June 16, 2010

Cards for Emily P.

Meet adorable Emily P...

Emily P

Emily P. was diagnosed with average risk medulloblastoma in February 2008. She completed radiation and 9 cycles of chemo, but her cancer returned 10 months after she finished treatment. She will be receiving her third round of chemo and stereotactic radiation to the two tumors in June 2010. Then she will most likely receive high dose chemo with a stem cell rescue in July. She is incredibly strong and has a loving family that supports her.

The family includes:

  • Emily - 7
  • Sister Madison - 5
  • Sister Mallory - 4
  • Brother Nate - 2
  • Mom - Kristin
  • Dad - Joe

To keep up to date on Emily P's progress, click HERE.

UPDATE: She received the box of cards and was elated. Her parents split it up over several days because she received so many. The entire family appreciates the kind thoughts and prayers that were shared. Emily’s large tumor is gone and the smaller tumor has shrunk. She continues to undergo treatment for the remaining tumor and her spirits are high. She recently traveled to Sloan Kettering to start a different treatment protocol.Emily is now in 2nd grade and is starting the year at home. She connects with her classmates through Skype, and is able to participate in some lessons by connecting to the smart board.Thanks to Jennifer and all of you who are giving of yourselves.