November 30, 2009

Cards for David

Meet David...

On 8/18/09 David went through a noncontrast CT scan due to right hand tremors.  They found a brain mass.  On 8/27/09 David underwent an MRI and it was found a mass arising from the right cerebellum.  This mass is right of the midline and causes moderate mass-effect against adjacent soft tissue structures.  David underwent surgery to remove the tumor but they were not able to remove it due to its location.  They did a biopsy to find out if the tumor is malignant or benign.  After a couple of weeks of waiting for the diagnosis and a wrong diagnosis, we found out the tumor is benign, but it is just as dangerous because of its location.  In the second week of December, David will be doing another MRI.  The result will determine if he will have to undergo another surgery and/or will be doing radiation and Chemo.

The family includes:

  • David, age 6.
  • Brother - AJ, age 7.
  • Sister - Jessica, age 4.
  • Dad - Anderson.
  • Mom - Debbie.

You can find out more and get updates about David HERE.

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