help us learn abour new products and show us how to use them so well.

AH! You ROCK! Love your cards and seeing you use the Faber Castell product in such fun ways. Of course your cards are beautiful, too! And I think I about fell off my chair when you said my name in the video! THANK!! HUGS!

Thanks sooo much for the video! Have been wondering how these new products work.

You are the greatest! Thank you for all of the great videos and introducing us to different products. I am ordering so markers tonight!!!!

what a great video Jennifer... These products look amazing and being a visual person, seeing what they can do is awesome

oh my goodness... I havent invested much in copics, but might have to on these! luv luv the finished cards... is the gelato like Judikins microglaze...but in colors ...would u say they are similar or no?

Thanks so much for this video! I had seen these but not sure what they were! Oh my another thing to put on my ever growing shopping list!

Ooooohhhh new products. Thanks for showing these Jennifer. Love your cards and I think those gelatos are gonna go on my wish list. xx

Love the cards. Fortunately, there are a couple spots in my new cubbies excitedly anticipating occupants. Thanks for sharing.

I love the markers. Not so sure about the gelatos. But your cards are wonderful.

QuIte inspiring ... Thanks for sharing this video. I think I need to get some of those!

thanks, once again, for creating a wonderful video that helps to inspire and enable...giggle...
Wonderful cards!

I so love when you demonstrate a product! I will usually just write off something if I think "I won't use that" but you always change my mind when I watch your videos!! Those cards are so pretty-especially love the last one!!

Thanks for the fun video - I've used the gelatos direct to stamps and then painted with a water brush but love that direct to the paper use.

Thanks for the demo, Jennifer. It is so awesome when you show us new products!
Thanks, again

Stunning cards, Jennifer! Thanks for the video!

Love your cards Jennifer - these products look like fun!!

Oh lordy I'm in trouble again, Jen your videos always make me believe I can do what you're doing, so I order everything you show us. LOL, I now have a bunch of the Faber Castell pens heading my way ... yikes. Thanks for all the great tutorials and the ideas. You're the best.

Beautiful cards Jennifer! Looks like another amazing product!

Thanks so much for the video! I was asking the other day about Faber-Castell and here you are with answers! The brush pens are fabulous and I like the gelettos too! Boy, oh, boy more things to try! They look so easy and quick to use...I've got to get the brush pens for sure. Beautiful cards too!

Thanks for sharing all that great info!

Wow, thanks so much for sharing! These cards are gorgeous!

I've been curious about these products for awhile and thrilled to see them in action on your video. They look like such fun products!

Oeh, gosh, these are so gorgeous and I love the video, this is, again, wonderful inspiration!! Hope to find some crafting time soon!!!

Hugs, Wendy

Amazing video! We just received our shipment of Faber-Castell and LOVE them! I posted your video on our blog too- Thanks again!

Thanks for showing us how to use these products!

Hi Jennifer:
Thank you so much for the video. I have been in great admiration of your work since the early Two Peas days. Ordered my gelato pens today...Could you go into just a "little" more detail about the blue card. Maybe I am missing the obvious. I have spent hours looking and being inspired by the videos you so generously share. Thanks again.

I agree with your other posters --- I too am going to be in trouble, just have to have these products that you showcase. These are just amazing. Such beautiful cards. Can't wait to see more. Thank you!

You are such an enabler!!!!!!!!

the cards are just beautiful as always and thanks for the info on the new Faber Castell sets.

Stunning, can't wait to try these fabulous products, Thank you!!!

Oh thank You for this info on Faber Castell as my order from Ellen arrived yesterday. I ordered all the beginners sets and so far I am Happy as a Little Clam with them. Even tho, I'm not too sure what I am doing. Looking forward to more of your videos on them. If my cards can be as beautiful as yours it will make my Day !

Your cards are sooo beautiful! I love seeing all the products that I would never even know exist. Loving the looks of those big brush pens that stamp so crisp!! Thank you

just bought these!! so excited

Thanks for sharing. I was hearing a lot of hype all of a sudden about them, but I had no clue what they actually did so it was great seeing them in action! :)

thank you for shareing. the cards are great.
i will be getting some of the pens in the near future.

oh no! i think i am going broke!! you bad bad enabler, Jennifer! so very want to try these. you made them look so fun. thanks for the video and hope to seeing more!! =) off to do some shopping.....

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I've been seeing Jill's cards w/these markers and have been wanting to see them in action! ;) I think it's time for some new markers... :)

Thanks again!

Another wonderful video from you, Jennifer! Thanks for always sharing such great inspiration!!!

Hi Jennifer, thanks for sharing these, I love these new products!! And it's such fun 'cause I used Faber-Castell all throughout school when I was younger and now I can use them again!
I wanted to ask you what fixative spray do you use after using the gelatos.

Thanks so much!

Awesome! I love every single card!

This is the first I've heard of seen the Faber-Castell or the Gelatos. Crazy good! Thank you for the tutorial. I love the newest Hero Arts stamps.

Jennifer you are so sweet - thanks for the wonderfully informative video. I love your work - always look forward to your posts!

Wow! Love the new products! thanks for the video!

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