November 25, 2009

Cards for Zach

Cards_zach1 This is Zach...


 8-year-old Zach was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer on July 21, 2009.  Two days later, he had surgery to remove the tumor.   This was just the beginning of this journey for this family, but they will travel it together, faithfully.  Zach and his mom are currently at St. Judes Childrens Hospital in Tennessee where he just started his chemotherapy.  They will remain there for the next few months, but enjoy visits from his dad and two younger brothers, Ryan and Chase.  Please lift this boy and his family in prayer. 

The family includes:

  • Zach, age 8.
  • Brother - Ryan, age 1.
  • Brother - Chase, age 6.
  • Mom - Mary Ann.
  • Dad - Ed

To keep up with Zach and how he isi doing, you can visit his website HERE.

UPDATE:  Zach and his Mom have been back at St. Jude for the last couple of days for his 3 month MRI and checkups. She just text me saying that they had gotten the box of "BEAUTIFUL" cards and she sends a huge "THANK YOU". You can read todays update on his Caring Bridge site here. I know that he and his family appreciate the cards, but I did not know if the card drive for Zach would continue now that he is in remission. I know that they would completely understand if the spot needed to be given to a child that is still fighting a battle. THANK YOU again!!!

(Note: We will continue to send cards of encouragement for another round. Thanks!)